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Tattoo Fix

9/29/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markHow many tattoos does Nicole Richie have?

Nicole Richie's tattooNicole Richie sports nine (at least) tattoos on her body, Stephanie. The favorite seems to be this rosary she had tattooed around her ankle. She also has a spider-shaped one on her lower stomach, as well as a pair of ballerina slippers she got in honor of the song her father, Lionel Richie, wrote for her. (For you young'ins, that song was "Ballerina Girl.")

Make sure not to miss out on Nicole's fab photo gallery!

graphic of a question markWho made P!NK's wedding dress?

P!NK Margo, P!NK's stunning wedding dress was designed by Monique Lhuillier. Lhuillier has dominated the bridal fashion scene for the past six years, and has dressed the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Ali Landry and Kevin Costner's wife Christine.

Click here to see P!NK in all her wondrous glory.

graphic of a question markIs Paul Walker dating anyone?

Paul Walker
Miranda, it seems as though the love of Paul Walker's life right now is Meadow Rain -- his 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Walker found it difficult to get over his six-year relationship with Meadow's mother when that came to an end, but has said he enjoyed being single afterwards. We don't believe the "Eight Below" hottie is currently seeing anyone, unless he's keeping her under a tight wrap.

Prepare to see Paul alongside Jason Lewis and Laurence Fishburne in "The Life and Death of Bobby Z."

graphic of a question markWhen will Chili's solo album be released?

Rozonda Gregory, get ready for Rozonda "Chili" Thomas' solo album between the end of this year and early 2007. Chili has stated that if Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes were still alive, it would most definitely be a TLC album coming out, but that this album still has that TLC feel to it.

Akon, Missy Elliot and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins will be featured on some of the tracks.

For more in music, you won't want to miss this!

graphic of a question markWhat book did Ashton Kutcher read to quit smoking?

Ashton KutcherWell, Carol, it seems as though "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" was the book Ashton Kutcher turned to for help. He announced that he'd kicked the habit while filming for "The Guardian" (out in theaters today!).

If you or someone you know feels the need to try and stop -- or you'd just like a good read -- pick up the book by Allen Carr.

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i have a tattoo and think that Ouija boards are kinda fun. Satan and I must be real tight, huh?

By the way, he says that unless you stop being so judgemental, he'll see ya down there pretty soon.

2916 days ago


Oh my, there are some angry words flying around in here. I too am a Christian AND I have tattoos, which I am in the process of having removed and not because they are tattoos, but because of what they are pictures of, they represent a part of my life that I am more than thankful to have left behind and want no part of that remaining with me. And some of you folks are very right, Christ doesn't teach us to be harsh and judgemental over anyone, none of us are any better than anyone else. Having a tattoo or ten things pierced on your body or being a drug addict doesn't make you nasty, worthless or evil and it doesn't give those without such things the right to judge others or be mean and critical. Not agreeing with what someone does isn't a reason to be ugly to them. For the Christians here who are being that way, go back and read the Beatitudes, which are based on love and kindness, not snide remarks....Good day and God Bless

2915 days ago

Sheri Roy    

I don't understand why it is of any consequence what other people do to their body. Tattoos are the latest fad and can be removed if need be, although at the moment can be a little pricey. I have 2 and have had mine for 22 years. My sons both have them however, when they approached me to get one I made them each wait one year and think about what they were doing and where they were going to have them put as it does make a difference in the business world.

2915 days ago


It's people like Clara and all the other alleged "Christians" who make others who enjoy tattoos get the most common "Only God Can Judge Me". You all call yourselves Christians yet you go around day by day judging those who aren't living their lives as you want them to. So what if someone has tattoos. Does that make them evil? What makes you such an expert just because you read a few articles. And yes tattoos are a form of expression and art. People get tattoos everyday to remember loved ones that they may have lost or are a very important factor in their lives. I have a full back tattoo of my mother, grandmother, and sister. I got it done before i went away to college because I knew they would not be there with me and they are like my guardian angels. Therefore I bought them along with my own form of expression. I have a tattoo on my leg with my name, butterflies, and flowers. That represents me and everything about me. Just as artists paint on a canvas how they are feeling or what means the most to them in their lives or poets paint pictures with words in order to express themselves. Oh and by the way would God approve of you calling someone a "bitch"...when you typed that you invited Satan into your life. Devilchild couldn't have said it better...unless you stop judging people Satan will definitely have a personal chair for you in hell.

