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Lance Bass Yeah, I Forgive Lou Pearlman ... New Doc Helped With That

3/16/2019 11:51 AM PDT

Lance Bass says he's come to peace over his late former manager, Lou Pearlman, and it sounds like a new documentary about the guy helped with that process.

We got the former 'NSYNC singer at LAX Friday, where our photog asked about a new doc coming out that covers Lou's sheisty dealings and financial crimes while he managed Lance and co., as well as the Backstreet Boys in their heyday. It's called 'The Boy Band Con.'

If you aren't familiar, Lou got sent to prison in 2008 for running one of the largest Ponzi schemes ever. He pled guilty to conspiracy, money laundering and other financial crimes ... and got sentenced to 25 years in prison. He died behind bars in 2016.

More relevant to Lance ... Lou stands accused of robbing his artists blind throughout his career by way of shady business practices -- aka fraud. 'NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys and even Aaron Carter all sued Lou in federal court ... and either won or settled.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel though for Lance, who explains why he forgives Lou ... and how he even feels some sympathy for him. Watch ... he dives deep here.

Brian Littrell Laughs Off Joey Fatone ... No BSB-'NSYNC Group without JT!!!

3/8/2019 7:21 AM PST

Brian Littrell's reaction to Joey Fatone suggesting the Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC come together in one super boy band is pretty simple -- Bye, Bye, Bye ... it ain't happening until you get Justin Timberlake.

We got the BSB singer Thursday at LAX, and he absolutely destroyed Joey's dreams of the pop pairing that, honestly, would be Larger Than Life. Brian's point is ... right now BSB is bringing a lot more to the table than 'NSYNC can. 

He's got a point. Backstreet was Grammy-nominated this year, starred in a Super Bowl commercial with Chance the Rapper ... AND they have a Vegas residency. All of that equals relevance.

But watch, Brian does offer a small ray of hope.

If Joey really Wants it That Way, all he's gotta do is get JT on the horn ... and then wait another 10 years or so. LOL!!!

Joey Fatone on 'Masked Singer' I Was Onstage with Gladys, T-Pain ... And Had NO Clue!!!

2/28/2019 3:12 PM PST

Joey Fatone says 'Masked Singer' producers had him, and all the other contestants, jumping through hoops all season to conceal their identities ... even from each other! 

The 'NSYNC singer tells us just how extreme their evasive tactics got -- agents, managers and security guards were all wearing masks too. If that sounds like a pain in the ass to you, think again ... Joey says it made shooting the singing competition a ton of fun.

If you're one of the few who missed it ... Joey competed as The Rabbit, singing big hits -- including Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" -- all season.

At one point, he tells us he was onstage with the other 'Masked Singers' -- eventually revealed to be Rumer Willis, Gladys Knight and T-Pain -- but could only guess who they were ... just like the judges and viewers.

Fatone ended up finishing in 4th place behind Gladys the Bee, Donny Osmond the Peacock, and the Monster who won it all -- T-Pain.

Lance Bass Still Tied to 'Brady Bunch' Remodel

11/5/2018 12:10 AM PST

Lance Bass was noticeably absent from the 'Brady Bunch' reunion at the Brady crib HGTV plans to remodel, but he's still going to be involved in the show ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell us this week's Brady kids get-together -- which featured all of Mike and Carol's TV spawn -- was simply a photo shoot that will be used for promos when the show is officially announced.

We're told Lance's team spoke to HGTV execs just last week and was assured he's not off the project -- the network plans to tap him in on the project sometime in 2019. It's still unclear if he'll be hosting, producing ... or both.

In addition to the Brady gig, we're told HGTV's offered him a second project. So, it's clear things are still cool between Lance and network execs.

As for the remodel itself ... our sources say the building team might've hit a minor setback after stumbling across a ton of asbestos in the house, which could delay the demolition process a bit. 

'NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick 'Bye Bye Bye' to All My Dignity ... Tutu Karaoke for 47th Bday

10/18/2018 9:38 AM PDT

'NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick took it all the way back to 2000 for his 47th birthday -- and then he took it even further by doing it in a tutu and a sash.

