Lil Boosie The Most Shocking Post-Prison Technology That Blew My Mind

After 5 years in prison, rapper Lil Boosie couldn't believe how dramatically the world changed in such a short period of time -- but one piece of technology stood out as the most mind-blowing.

When Boosie got locked up on drug charges back in 2009 ... there was no Instagram, no FaceTime, Google wasn't making glasses -- and during an interview Monday, Boosie talked about what the technology overload felt like after his release.

But one technological advancement was more unbelievable than the rest. Watch the video to find out.

Google Glass High-Tech Spectacles Appear at Oscar Pre-Party [UPDATE]

7:59 AM PT -- Turns out ... the woman with the Google Glass device is Anne Wojcicki ... who happens to be married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Sorta makes sense now, doesn't it?

Also, sources tell us Sergey was also at the party sporting a Google Glass of his own.

The future IS NOW ... 'cause TMZ cameras happened to catch a woman sporting a brand new pair of the highly anticipated GOOGLE GLASS eyewear on her way into an Oscar pre-party Friday night.

The woman -- who calls herself Anne -- was on her way into the United Talent Agency's Oscar pre-party at the Beverly Hills home of UTA chairman Jim Berkus ... when we noticed the glasses.

FYI -- Google Glass is said to be a sort of "smart glasses" device ... in which users can bark orders like "record video" or "take picture" or "give me directions to ..."

A video screen then appears in the upper left hand corner of the lens ... sorta like how Arnold Schwarzenegger viewed information while functioning in normal society in "The Terminator."

It's unclear why or how Anne got her hands on a pair of the futuristic spectacles ... but she gave us a pretty cool demo right on the street ... tapping the arm of the glasses and vocally commanding the device to take a photo of our camera guy.

Anne then uttered the words. "OK Glass" ... and shared the photo with one of her friends.

We asked if the glasses were living up to the extreme hype ... to which she said, "It's pretty cool ... instead of you [having] to have a camera right now, it can just video tape you."

When asked when they would be released to the general public, Anne told us, "It's coming soon."

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