T.I. to Kodak Black Here's Some Advice ... You Get What You Give, Bro!!!

4/11/2019 7:39 AM PDT

T.I. Warns Kodak Black, 'You Get What You Give'


T.I. has a new warning for Kodak Black in the wake of his way-outta-line remarks about Lauren London -- karma's a bitch, young man ... but in a slightly more threatening tone.

We got T.I. at LAX and he immediately put Kodak on blast ... saying he wishes no harm on him, but ultimately "the laws of reciprocity are in order at all times." You really have to see how Tip said it, though.

Rough translation: keep talking s**t, and the universe (or someone in it) will fix your ass.

As you know ... Kodak's the rapper that's got everyone shaking their damn head after his disgusting comments about Lauren London less than a week after Nipsey Hussle was brutally murdered.

Kodak -- whose mouth knows no bounds -- apologized but the damage was done. It's pretty clear T.I. at this point doesn't care what else Kodak says because, as he puts it, the respect of a non-respectable person has no value to him.

Check out the vid ... T.I. also offered some eloquent words to describe Nipsey's "transition" after his tragic death.