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Borat Lawsuit

High Five!!!

11/9/2006 9:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for the beginning of a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court? -- "Sacha Baron Cohen is a prankster."

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Two anonymous plaintiffs are suing 20th Century Fox and One America Productions, claiming members of their college fraternity were interviewed to become part of the smash "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" film.

The plaintiffs -- listed as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 -- were allegedly assured the film would not be shown in the U.S. and their identities would not be revealed.

They were both selected to appear in the movie and, according to the suit, taken "to a drinking establishment 'to loosen up' and provided alcoholic beverages." They claim they signed the movie releases after "heavy drinking."

The suit claims both men were then taken to a motor home where they were filmed, all the while "encouraged to continue drinking."

The movie features a scene in a motor home where Cohen gets drunk with three frat boys who go on a racist rant about how they wished they had slaves and how minorities in the United States "have all the power."

According to the lawsuit, the frat boys only received $200 for the controversial appearance.

The plaintiffs claim they suffered "humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress, loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community..." because the movie was indeed released in the U.S.

The suit asks for unspecified damages.

Calls to 20th Century Fox were not immediately returned.


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Welcome to America. If you want to get paid, you negotiate that ahead of time. These frat fools got taken for a ride in more ways then one and now they want to get paid. Guess what life has many lessons, these boys just learned one. Pack up and go home you lost.

2870 days ago

Chris m    

15. If Borat's going to bring in millions, they ought to pay those who helped them to make it, right? Especially if they fraudulently induced certain behavior. I say to the frat guys to go for it.

Oh yes they "fraudulently induced certain behavior" I bet they really aren't misogynistic racists in real life! Yep, I bet that's real! And they never drink either!

2870 days ago


they simply revieled themselves to the entire world, and now they are embarrased, WAA WAA. They think they'll get a large settlement for being total idiots drunk or not.

2870 days ago


Who cares if they were frat boys or just plain college student. They didn't say one way or the other in the film. These guys were three ignorant college students that just happen to belong to a fraternity. So let's let the frat boys off the hook here and concentrate on the real problem. Racial bias that still exist even amongst the youth of America. Shouldn’t we be raising our children to know better. Explain the fact that in the long run we’re all the same race. The human race.

2870 days ago


I have to respond to Sam below. You are glad he is getting sued? Then you belong to the same group of idiots that sue for people for all kinds of stupid reasons that clog the courts (ambulance chasers make a mint off of morons like you).

Sacha Baron Cohen is a GENIUS! He exposes all of the bigoted, small-minded, hateful people that make this world the mediocre place that it is. I salute Mr. Cohen for exposing the uneducated, unworldly,uninspired, soulless people out there. If people are that dumb not to realize what is going on or to have such pitiful lives---like the Southern elitist dining club that he exposes for the racist, elitist, fascist scum that they are then they deserve it.

2869 days ago


Ok, well for all of you...I happen to know both of these gentlemen. (well, all 3 that were in thefilm).
As for the 2 that are suing, I have known both of these GENTLEMEN for some time. I was actaully there with them the day the film crew approached them and the weekend the movie was released. I have been here for the entire ride.
These 2 men are without a doubt, the most genuine I have meet. Chi Psi is known for outstanding reputation as a Gentlemens Fraternity, and i will stand by that 100%.
Have I seen these 2 men while intoxicated...Yes, I have. I can guarantee you that no comments such as those placed in the film have EVER been discussed. These 2 men honestly have risked reputation and mental anguish...Despite what some of you maythink.
I gladly welcome anyone to disagree with me on this...All you have is your knowledge of the film and ludacris opinions. Again, I know these gentlemen first hand, and have spent many many a nights and events with them. They were totally misrepresented in this film.
-Amy H.