2915 days ago

DB seems like there's a bit of reverse discrimination in a way to me. You condemn Clara's and others beliefs in other things to raise your opinion on "open acceptance," but by shutting her down aren't you doing the same? Personally, I don't care if people want to get tattoos all over. I wouldn't do it, but if someone wants to, who am I to deny them? And I believe Shane only said HE believes the tattoo's look sick. Who are you to judge HIM, as apparently he cannot judge YOU. If he doesn't like them, so be it. You can't judge him either. And what if he's Jewish and not Christian? There were many big assumptions made. So maybe actually comment about the situation instead of instantly flaming everyone else who doesn't have your views either. So if you don't like Clara or Shane, oh well! Take your own advice and leave him be with his own opinion. Thank you.

2915 days ago


Nicole is trying to take the focus off the holes in her arms from shooting up drugs by covering her skinny drug infested body with silly tattoos. Grow up!

2915 days ago


Why is this useless dirtbag and her pal, the slimeball Paris Hilton, permitted to live?

2915 days ago



No one is judging Clara for her beliefs. We are just letting her know that she isn't being the good "Christian" she claims to be. I don't care if she is Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, etc. Point is she doesn't have the right to judge anyone which is exactly what she did. I think you may want to go back and read what she said for clarity. She called her an ugly bitch and said that she invited Satan into her life. Christians, Jews, whatever don't judge. They leave that up to God to do on Judgement Day. No one was judging her just simply letting her know that her judging was going to her get her a one way ticket to the very same place she is sending Nicole for getting a tattoo.

2915 days ago


My final opinion on tattooing is... Some people need to grow- up their ideas on those of us who sport the " art " . I'm a well respected female in my community who is almost covered from head to toe with beautiful art. It's my expression , not yours ! My art-covered body has never stopped me from achieving ALL the goals in my life , and NEVER will. I'm told by alot of people that the outer appearance's are not everything. I busy myself with a 50 hour a week job , I volunteer in nursing homes , also volunteer for meals on wheels, & I have 8 wonderful GOD-CHILDREN, ALL of whom I have adopted. Not one person that I know has ever JUDGED me for my ART. My suggestion is .... Get true to oneself , there are worse things in this world than tattoo's!

2915 days ago

emot timbus    

man ,is this clara chick a total nutcase or what?i'm willing to bet her addiction is she's doing jesus but he won't do her with her attitude,she wouldn't like his tattoo of mary .

2915 days ago


Who GIVES a sh*t anyway?! I think girls with tattooes are are sluts....and if not, they look like em anyway! Body art? My ass! Tattooes were originally put on the body as a form of ritual by tribes worldwide. Then men started getting them as a sign of their experiences and "ports of call" throughout their lives. Now it seems EVERYONE has these ridiculous, mundane, run-of-the-mill tats that scream nothing more than "hey look at me, I want you to think I'm badass, and am desperate to be different, so I put a lion on my shoulder"! That utterly ridiculous! Its seems people WITHOUT tattooes nowadays are the different, unique ones..and not the part of the "follow the herd" mentality. You fat, flabby, pasty white, folks with low self esteem think you're gonna find it at the end of an ink gun! But in reality, you'll be 60 years old, looking in the mirror wondering "what the hell was I thinking?"!

2915 days ago


I've got tattoos, and I also have faith (yes I even go to church). Everyone is so busy trying to catogorize one another. Lighten up a bit. I know people without tattoos who are wretched. I also know people with tattoos who are wretched as well. Ink doent make the person, nor does religion. Nicole needs to put on some wieght, I'll agree with that. But enough of the judging. Her health is the reason I say that. I'm thinking too many people have way too much time on their hands.

2915 days ago



2915 days ago


Who cares about Nicole. She doesn't care about us. What is the big
deal? Why do people stick up for her? There are so, so many more
important things to worry about in this Country than Nicole's stupid


2915 days ago


The Bible says our bodies are our temples. Every temple I have seen has always been beautiful and lots of nice decorations. So I have tattoos and I want my temple to be beautiful.

It is not a sin to tattoo your body so please stop with the devil coming into someone's life because they have tattoos.

Thank you and God Bless

2915 days ago
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