'Aladdin' Star Mena Massoud Suing Tesla ... My Car Wreck Was All Your Fault!!!

5/31/2019 10:24 AM PDT

'Aladdin' Star Mena Massoud Suing Tesla Over Car Crash


"Aladdin" star Mena Massoud would rather get around town on a flying carpet than get behind the wheel of another Tesla -- he's suing the company for causing his car wreck.

According to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ ... the actor says his brand new Tesla Model 3 had manufacturing and design defects that made him crash the whip into a tree. 

In the docs, Mena says he bought his Tesla last September, and the very next day he was changing lanes on Hollywood Boulevard when the front right wheel suddenly crumpled and flew right off the car!

He says his vehicle went skidding off the sidewalk and only stopped when it smashed into a tree. The lawsuit includes photos of his banged-up ride ... as well as the innocent tree that got jacked up.

Mena, who's hired attorney Kevin K. Javidzad at Colony Law, says he suffered personal injuries and his Model 3 was totaled. In the suit, he says the blame lands squarely on Tesla's shoulders because wheels shouldn't just be flying off of their cars.

We reached out to Tesla ... so far, no word back.