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Dennis Rodman Denies Slap Attack

5/24/2019 2:55 PM PDT

Dennis Rodman says he doesn't hit people -- and never has in his life -- so the latest claim that he randomly smacked a guy at a bar is total BS.

TMZ Sports got Rodman in Orange County, CA Friday and asked about what allegedly went down last week in Delray Beach, Florida ... he didn't want to divulge much, but he clearly denies any sort of assault.

We broke the story ... 30-year-old Jeff Soulouque claims the former NBA rebound king slapped him at the Buddha Sky Bar on May 17 "unprovokedly," which injured his eye. He filed a police report the next day.

Cops investigated, and found a witness named David Lee Roth -- but not THE David Lee Roth -- who corroborated Soulouque's story.

Rodman's been listed as an official suspect in an alleged battery as police continue their investigation, but he doesn't seem too worried about it. He insists "nothing happened" ... and his lawyers are dealing with it.

Rodman's attorney, Lorne Berkeley, already told us Dennis denies the allegations and adds that he was sober the entire night in question and nobody he was with saw a slapping incident.

Of course, this comes on the heels of a bizarre alleged clothing heist in Newport Beach, CA the Basketball Hall of Famer was involved in. He's currently being investigated for that too.

Jay Rock Winning in Watts ... Receives Key to His L.A. Neighborhood

5/24/2019 12:41 PM PDT

Jay Rock's Memorial Day Weekend will be one he'll never forget ... he just received the key to the neighborhood where he was born and raised.

The "Win" rapper was the guest of honor at the event in the South Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts Friday. L.A. City Councilmember Joe Buscaino presented the key at the Nickerson Gardens Community Center ... where Jay says he developed his hoops skills.

Getting the key to his hometown caps off what's already been a hell of a year of JR, following the success of his hit track and a Grammy win for "King's Dead" ... the "Black Panther" soundtrack single he worked on with his longtime pal, Kendrick Lamar.

To make the occasion even better, Rock also partnered with his label, TDE, and Lyft to donate $5,000 to the community center.

We got the rapper after the presentation on the b-ball court, where he was still on cloud nine about his latest accomplishments.

Jay also gave a shout-out to Nipsey Hussle and addressed YG saying there's a lot of "fake ass" love for the late rapper. Rock doesn't necessarily see it that way, but it's clear his love is real ... and he plans to carry on with the work Nip and others have done bringing L.A. communities together.

Congrats again, Jay!!!

Remy Ma Facing 4 Charges In Alleged Assault Case

5/24/2019 9:35 AM PDT

Remy Ma's been hit with a new criminal complaint for allegedly punching Brittney Taylor ... and there are some very significant updates.

Prosecutors filed 4 charges against the rapper Friday -- 2 counts of assault in the third degree, 1 count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and 1 count of harassment in the second degree ... all of which are misdemeanors.

The charges stem from an incident in April, in which Remy allegedly punched the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star in the right eye while backstage at the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert at Irving Plaza in NYC. She was initially booked for misdemeanor assault after turning herself in ... but prosecutors have now made the multiple charges official.

Here's what's interesting ... Remy's attorney, Dawn Florio, tells TMZ that prosecutors have updated the time in which they claim the attack went down, from 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM. We're told they still do not have any video of the alleged attack.

However, the timing is important because as we told you ... Remy claimed she had visual proof she was nowhere near the venue or Taylor at the time she was accused of punching her, which was 9:30. Now that's been updated to an hour later to match up with the rapper being present at the concert.

Though she's facing 4 charges, we're told Remy has been offered a deal to plead guilty to just the top charge -- assault in the third degree -- and the rest will be dropped. She'd also have to enter a long-term anger management program.

So far, Remy hasn't taken the deal ... the case is set for trial in July.

Wendy Williams Kevin Hunter Says She's to Blame For Ruining Relationship with Son

5/24/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Wendy Williams has put a wall up between her son and his father ... so claims Kevin Hunter Sr., who fears the fight that led to Kevin Jr.'s arrest has solidified the wall with indestructible mortar.

