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Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray Picks NFL Over MLB, 'I Was Raised to Play QB'

Kyler Murray
Picks NFL Over MLB 'I Was Raised to Play QB'

2018 Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray says he's "firmly committing" his life to being an NFL quarterback -- and will choose football over a pro baseball career.  Aside from being a stud QB… READ MORE >

Warren Moon Says Kyler Murray Will Be Great NFL Quarterback

Warren Moon
Kyler Murray Will Be Great NFL QB

Kyler Murray will be a GREAT NFL quarterback if he picks football over baseball ... so says Warren Moon, who tells TMZ Sports, "He'll just transition right into the NFL game." Of course, Kyler's… READ MORE >

- 47 days ago
Doug Flutie Says Height Issues Won't Hurt Kyler Murray In NFL, Here's Why

Doug Flutie
Kyler Murray's Short ... But It Won't Matter In NFL!!!

Think Kyler Murray is too damn short to be a successful QB in the NFL? YOU'RE WRONG ... so says fellow short guy Doug Flutie, who's telling TMZ Sports he's living proof that the vertically… READ MORE >

- 67 days ago
Adrian Beltre Says Kyler Murray Can Play Both Football And Baseball

Adrian Beltre
Kyler Murray ... Can Play In Both MLB And NFL

One of the greatest hitters in MLB history says Kyler Murray can play BOTH football and baseball ... with Adrian Beltre saying he actually WANTS to see it happen!!! Of course, tons of ex-athletes… READ MORE >

- 69 days ago
Saquon Barkley Sees Great NFL Future For Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray
Will Have Great NFL Career ... Says Saquon Barkley

Should the Giants draft Kyler Murray to replace Eli Manning?? Saquon Barkley ain't so sure about all that -- "that's above my pay grade," he says -- but the Giants superstar DOES think Kyler's… READ MORE >

- 69 days ago
Kyler Murray Can't Play Both Football AND Baseball, Says Drew Henson

Kyler Murray
Can't Play Both Football AND Baseball ... Says Drew Henson

Kyler Murray won't succeed if he tries to play both football AND baseball at the same time ... so says Drew Henson, who tells TMZ Sports the two tasks are just too tough. Don't get it twisted ...… READ MORE >

- 72 days ago
Tony Dorsett Says Tua Tagovailoa Gets His Heisman Vote, I Bet He Wins!

Tony Dorsett
Tagovailoa Got My Heisman Vote ... I Bet He Wins!

Tua Tagovailoa's poor performance in the SEC Championship game ain't gonna cost him the Heisman Trophy ... at least, that's what Tony Dorsett's sayin'. The Cowboys legend and former Heisman… READ MORE >

- 108 days ago
Dave Winfield Says Kyler Murray Smart To Quit Football, I Would Know!

Dave Winfield
Kyler Murray Smart To Quit Football ... I Would Know!

Kyler Murray's making the right call picking baseball over football ... so says Dave Winfield, who made the same choice more than 40 years ago and had things work out PRETTY well. Of course ...… READ MORE >

- 116 days ago
Deion Sanders Says Oakland A's Draft Pick Should NEVER Play Football Again

Deion Sanders
Warns MLB Draft Pick Don't EVER Play Football Again!

Deion Sanders has a question for the MLB first-round draft pick who's still going to play quarterback for Oklahoma this season ... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The Oakland A's took Kyler Murray with the… READ MORE >

- 292 days ago
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