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Tom Brady

Tom Brady (full name: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.) is the five-time time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the New England Patriots (2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, and 2017). Brady was involved in a major controversy labeled “Deflate Gate” following the 2014 regular season in which footballs used in the game were reportedly not fully inflated. He was suspended for four games the next season, but he appealed the decision and the ruling was overturned. Before being drafted into the pros, Brady won the 1999 Orange Bowl as part of University of Michigan’s team. The NFL-er was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, CA and has been married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen since February 26, 2009. The couple is parents to Benjamin and Vivian. Brady is also father to John, his son from his previous relationship with Bridget Moynahan.

Tom Brady Chugs Beer, Flaunts 6 Rings at Patriots Super Bowl Party

Tom Brady
Chugs Beer, Flaunts 6 Rings ... at Pats Super Bowl Party

Tom Brady RAGED Thursday night -- pounding beers, dancing with his teammates and SHOWING OFF HIS 6TH SUPER BOWL RING!!! The G.O.A.T. -- along with most of his 2018 Patriots teammates --… READ MORE >

Tom Brady Actually Hates 'Tom Terrific' Nickname, Trademarked To Bury It

Tom Brady
Hates 'Tom Terrific' Nickname ... Trademarked To Bury It

In a crazy turn of events, Tom Brady says he hates the "Tom Terrific" nickname ... and only filed for the trademark to preemptively block people from using Tom Seaver's signature moniker to… READ MORE >

- 14 days ago
Tom Brady Blasted By Republicans & Dems For Stealing Tom Seaver's Nickname

Tom Brady
Reps & Dems Agree ... Stop Stealing Tom Seaver's Nickname!

Republicans and Democrats have just reached across the aisle to agree on one thing ... STOP STEALING NICKNAMES, TOM BRADY!!!!! TB12 reportedly filed for a trademark a few days ago for the name,… READ MORE >

- 15 days ago
Martellus Bennett Wishes Tom Brady Would Kneel For National Anthem

Martellus Bennett
I Wish Tom Brady Would Kneel ... For National Anthem

If Tom Brady took a knee for the national anthem ... it would change EVERYTHING -- so says Martellus Bennett, who says, "White America would be like, ‘Oh my God. What is this that Tom… READ MORE >

- 20 days ago
New England Patriots Team Plane Gets More Smug

New England Patriots
Team Plane Gets More Smug

Sick of seeing Tom Brady flash his SIX Super Bowl rings on land? Well, you're gonna hate the new Patriots' team plane paint job!  The NFL's most dominant organization just freshened up their… READ MORE >

- 34 days ago
Celebs Give It Up for Their Moms on Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019
Celebs Give It Up for Their Mamas

We wouldn't have Hollywood if it weren't for all the mothers who gave birth to such stars -- and their kids sure seemed to recognize that too on Mother's Day. Tons of celebs posted touching… READ MORE >

- 39 days ago
Celebs Swag It Up for Kentucky Derby, Tom Brady Redeems Himself

Kentucky Derby 2019
Celebs All Swagged Up on Day of Race ... Brady Redeems Himself

4:22 PM PT -- A stunner down in Louisville ... Maximum Security has been disqualified after a replay review of the final stretch. The second horse to cross the finish line, Country House, has now… READ MORE >

- 47 days ago
Baker Mayfield Outswags Tom Brady at Kentucky Derby

Baker Mayfield
Outswags Tom Brady ... at Kentucky Derby

Can you spot the G.O.A.T.?! He's behind the dude in SWAG pink suit!  Check this out ... a bunch of NFL stars are hanging together in Kentucky right now -- gearing up for the Kentucky… READ MORE >

- 48 days ago
Tom Brady On Not Being Highest Paid NFL QB, 'My Wife Makes a Lot of Money'

Tom Brady
On Not Being Top Paid QB 'My Wife Makes a Lot of Money!'

Tom Brady says there are TWO good reasons he's not the highest paid player in the NFL ...  1) He'd rather have the Patriots use the cash to pay other good players  2) HIS WIFE'S ALREADY… READ MORE >

- 48 days ago
Tom Brady Has L.A. Bro Dinner with Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon

Tom Brady
Bro Dinner with Kimmel and Damon ... Who's Got the Bill???

Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel bro'd down over some sushi in Beverly Hills ... they're super rich and super famous ... so, question is, who footed the bill??? The… READ MORE >

- 49 days ago
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