2869 days ago


man if those kids were embarrassed, then that prejudice man at the rodeo is going to have a heart attack, and if not , he will kelled murdered because of all the horendous things he said. Funny movie though

2869 days ago

no need to lie, my real name is Lena    

I don't feel sorry for the Frat boys. They had to have known that Sasha Cohen is controversial. I'm pretty sure they have seen or at least heard of Da Ali G Show. I've watched it a couple of times and aside from the humor, he does and says some questionable sh*t to people of position and I've seen many of them come close to losing it because he has cleverly drawn them into the stupidity. Hell, he almost made the former Surgeon General, C. Evertt Koop lose it because Sasha kept telling him that the heart should beat like your favorite rap song and that one could live with a cell phone inside of you inplace of your spleen. Sounds stupid when you read it but the fact that he had Mr. Koop shook like that was hilarious!
These Frat asses stated what has been in their frontal lobes forever. You said what you felt, don't be ashamed. You think that me and every other black, latino (and everyother person of color) is here to take advantage of what is rightfully yours. I don't agree with your views, but I would respect you more if you stood by your comments, drunk or not.

2869 days ago


Agreed. Sasha Cohen is a satirical genius - all he does is open your eyes to the incredible bigotry and hate in America, the country that prides itself on being so PC. The fact that he can exploit these bigots so easily is a testament to their own stupidity.

To # 137: they were misrepresented? Honey, editing can only go so far. They either did or did not say those hateful words, and clearly the proof is there. It doesn't matter how "gentlemanly" you think they are, we all have false fronts we put up to the world but you can't hide it while drunk. I suspect that had you been black, you wouldn't have been so eager to defend their words..

2868 days ago


They may be in the right according to contract law, but I don't think that's why these guys are suing. They said things under the assumption that no one they knew would ever see the film, how does that make it okay to say horrible things? Alcohol doesn't make people racist womanizers, it just makes people who happen to be racist womanizers less afraid to admit it. Whether it's violation of a contract or not, I hope they don't get a dime.

2868 days ago


First off, I was in a fraternity while at my undergraduate institution and those of you making statements about how fraternity parties are breeding grounds for underage drinking, date rape, etc...should get your facts straight and learn lessons about not making blanket statements. My fraternity and others on my campus that were recognized and not "underground" were actually held in high esteem. The greek community at my school (which comprised of maybe 10% of the school's population) did more community service (voluntary, not sanctioned by the school) and were involved in more activities than the rest of the population of the school. The greek community also boasted some of the highest GPA's on campus. As for the hazing, I can assure you not every fraternity hazes, in fact my national chapter was founded against hazing.

That being said, lets discuss this case. If the claims in this law suit are in fact true, I feel that these men have a valid claim. I do not approve of thier comments, however, if they were coerced to sign a document that they would have given more attention to if not under the influence of alcohol, they have grounds for a suit. Furthermore, if they were blatently lied to about where the film would be shown, that is even more of a reason.

Again, I want to stress that I DO NOT SUPPORT thier comments one bit, however, if they were lied to in order to be filmed, that is a problem. If they were told the circumstances of what the footage would be used for and were not drunk at the time, they probably would never have agreed to it.

I like Borat, I like Cohen's comedy, however these tactics (if real) are unacceptable.

2868 days ago


Personally I found the movie extremely funny, and had I been in their situation I would have laughed it off and gotten over it. It's not that big of a deal and I don't think anyone else thought it was either. If they are seriously going to go through with a lawsuit they are 100% LAME.

2868 days ago


You mean to tell me that a camera crew shows up, gets these two frat boys liquored up. Then tells them to make racist statement and comments that they claim that they would not make, it was a joke. These guys are in college? Someone should get a refund! You don't put comments on film that could come back to bite you in the ass. Guess they saw the camera and free beer and left the brains at the door. These guys are SUPID!

2868 days ago


For those of you defending these racist pricks, you must share their same beliefs and see nothing wrong with them. And as a founding father of a local chapter of a national fraternity, I can say, without a doubt, there are many greek system guys who are loud, brash, obnoxious idiots. Alot of the high GPA's are earned honestly. But, some of them aren't earned but received through the buddy system of old tests being recirculated, or just blatant cheating not to mention the lists of "good" professors that any fraternity worth its letters would have.

2868 days ago

erick villalobos    

That is what that bitch sasha and 20th century get!!! There will be so many new suits that will follow because of the shady sh*t they pulled without people knowledge. This is where the movie really fails.

2868 days ago
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