Sources with direct knowledge of the divorce say Wendy's estranged husband has been vocal, accusing Wendy of poisoning his relationship with their son, getting in his ear and talking smack about him ... at least that's what he's been saying.

We're told Kevin Sr. has made several attempts in recent weeks to spend time with his son to repair the relationship, but he got the cold shoulder. He's also sent his boy lengthy texts ... only to get one-word replies.

Our sources say before Wendy filed for divorce, the Kevins were super tight ... so Sr. claims the trigger for the change has to be Wendy. Of course, the marriage fell apart because Kevin apparently had a child out of wedlock with another woman.  He says he's admitted his wrongdoing but feels Wendy's feelings have been transferred to Jr.

We broke the story ... Wendy's son was arrested for assault after he got into an altercation with his dad in a New Jersey parking lot and allegedly punched him in the nose after Sr. put Jr. in a headlock. 

We're told the fight erupted over an argument involving Kevin Sr.'s demand for spousal support. They also beefed over Sr.'s claim Wendy was sabotaging his relationship with Jr.

Sr. says he still loves Jr. and will not pursue the matter criminally. However, we're told the whole ordeal is weighing heavily on Wendy's ex ... and he's worried their relationship's been ruined permanently.

Lizzo My DMs Are Full of F*** Boys!!!

5/24/2019 6:56 AM PDT

Lizzo's die-hard fans are of a certain type ... they are "f*** boys" ... according to her.

She was on the streets of New York City Thursday, when Adam Glyn asked the wildly popular singer if she's getting lots of DMs from obsessed fans. She didn't hesitate to answer.

FYI ... Lizzo has a song, "Juice," where she warns women, "I think he got lost in my DMs, You better come get your man, I think he wanna be way more than friends."

She's on a roll. Her song, "Truth Hurts," is currently #42 on Billboard Hot 100. She's also coming off a successful performance at Coachella.

And, there's this ... she tells us who she'd like to collab with ... and it would not disappoint. 

YG There's a Lot of 'Fake-Ass' Nipsey Hussle Love

5/24/2019 7:47 AM PDT

YG says there are a lot of so-called Nipsey Hussle "fans" out there who are jumping on the bandwagon and pissing off the late rapper's family.

YG had his album release party at The Novo Thursday night in downtown L.A., and he launched on people who belatedly heap praise on Nipsey, saying, "There's a lot of fake-ass Nipsey Hussle love out there." He says Nipsey's family knows what's up.

The verbal throw-down came as YG talked about his recording, "My Last Words" ... a tribute to the murdered rapper. The recording captures YG's tribute to Nipsey at his memorial, which was held April 11 at the Staples Center in downtown L.A.

YG's album, "4 REAL 4 REAL," drops today. The cover art includes, "In loving memory of Nipsey Hussle."

Charles Manson Estate Wants DNA Test ... From Man Claiming to be Grandson

5/24/2019 6:39 AM PDT

The man who claims he's Charles Manson's grandson has to s*** or get off the pot ... at least that's what the murderer's estate is demanding.

Jason Freeman claims he's the son of Charles Manson, Jr., which therefore makes him the grandson of the notorious head of the Manson Family.  He's gunning to become the administrator of the estate and the sole beneficiary of Manson's estate.

Here's the problem for Freeman ... Manson left a will, leaving all of his assets, including his "exclusive music catalog" to one of his pen pals, named Michael Channels.

Freeman, who claims Manson was worth millions at the time of his death, wants to invalidate the will and step in position to inherit the estate as next of kin. Freeman's dad died in 1993.

The Estate has asked Freeman to take a DNA test to prove one way or the other if he's related, but according to legal docs, he's repeatedly refused. So, the Estate is now asking a judge to order a DNA test.

The Estate concedes this ... an Ohio court found Freeman is related to Manson, but the estate calls the ruling "muddled."

As for the pen pal ... he and Manson exchanged letters and phone calls for 2 decades. The pen pal occasionally visited Manson in prison. Manson's handwritten will looks like the real deal, but Freeman clearly is not convinced. 

