Rapper Ace Hood Puts a Ring On it ... New Fiancee's ECSTATIC!!!

4/24/2019 7:57 AM PDT

Rapper Ace Hood Proposes to GF with Beyonce Track Playing

Exclusive Details

Ace Hood surprised the hell outta his girl ... first by playing some Beyonce in the background before getting down on one knee and proposing to her!!!

The "Bugatti" rapper proposed to longtime GF, Shelah Marie, Tuesday night at Komodo Miami ... where Ace also surprised her by gathering around 20 of their closest friends. It started with dinner for two but morphed into an epic celebration when their friends witnessed the romantic proposal.

Check out the vid ... Shelah had no idea what was about to go down but she definitely was suspicious ... because Beyonce's "Formation" suddenly started blaring from the speakers. 

The proposal -- for good reason -- immediately triggered Shelah to go into dancing mode. The entire crew celebrated at the restaurant with Martell Cognac cocktails. 

Shelah, BTW, is a self-help guru. And, if anyone needed help last night, it was Shelah ... 'cause she had no idea which hand the ring was supposed to go on.