Michael Madsen Charged with DUI ... BAD News for a Repeat Offender

4/24/2019 1:04 PM PDT

Michael Madsen Charged with DUI in Malibu Arrest


Michael Madsen's looking at the possibility of doing time now that he's been charged with DUI for his March arrest in Malibu.

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office has just charged Madsen with 2 misdemeanors for DUI -- but the complication for him is this is his second DUI within 10 years. That fact means Madsen could face anywhere from 4 days to 364 days in county jail ... IF he's convicted and the judge opts to throw the book at him.

Practically speaking ... he'll likely strike a plea deal, but even so he'd be sentenced to at least the 4 days. His best hope is the judge letting him off with time served.

TMZ broke the story ... the veteran actor of Quentin Tarantino flicks like 'Kill Bill,' 'Hateful Eight' and "Reservoir Dogs" smashed his Land Rover in Malibu last month. It was a single-car crash in which he hit a pole. His BAC was .10.

Madsen's first DUI bust came back in 2012. 

He has a hearing set for next month.