Trent Reznor This Home's Moldy, Sewage-Laden ... I'm Suing My Landlord!!!

6/7/2019 6:38 PM PDT

Trent Reznor Suing Landlord Over Mold, Sewage Leaks, Flooding in His Home


Trent Reznor claims his landlords did a piss poor job building his rental home -- which is now overrun with mold, sewage leaks and flooding -- so now he's suing the people who collect his rent. 

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ ... the Nine Inch Nails founder claims the people who constructed the pad used crappy materials to build it on the cheap, and he suffered the consequences in the form of a dilapidated residence ... and was forced to get the hell outta there.

In the docs, Trent says there was an electrical fire in the 5-bed, 8-bath home in January that was caused by mold growing inside the walls ... and that forced him to shack up in an expensive hotel with his wife and 4 kids. 

Trent claims his landlords told him they got rid of the mold and it was safe to move back in, but he says when he went back the place was still a hellhole. Trent says the work they did caused even more problems, because it closed off huge sections of the home. 

In the suit, Trent says sewage leaks and flooding were also common occurrences in the house. 

Trent claims his landlords are refusing to give him back his security deposit, are balking at paying for his hotel expenses and haven't reimbursed him for some of the rent he paid ... so he's going after them for cash.