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Deena Nicole Cortese

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Deena Nicole Cortese was born on January 12, 1987 in New Egypt, New Jersey, USA.  See full bio on IMDb »

'Jersey Shore' Cast Visits The Situation Day After He Receives Prison Sentence

'Jersey Shore' Cast
Huggin' It Out After Visiting The Situation

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's pals from 'Jersey Shore' aren't going to leave him hanging now that he's been sentenced to hard time. JWoww, Pauly D, Ronnie, Vinnie, Angelina, Deena and Snooki… READ MORE >

First Pics of 'Jersey Shore' Cast Reunion in Miami

'Jersey Shore'
Reunites in Miami

The cast of "Jersey Shore" has finally reunited in Miami ... and the drinks are already flowin'. We got pics of Ronnie, Pauly D, Snooki, JWoww and Deena toasting to what's sure to be a fun… READ MORE >

- 493 days ago
Snooki & Pauly D -- Some A-Hole Nazi Gave Out Our Cell Phone #s

Snooki & Pauly D
Some Nazi A-Hole Gave Out Our Cell Phone #s

Snooki and Pauly D were forced to change their cell phone numbers yesterday ... after some swastika-loving Nazi jerkwad hacked into JWoww's Twitter account and gave out their digits to all of her… READ MORE >

- 2149 days ago
Fake 'Jersey Shore' Flasher -- I'm Sorry, Deena Cortese ... From the Bottom of My 'D' Cups

Fake 'Jersey Shore' Flasher
Sorry, Deena ... From the Bottom of My 'D' Cups

Deena Cortese from "Jersey Shore" can settle down ... the doppelganger whose boobs whipped up a Mardi Gras crowd says she -- and her tatas -- weren't trying to impersonate Deena. Or her yabos.The… READ MORE >

- 2293 days ago
'Jersey Shore' Star Deena -- FURY at Boob-Flashing Look-alike at Mardi Gras

'Jersey Shore' Star
FURY At Boob-Flashing Look-alike at Mardi Gras

Deena from "Jersey Shore" says she's NOT a Mardi Gras booby flasher -- and claims she's getting a bad rap thanks to a sluttier doppelganger who looks just like her. TMZ obtained video of a girl --… READ MORE >

- 2294 days ago
Deena from 'Jersey Shore' -- BANNED from NJ Bar After Drunken Arrest

Deena from 'Jersey Shore'
BANNED from NJ Bar After Drunken Arrest

The restaurant that fueled Deena Cortese with the booze that led to her drunken arrest in June has been hit with a $15k fine for over-serving the "Jersey Shore" star ... PLUS she's been BANNED… READ MORE >

- 2447 days ago
Deena Cortese Fined for Being a Street-Dancing Dumbass

'Jersey Shore' Star
Fined for Being A Street-Dancing Dumbass

"Jersey Shore" star Deena Cortese won't face criminal charges after her disorderly conduct arrest last month -- but she WAS slapped with a hilarious fine ... for "failing to use the sidewalk."TMZ… READ MORE >

- 2519 days ago
Snooki & Deena from 'Jersey Shore' -- Scootin' Along

Snooki & Deena
Scootin' Along

Perhaps too pregnant to deal with the arduous task of walking, Snooki rode an electric scooter around Seaside Heights with fellow "Jersey Shore" cast member Deena, who managed to not get arrested… READ MORE >

- 2536 days ago
'Jersey Shore' Mug Shots: Deena vs. Snooki -- Who'd You Rather?

'Jersey Shore' Mug Shots
Deena vs. Snooki Who'd You Rather?

Just like two guidettes in a pod, "Jersey Shore" meatballs Deena and Snooki now have matching drunken and disheveled classic mug shots.Question is ...More Who'd you rather? Jesse Metcalfe vs. Josh… READ MORE >

- 2536 days ago
Deena Cortese -- 'Disorderly' MUG SHOT [PHOTO]

"Jersey Shore" Deena
'Disorderly' MUG SHOT

Congrats to Deena Cortese -- her mug shot is an instant classic, 'cause the "Jersey Shore" star is sporting a look that screams WASTED.TMZ obtained the mug shot taken last weekend by Seaside… READ MORE >

- 2537 days ago
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