'General Hospital' Erin Hershey Nasty Email to Kid's Teacher ... ... We Won't Watch Inauguration!!!


Erin Hershey, a soap actress famous for "General Hospital," didn't want her kids tuning into Joe Biden's inauguration ... telling a teacher she'd never let them "watch a criminal."

Erin's got a daughter in elementary school in California, and after the little girl's teacher sent an email to parents Wednesday inviting kids to skip class to watch Inauguration Day, she replied with some nasty comments about the new Prez.

According to the email chain, obtained by TMZ, Erin blasted this out to the teacher and her fellow parents ... "Why watch a criminal on television? I’d never do that to my children. But thank you."

Another parent then rushed to the teacher's defense in the email chain, thanking her for considering the families who wanted to watch the historical moment and drawing Erin's ire by writing, "no matter the person taking office, we are lucky to be able to watch moments like this."

Erin quickly responded with another reply all, saying ... "I don't think we are lucky at all to watch a flat out joke."

The soap actress tells TMZ ... she stands by her emails and doesn't regret sending them. That said ... fact is, Joe Biden is NOT a criminal. And, it's her choice whether she wants her kids to see the inauguration. Too bad ... the kids may have been inspired by lots of people who were front and center, including Amanda Gorman.

'General Hospital' Star Busted for Public Intoxication ... Mug Shot After Alarming Bender


7:52 AM PT -- According to new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Tyler's arrest capped off an alarming bender that possibly went on for weeks. Cops say they were contacted on Nov. 11 by an Uber driver who drove him home ... because Christopher had passed out in the back seat and urinated himself. He also allegedly had 2 fifths of bourbon on him ... one of which was halfway drank.

The docs say police have received 9 calls regarding Christopher being intoxicated since September 14, and medical personnel advised law enforcement there was nothing more they could do for him ... they'd already tried to help him.

For example -- Christopher was detained just days earlier on Nov. 8 for public intoxication at a Walgreens when someone reported he was trying to get inside their vehicle. Cops say Tyler was bleeding from the bridge of his nose and had urinated in his sweatpants ... and possibly hit his head.

Instead of being arrested, he was taken to the ER to be examined, but also took a breath test ... and registered a BAC of .267% -- more than 3 times the legal driving limit.

The docs say he got transported to a medical center for more treatment, and a warrant was filed for his arrest upon being released. Apparently, he checked himself out on Nov. 11 against medical advice ... before he was arrested for the Uber incident.

Tyler Christopher -- best known for his appearances on "General Hospital" over the course of 20 years -- may have had too much fun celebrating turning 47 ... because he ended up in jail.

The soap star was arrested in Martinsville, Indiana Monday night -- on his 47th birthday -- and booked for public intoxication. According to Morgan County Jail records ... he's being held on $225 cash and $1,000 bond.

As far as we can tell ... Tyler hasn't been released yet.

Based on his mug shot, Christopher's changed his look quite a bit since he left his role on another popular soap opera, "Days of Our Lives," earlier this year ... and not for the better.

Tyler played Stefan DiMera on 'Days' from December 2017 until leaving the series this past March. Before that, he played Nikolas Cassadine on 'GH' off and on from 1996 to 2016.

All that pales in comparison to the best fun fact about Tyler though -- he was married to Eva Longoria from 2002 to 2004.

Happy birthday, bud?

Originally Published -- 12:40 AM PT

'General Hospital' Actor Peter Hansen Dead at 95

Breaking News

Peter Hansen -- who played Lee Baldwin for 5 decades on the iconic soap opera "General Hospital" -- died Sunday in Santa Clarita, California.

Peter's character started out as an addiction counselor at the hospital, and then the role morphed into Mayor of Port Charles.

Hansen won an Emmy for his alcoholism story line in 1979.

Hansen was also known for his role in the movies "When Worlds Collide" and "Dragonfly" ... and has over 100 acting credits to his name over an almost 70-year career.

He is survived by his son and daughter and 3 grandkids.

He was 95.

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