As for what Manson really has ... he did write a Beach Boys song that made the B side of one of the group's singles back in the day.  

'Jeopardy!' Star James Holzhauer Univ. of Illinois Loves Him ... But Not Enough For Hon. Doctorate

5/24/2019 12:50 AM PDT

James Holzhauer is making his alma mater proud with his "Jeopardy!" dominance, but he's gonna have to keep the streak going even longer if he wants the University of Illinois to award him a huge honor.

Illini Big wigs tell TMZ ... James is proving there are many ways to use a math degree from Illinois, but they're not ready to hand him an honorary doctorate any time soon. You might think it's because he kinda shaded his campus experience recently on the show. 

James recently told Alex Trebek he "attended class as little as necessary" at Illinois and joked he majored in online poker -- but, we're told that's not why the University is holding out ... though, it can't help.

Fact is, the requirements for giving out honorary doctorate at Illinois are pretty strict, unlike other Universities where the Chancellor can unilaterally decide to hand them out like candy. At Illinois, faculty members must nominate and vote for candidates, and so far, no one's gone to bat for James.

The 2005 Illini grad recently extended his winning streak to 25 consecutive games, banking a whopping $1,991,135 and drawing huge ratings for "Jeopardy!" -- but his diverse knowledge clearly isn't impressing people on campus.

We know what you're thinking -- what if James writes a fat check? That might not do it either.

Case in point ... alum Larry Gies donated a whopping $150 MILLION to the University AND was this year's commencement speaker, but even he's getting iced out. 

Now, if James wants to pay off some student loans for a graduating class ...

Just sayin'.

NBA's Chandler Parsons Splits with Model Cassie Amato ... The Bachelor Is Back!!!

5/24/2019 12:35 AM PDT

Two beautiful people are back on the market ... NBA star Chandler Parsons and model Cassie Amato have broken up, TMZ Sports has learned. 

But, you know what that means ... THE RETURN OF BACHELOR CHANDLER!!!

We're told the split wasn't nasty or anything ... they just grew apart and ultimately decided things weren't working out. They only dated for a year so it ain't the end of the world.

Plus, he's been based in Memphis while playing for the Grizzlies while she's an L.A. girl who operates out of Bel-Air (though we're told he'll be in L.A. this summer too). 

The signs were there ... Parsons hasn't posted a photo of Cassie since October and he's essentially been scrubbed from her IG page too. 

Speaking of her IG page, she's ridiculously good looking and instantly becomes one of the hottest single chicks in L.A. 

Don't feel too bad for Chandler, he's gonna be just fine ... tall, handsome and entering the last year of his 4-year $94 MILLION contract with the Grizzlies. 

Parsons has a reputation for dating beautiful women ... from Bella Thorne to Toni Garrn and Arianny Celeste

Lil Pump Makes It Rain $500k ... Inside Jewelry Store!!!

5/24/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Lil Pump loves throwing his money around ... so much so, he had racks of cash falling from the sky while getting iced out at one of his fave jewelers!!! Strip clubs are so passe.

We're told Pump went on an insane shopping spree at Icebox in Atlanta ... racking up a huge tab and making it rain, before literally swimming in the money.  

Lil Pump's tour stopped in ATL last week, on his way down to his Rolling Loud gig, and went to see the famous jeweler. We're told he had the store all to himself and took full advantage -- going WILD!!!

Ya gotta see the video ... LP entertained the hell out of himself as he kept throwing money in the air. Seems he and his dough got a little lonely, though, 'cause he called out for some strippers.

Let's just say things didn't go as planned, but he still made the most of it.

Here's what the "Iced Out" rapper got for his $500k:

-- custom "Lil Pump" pendant with VVS diamonds
-- diamond Cartier glasses with purple tinted shades 
-- two-tone rose/white gold Miami Cuban bracelet with VVS diamonds
-- 2 rose gold Icebox diamond spike bracelets with VVS diamonds
-- 2 white gold Icebox diamond spike bracelets with VVS diamonds
-- baguette diamond ring with VVS diamonds

But, wait, there's more ... we're told he also commissioned a one-of-a-kind diamond grill. 

