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Joe Montana

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Joe Montana is an actor, known for The Bourne Identity (2002), Legionnaire (1998) and The Numbers Station (2013).  See full bio on IMDb »

Joe Montana Invests Heavily In Marijuana Business

Joe Montana
I'm In the Weed Biz Now!

Call him Grow Montana ... because the NFL Hall of Famer is investing HEAVILY in the weed business.  62-year-old Joe Montana is one of the major investors of a company called Caliva -- a major… READ MORE >

Tim Tebow Says Tom Brady 'Probably' Best NFL Player Ever

Tim Tebow
Greatest NFL Player Ever? ... Probably Tom Brady

Is Tom Brady the greatest NFL player of all time? Tim Tebow thinks so ... but this clip just set off a firestorm in the TMZ office.  Jim Brown. Joe Montana. Jerry Rice. Lawrence… READ MORE >

- 238 days ago
Ron Jaworski Says Jimmy Garoppolo Is Like Young & Montana, He Can Be A Hall Of Famer!

Ron Jaworski
Garoppolo Is Like Young & Montana He Can Be A Hall Of Famer!

Jimmy Garoppolo's only started five games for the 49ers, but that's all Ron Jaworski's needed to see -- 'cause he's telling TMZ Sports the S.F. QB "absolutely" can be a Hall of Famer!! "When I… READ MORE >

- 260 days ago
49ers Honoring Joe Montana and Dwight Clark with 'The Catch' Statue

Honoring Montana, Dwight Clark ... With 'The Catch' Statue

The 49ers are paying tribute to the guys behind the most famous play in the team's history -- erecting a 2-piece "The Catch" statue at Levi's Stadium featuring Joe Montana and Dwight Clark. … READ MORE >

- 291 days ago
Terrell Owens Says He Was Kidding About Tom Brady Being a Cheater!

Terrell Owens
I Was Only Kidding About Tom Brady Being a Cheater!

Terrell Owens says he meant no REAL harm when he called Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the New England Patriots "cheaters" on Tuesday ... saying he was just joking around.  Just a… READ MORE >

- 312 days ago
Matt Barnes Dishes on Business Meeting with Joe Montana

Matt Barnes
Dishes on Meeting With Joe Montana Here's What Went Down...

Matt Barnes' next move towards becoming a billionaire?? Settin' up business meetings with Hall of Famer Joe Montana!! TMZ Sports spoke with the retired NBA star -- who recently told us he has a… READ MORE >

- 499 days ago
Joe Montana Sues Over Sinking San Fran Tower, Building Is Crooked!

Joe Montana
Sues Over Sinking San Fran Condo ... Building Is Crooked!

Joe Montana says his fancy San Francisco condo is completely slanted ... and it's getting worse because the building is sinking ... and now he's declared war on the building developers.  The… READ MORE >

- 748 days ago
Joe Montana Won't Say Tom Brady's The Best QB Ever (VIDEO)

Joe Montana
I Can't Say Brady's the Best QB Ever ... At Least Not In Public!

Joe Montana was asked point-blank if 5-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has finally surpassed him as the greatest QB of all time.  READ MORE >

- 835 days ago
Kevin Hart Says Tom Brady's Amazing But He Ain't Joe Montana YET (VIDEO)

Kevin Hart
Tom Brady Is Amazing ... But He Ain't Joe Montana YET

Kevin Hart has some advice for anyone ready to crown Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time ... please, please, PUMP YOUR BRAKES ... saying it's still too early to crown Brady's ass. We… READ MORE >

- 895 days ago
Joe Montana -- Hails a Yellow Cab ... It's Just Not Fair.

Joe Montana
Hails a Yellow Cab ... It's Just Not Fair.

Here's NFL legend Joe Montana leaving LAX Wednesday in a taxi (not a chauffeur-driven black car) ... which is fine ... but it reminds us how LITTLE he got paid compared to the guys who came… READ MORE >

- 1333 days ago
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