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Bruce Buffer

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Bruce Buffer was born on May 21, 1957 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 (2000), UFC 87: Seek and Destroy (2008) and UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion (2007).  See full bio on IMDb »

Nate Diaz to UFC, 'I Bow Down to No One'

Nate Diaz to UFC
'I Bow Down to No One'

Nate Diaz says Bruce Buffer is OUT OF HIS MIND if he thinks he'll ever "bow" to Dana White and the UFC ... saying, "I bow down to no one ever!" Diaz is reacting to comments Buffer made the other… READ MORE >

UFC Announcer Blasts Nate Diaz, Quit Bitching, 'Bow' To Dana White

UFC Announcer
Quit Bitching, Nate Diaz ... & Bow To Dana White!

The most famous Octagon announcer in MMA history is sick and tired of Nate Diaz's antics, telling the Stockton superstar to stop complaining and start fighting already. We got Bruce… READ MORE >

- 150 days ago
Bruce Buffer Says Conor McGregor 'S**t on' Everyone in UFC & MMA with Attack

Bruce Buffer
Conor McGregor 'S**t on All of Us' ... with Disgusting Attack

Conor McGregor took a giant dump on the UFC and MMA -- so says Bruce Buffer, who's sick to his stomach over the Irishman's violent bus attack. We got the legendary Octagon announcer… READ MORE >

- 289 days ago
Bruce Buffer KO's TMZ Host in UFC 223 Name Game

Bruce Buffer
KO's TMZ Host In UFC 223 Name Game

Bruce Buffer slays the mic every time he steps inside the Octagon ... but can the legendary UFC announcer deliver when ya put him on the spot?! We put that to the test earlier this week when… READ MORE >

- 291 days ago
Steve Aoki's Nuts Get Slapped By UFC Legend Ken Shamrock

Steve Aoki
Nut Shotted By UFC's Ken Shamrock!

Here's video of UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock schoolin' Steve Aoki on the finer points of being a fighter -- like taking shots STRAIGHT TO THE BALL BAG. The painful intro-to-MMA… READ MORE >

- 293 days ago
UFC's Brian Ortega Says He'd Fight TMZ Host's Grandma for Big Money

UFC's Brian Ortega
To TMZ Host: I'd Fight Your Grandma for $$$

UFC rising star Brian Ortega lives by the warrior code -- anyone, anytime, anywhere -- and says those rules apply even if you're a 78-year-old woman!! We got "T-City" and Bruce Buffer on the TMZ… READ MORE >

- 326 days ago
Sugar Ray Leonard and Bruce Buffer Bro Out, Then Disagree on Floyd vs. Conor

Sugar Ray Leonard:
Floyd's Got a Shot vs. Conor in UFC Bruce Buffer: Hell No!!

Here's video of Sugar Ray Leonard and Bruce Buffer giving daps at LAX ... then giving waaay different takes on how Floyd Mayweather would do against Conor McGregor in the UFC! The… READ MORE >

- 332 days ago
Holly Holm Rocked Massive Shiner After Cyborg Fight at UFC 219

Holly Holm's Eye
The Shining ... But Still Smiling!!

How tough is Holly Holm?? Her eye was essentially SWOLLEN SHUT after her fight with Cris Cyborg ... and she was still all smiles!  Don't get it twisted -- Holly put up a hell of a fight… READ MORE >

- 386 days ago
UFC's Bruce Buffer: Pacquiao's People Have Been Calling About McGregor Fight

UFC's Bruce Buffer
Pacquiao's People Have Been Calling ... About McGregor Fight

Manny Pacquiao's so set on fighting Conor McGregor, his people have been hitting up their UFC connects to make it happen -- including legendary Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer. We got Bruce at LAX… READ MORE >

- 395 days ago
Jean-Claude Van Damme & UFC's Bruce Buffer Get Jacked at Gold's Gym

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Geriatric & Jacked ... with UFC's Bruce Buffer

Here's Jean-Claude Van Damme and UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer proving 60 is really the new 30 -- lookin' absolutely JACKED at a workout sesh. The pic comes to us courtesy of Buffer… READ MORE >

- 469 days ago
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