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Paul Eliopoulos is known for his work on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007), Titanic (1997) and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003).  See full bio on IMDb »

WWE's Big Show Slams Retirement Talk, 'I Gotta Couple Years Left'

WWE's Big Show
Slams Retirement Talk 'I Gotta Couple Years Left'

WWE superstar Big Show has been destroying people in the ring for 24 years -- but tells TMZ Sports he ain't slowin' down any time soon!!  At 46 years old, Big Show -- real name Paul Wight --… READ MORE >

WWE's Big Show Hits NY Jets Game, Helps Kids Fight Cancer

WWE's Big Show
Hits NY Jets Game ... Helps Kids Fight Cancer

WWE superstar Big Show was stoked to watch the NY Jets beat the Broncos this weekend -- but he was FAR more interested in some VIPs at the game who are battling cancer.  Big Show -- along… READ MORE >

- 162 days ago
Big Show: Match With Shaq Ain't Happening, Here's Why

Big Show
Match With Shaq Ain't Happening ... Here's Why

Sad day for everyone who wanted to witness nearly 1,000 pounds of man tossed around a wresting ring ... WWE superstar Big Show says his match with Shaq ain't happening, and he's telling TMZ… READ MORE >

- 428 days ago
Big Show Says Bautista's the Next Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson of Hollywood

Big Show
Bautista Will Be As Big As The Rock ... 'Just a Matter of Timing'

Does Big Show think Dave Bautista has what it takes to rival The Rock as the biggest actor in Hollywood?? READ MORE >

- 626 days ago
Shaq Says WWE Botched WrestleMania Match with Big Show (AUDIO)

BLAMES WWE They Messed Up Big Show Match

Shaquille O'Neal says WWE is squarely to blame for dropping the ball on his highly anticipated WrestleMania 33 matchup with Big Show ... saying, "They messed it up." The 7-footers had been… READ MORE >

- 694 days ago
Big Show Slammed On 'Raw,' Breaks the Ring! (VIDEOS)

Big Show
Slammed On 'Raw' Breaks the Ring!

Ring destruction on "Monday Night Raw" -- when Big Show was superplexed off the top rope ... AND BROKE THE RING!!!! The WWE legend was dragged to the top rope during his match with 6'8" Braun… READ MORE >

- 700 days ago
Big Show Says Entire WWE Is Praying For Jim Ross' Wife (VIDEO)

Big Show
WWE Family Praying For Jim Ross' Wife ... After Vespa Crash

WWE's Big Show says the whole organization is praying for Jim Ross and his family following the tragic Vespa accident that left his wife with a fractured skull. As we reported earlier ...… READ MORE >

- 728 days ago
Shaq Fires Back at Big Show ... I GOT ABS TOO! (VIDEO)

Fires Back at Big Show I GOT ABS TOO!

It's the BIGGEST abdominal showdown ever -- Shaq hitting back at Big Show with some stomach muscles of his own ... and TMZ Sports has the video!  After Big Show posted pics of his own gut… READ MORE >

- 740 days ago
Big Show Says If Shaq's a No-Show at Wrestlemania ... No Big Deal (VIDEO)

Big Show
No Big Deal If Shaq's a Big No-Show ... For Wrestlemania Fight

Big Show's not sweating whether Shaq will show up to Wrestlemania or not ... 'cause he's planning to be there with or without him. We got the WWE legend at LAX, where he put the ball in Shaq's… READ MORE >

- 744 days ago
The Miz on Big Show vs. Shaq ... Big Show Would Never Back Out (VIDEO)

The Miz
On Big Show vs. Shaq: Big Show Would Never Back Out

If the Shaq vs. Big Show supermatch at WrestleMania falls apart, The Miz says don't point the finger at Show. With Shaq saying things are not looking good behind the scenes, everyone wants to… READ MORE >

- 747 days ago
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