The ex-boy band member celebrated the big 4-7 Wednesday at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar in Nashville in what appeared to be a bachelorette-themed bash -- which was chock-full of no-shame ballerina birthday girl fashion, and 'NSYNC karaoke hits.

Chris was singing his iconic single, "Bye Bye Bye," all while decked out in a pink tutu and a red sash. He had at least a couple hardcore fans there ... the lady holding the beer in the "front row" seemed to be all about the trip down memory lane. 

One silver lining here ... Chris hasn't missed a step in his old routine! At least when it comes to lyrics, anyway. His dance steps could use a little tightening up.

Larry King I'm a Huge Fan of Lance Bass!!!

9/6/2018 7:15 AM PDT

We finally solved the age-old mystery: is Larry King on Team Backstreet Boys or Team *NSYNC?? And the answer comes courtesy of Lance Bass (spoiler alert).

We got Larry and his wife, Shawn, Wednesday leaving Craig’s in WeHo, where the couple celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary, and Larry got fully starstruck when he spotted Lance in his Benz.

Larry rushed over to embrace Lance and catch up on old times.

Check out the video to see Larry wig out over the former boy band singer ... and wait 'till you hear what Larry got Shawn for their anniversary!!!

Lance Bass HGTV Wants Him in 'Brady' House Show ... Someway, Somehow

8/9/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Lance Bass might have lost a bidding war with HGTV over the 'Brady Bunch' house -- but he's still got a shot to be a part of the iconic property's future ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the situation tell us HGTV brass privately reached out to the 'NSYNC singer Tuesday after he publicly reacted to news the network was the mysterious "corporate buyer" that beat him out in what he initially called a shady deal

We're told HGTV and Lance are scheduled to meet next week to discuss getting him involved in the network's future plans with the house -- namely, restoring it to its 1970s form on the inside for a new TV show. The crib's remained pretty much the same on the outside.

It's unclear what role Lance would play on the project, but we're told anything from producing to even hosting is possible ... and he's open for anything.

If everything works out, the stars will truly align for Lance. Sources close to the singer tell us his original plan -- had he won the bidding war -- was to gut the inside and recreate the TV set.

He won't own it, but sounds like Lance may yet see his dream come true.

Lance Bass I Lost a Shady Bidding War ... For 'Brady Bunch' House

8/5/2018 11:16 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Lance Bass feels like he got royally screwed by a real estate agent who played him like a fiddle in order to spike a bidding war for one of the most famous houses in L.A. -- the 'Brady Bunch' house.

Lance tells TMZ, he's a super fan of the 70's sitcom. He says he's watched every episode 50 times, so when he heard the Studio City home was for sale, he said he had to have it. The former 'NSYNC boy bander flips houses on the side, and he wanted to make the inside look exactly like the show and then sell it.  

The exterior of the house was used for the show, which ran from 1969 to 1974. The interiors were shot on the studio lot.

The house was for sale for $1.885 mil, but because of hot real estate market and the marquee value of the property, a bidding war erupted that sent the price WAY over asking.

Lance says the real estate agent told him the seller would look at all bids after the Thursday 3 PM deadline, and the highest bidder would win. Lance says he knew what he needed to beat 5 minutes before the deadline, and made an offer just shy of $3 million.  

This is where Lance says things got hinky. He got a call from the agent, saying the property was his, and that gave way to a big celebration. But, 24 hours later, Lance says the realtor called to say there was an "unforeseen circumstance" and another buyer came in and made a higher offer.

That other buyer was a Hollywood studio, and Lance says he was told the studio had a plan to outbid whoever won ... after the fact. Lance feels he was used to just get the price as high as possible, and he's pissed off. 

Justin Timberlake Can't Stop the Feeling ... My SoHo Penthouse is Still Priced Too High

7/18/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Justin Timberlake is jumping on the Amazon Prime Day bandwagon and offering up a deal ... slashing the price of his SoHo penthouse Monday by nearly a quarter million.

