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50 Cent 'Snitch' Report About Jimmy Henchman is Bogus, Feds Say

50 Cent
Someone's Painting Me as a Snitch ... 'Henchman' Report is Fake, Feds Say

Someone really wants you to believe 50 Cent went crying to the cops about Jimmy Henchman back in the day, but a report that name drops him is complete BS ... according to officials who know… READ MORE >

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend, Jade, Gets His Face Tattooed Above Her Boob

Tekashi 6ix9ine
All Over GF's Boob

Tekashi69 might be locked up, but his girlfriend's still showing him love ... permanently. The rapper and his GF, Jade, are going strong despite him currently being incarcerated for… READ MORE >

- 43 days ago
Tekashi69 Sued by Danish Rapper Claiming He's Blocked from Releasing Track

Sued by Danish Rapper ... Let Me Release Our Hot New Track!!!

Tekashi69's got a new banger just begging to be heard, but a Danish rapper claims his label's stonewalling it and screwing him over ... so he wants a judge to step in and help him out. According… READ MORE >

- 62 days ago
Tekashi69 Has Plan to Get Out of Jail Before September Racketeering Trial

Here's My Plan ... To Get Sprung Outta Jail Early

Tekashi69 thinks he will see blue sky again -- outside of prison walls -- before the end of this year, but he's gonna need the very same people he snitched on to help him out. Tekashi and his… READ MORE >

- 73 days ago
Soulja Boy Released from Jail and Cracks Jokes on Video

Soulja Boy
Cracks Jokes After Jail Release ... 'I'm Not Going Out Like 69!!!'

3:48 PM PT-- Soulja's lawyer, Fred Minassian, tells TMZ the judge released him today pending a hearing on March 29.  He says, "There was no finding in regards to his probation… READ MORE >

- 96 days ago
Tekashi69 Talks Sex Dolls in Blooper Reel From Sex Shop Commercial

Funny Bloopers From Sex Shop Ad ... Love the Dolls!!!

Tekashi69's blooper reels from his Valentine's Day sex shop commercials are hilarious, and at least one product he pushed could probably suit him well in jail ... a sex doll!!! We've obtained… READ MORE >

- 120 days ago
Tekashi 6ix9ine's Plea Deal Revealed, Short Sentence, Witness Protection

Tekashi 6ix9ine
Plea Deal Revealed Short Sentence, Witness Protection

Details of Tekashi 6ix9ine's plea deal are now public, and it looks like about the best deal he could get ... way less than even the minimum sentence for a boatload of crimes. Tekashi was facing a… READ MORE >

- 122 days ago
Tekashi 6ix9ine, Chyna & Lil Xan Release New Music for Pornhub's V-Day Album

6ix9ine, Blac Chyna & Lil Xan
You'll Love Our Pornhub Album ... It's a V-Day Banger!!!

Welcome to Valentine's Day 2019 -- where Pornhub wants to help you get lucky by getting some of your favorite artists together on one album for one theme ... love, baby!!! Pornhub is releasing a… READ MORE >

- 127 days ago
Tekashi 6ix9ine Paying for Private Security for Family

Tekashi 6ix9ine
Shelling Out Big Bucks To Keep Mom Safe from Blowback

Tekashi69 is dropping a ton of cash to keep his family safe, which they're most certainly going to need more than ever, now that everyone knows he's cooperating with the feds and naming… READ MORE >

- 138 days ago
Mother of Tekashi 6ix9ine's Baby Says Family at Risk After He Snitched

Baby Mama Says ... His Snitching Puts Us in Harm's Way!!!

Tekashi69 is hanging his 3-year-old daughter out to dry by diming out his fellow gang members to the feds ... this according to the mother of his child. 6ix9ine's ex-GF, Sara Molina, joined… READ MORE >

- 138 days ago
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