Lil Pump ... a jeweler's best friend.

Ex-'Love & Hip Hop' Star Hazel-E I'm Not Gonna Fight City Girls' Yung Miami ... We Lost Nipsey to 'Ignorant Stuff'

5/24/2019 12:20 AM PDT

Hazel-E is taking the high road in her simmering beef with City Girls rapper Yung Miami ... the ex-'Love & Hip Hop' star says she wants their feud to stay on diss tracks, instead of turning violent. 

Hazel, one of Katt Williams' ex-GFs, tells TMZ ... she's not about to start throwing hands with Yung Miami, because she's too grown for barbaric problem-solving. She also points out the music industry already lost Nipsey Hussle to what she calls "ignorant stuff." 

Their beef started this week after Hazel accused the City Girls rapper of jacking some of her beats -- and once YM started calling her every name in the book ... Hazel unleashed a vicious diss track. 

Yung Miami responded with a not-so-friendly invitation for Hazel to come meet her in the 305, so they could settle things with their fists.

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Even with all the heated trash talk, Hazel says she won't be drawn into a fight because it won't solve anything. She thinks musical beef is the better option ... that way everyone can profit.

Hazel did take some shots though when we spoke to her, and threatened to sue Yung Miami for stealing music. 

Smell that??? Fresh beef on the grill.

UFC's Tyron Woodley Gunning for Fight In August ... But There's a Catch

5/24/2019 12:15 AM PDT

UFC star Tyron Woodley says he's very confident he'll be ready to fight again this summer -- despite having a jacked up right hand -- and he's already working with the UFC to book a date.  

The former UFC welterweight champ recently pulled out of his June 29 bout with Robbie Lawler -- explaining on this week's 'Hollywood Beatdown' that his hand simply isn't ready to go. 

Woodley says he consulted with a top hand specialist who diagnosed him with chronic arthritis in his joint ... which is a problem going into a fist fight with a stand-up striker like Lawler. 

The good news ... Tyron says he's eyeing an August date to get back in the Octagon, but there's a catch ... he only wants to fight in a state where he'll be cleared to get a cortisone shot 10 days before the bout. 

As for an opponent, Tyron says he'll fight anyone as long as it gets him on the right path for a title shot ... because he's obsessed with getting his belt back. 

There's a lot more ... Tyron also weighs in on the disturbing face injury suffered by his friend, Sage Northcutt and tells us if he thinks Sage will ever be able to get back to 100%. 

Check out "The Hollywood Beatdown" every week on the TMZ Sports YouTube page

Donovan McNabb I'm A Hall of Famer 'My Numbers Are Better Than Aikman'

5/24/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Donovan McNabb says he's "absolutely" a Hall of Fame player ... telling TMZ Sports his career yards AND touchdowns should make him a shoo-in for Canton.

"My numbers are better than Troy Aikman," the ex-Eagles superstar says.

McNabb joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show -- airing weeknights on FS1 -- and said he unequivocally expects to be wearing a gold jacket at some point in his future.

"I'm not hesitating on that. I am a Hall of Famer," McNabb says ... "My numbers speak for themselves."

Of course, D-Mac's been out of the league since 2011 ... which means he's been eligible for the Hall for the past few years -- but has been passed over every time.

When the guys asked Donovan why he thinks that is ... he says he often asks that question himself.

"When they look at my numbers, yeah, but then they always want to add other stuff into it. 'Was he an All-Pro? Was he this? How many Super Bowl opportunities?'"

"But, people don't realize how hard it is to get to the NFC Championship and to get there five times, and then make it to a Super Bowl? It's tough."

For the record, McNabb has 37,276 passing yards, 234 passing TDs and 117 career interceptions. Cowboys legend Aikman has 32,942 passing yards, 165 passing TDs and 141 career picks.

Good news for McNabb ... he says now that his old Eagles team officially has two Hall of Famers -- Brian Dawkins and Terrell Owens -- he thinks his HOF case will be taken more seriously now.

"Maybe that helps the cause going forward."

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