Justin's now asking $6.75 million for the 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath crib. He put it on the market about 5 months ago for $7.995 mil, but dropped the price by a mil in the spring before knocking off an additional $245k this week.

JT purchased the ultra modern 2,600 sq. ft. place for $6.57 million back in 2010. Its neatest feature is probably the wraparound terrace, which is 853 square feet alone. The building also has a gym, garden and parking garage with a private entrance.

Jared Seligman from Stribling holds the listing. 

Lance Bass Shaq Helped Launch 'NSYNC ... Seriously!

5/21/2018 4:02 PM PDT

Who was one of the key people who helped get 'NSYNC off the ground??


It's true ... according to Lance Bass who tells TMZ Sports the supergroup owes a lot of its early success to the NBA legend. 

"I mean ... a lot of people don't know Shaquille had a big hand in starting our career," Lance said at the Montage Hotel in Bev Hills. 

We only brought up Shaq because Google search is showing Shaq as the 5th member of the group -- replacing Joey Fatone

It's obviously a glitch ... but Lance says Shaq's connection to the band is 100% real. 

"We lived in Orlando and our first place that we recorded was his house ... so all of our first demos, our first songs were all from Shaq's house!" 

It's true ... Shaq has a recording studio in his massive Orlando estate -- which is now on the market for $28 MILLION -- and Lance says O'Neal let the group record because he knew someone at the label. 

One thing led to another ... and 'NSYNC became a global phenomenon. 

Now, Lance says he'd love for Shaq to join the group in real life ... as soon as they get rid of that one member "we probably need to replace."

'NSYNC Reunites for Walk of Fame ... Draws HUGE Crowd!!!

4/30/2018 2:13 PM PDT

'NSYNC getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday looked a lot like Times Square outside 'TRL' circa 2000 -- hundreds of screaming fans trying to catch a glimpse.

Lance, Justin, Joey, Chris and JC reunited for the first time in nearly 2 years at the unveiling of their star. The last time they were all together was a couple of years ago at JC's 40th birthday bash. The timing was perfect, since Timberlake is in L.A. for his current tour.

Their fans are clearly as passionate as ever -- despite no new music from the guys since 2001 -- and packed both sides of the street for the ceremony ... which is NOT common for these events.

The 'NSYNC faithful didn't get a performance, but Ellen DeGeneres and former 'TRL' host Carson Daly pumped up the crowd with introductions.

Backstreet Boys Accept 'NSYNC's Hoops Challenge ... We'll Take You 2-on-5!

4/14/2018 12:25 AM PDT

The boy band basketball turf war just got REAL -- with Brian Littrell telling Joey Fatone that Backstreet will straight DOMINATE 'NSYNC on the hardwood.

And get this -- Brian says it'll only take 2 of the Boys to hoop up 'NSYNC's entire roster!

"They’ll lose, plain and simple," Littrell told TMZ Sports at LAX. "You can take myself and Nick against all 5 of those dudes and we’ll be cool."

Brian ain't playing -- telling us he's got a court at home to keep his game tight.

So, if Joey, JT and co. really want it like Fatone said, Littrell's down ... and says he wants 10 racks on it!! 

"When we win, I’ll donate my $10,000 that I have on the game to charity. Joey can pick it."


Lance Bass & Hubby Michael Turchin Picking the Sperm to Make Our Baby ... is All Fun and Games!!!

4/3/2018 6:54 AM PDT

Lance Bass and hubby Michael Turchin are in the super early baby planning stages ... so early, in fact, how they'll decide whose sperm to use to make the baby's a competition.

We got Lance and Michael at LAX Monday and our guy wanted to talk babies even though Lance was pretty hoarse. Didn't matter ... they still shared some deets on having a baby hopefully in 2018.

The couple's exploring the surrogacy route, but thing is ... it appears they haven't figured out whose sperm they'll use. Lance has the chops and Michael's easy on the eyes ... so how will they decide?!


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