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Chris Robinson

Files for Divorce from

Kate Hudson

11/17/2006 9:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson SplitChris Robinson has filed for divorce from his wife of nearly six years, actress Kate Hudson.

Powerhouse disso-queen lawyer Laura Wasser filed papers Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Robinson's behalf, citing "irreconcilable differences." The couple, who married in December of 2000, has a two-year-old son named Ryder. Robinson is seeking joint custody. As for financial matters, TMZ has learned the couple has a prenup and that Robinson is not seeking spousal support.

Robinson and Hudson announced their separation back in August 2006. At the time, rumors swirled that Hudson was romantically involved with her "You, Me, and Dupree" co-star, Owen Wilson. Both Hudson and Wilson have denied that they're an item.

Robinson's lawyer, Laura Wasser, is also repping Britney Spears in her divorce from Kevin Federline.

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No Avatar


guess kate wants more tube stain,now that she had chris for so long,his tube got old i

2904 days ago


#24 Tom what an asinine post. It doesn't seem like Kate waited very long at all to find someone else, and don't blame Chris at all for realizing their marriage wasn't going to be saved.

2904 days ago


I agree with number 15. Kate Hudson's husband needs a long hot bath (with soap) and Reese is better off without her pothead husband who is not a good actor.

2904 days ago


You folks are way too kind to Kate. This marriage ended because she scre**d around with Owen Wilson while making Dupree. She'll get hers. Surely she does not think she has anything special in Owen. DUH!

2904 days ago


Kurt Russell once said about Chris Robinson, that he's not sure who loves Chris more, him (Kurt) or Kate. I thought that was really sweet. I hope Chris and Kurt remain friends.

2904 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

I am not surprised at all. When I initially heard that Kate and Chris had hooked up, I think I must have laughed uproariously for fifteen minutes. The damned relationship had "divorce" written all over it as soon as the two were engaged. Good question, y'all: Why DOES anyone in Hollywood bother to marry? Why don't they just date and sleep with each other and leave it at that? Just do what Ms. Scarlett Johansson is doing...sowing her wild oats and getting tested for HIV twice a year. Now THAT should be a Hollywood standard.

2904 days ago

Danny Leake    

The relationship with Chris's band couldn't have helped. When they were recording in Chicago they used to call her "Yoko". ("Shut up, Yoko!!")

2904 days ago


The world today is in such a mess that marriage in most respect --rather it be in Hollywood or any where in this world holds very little value any more ! The really sad thing is you can go into a marriage and know basicly it can cost you plenty but you can walk away ! I'm not saying this applies to everyone as there are many who still respect marriage and have moral values about it --but to me they are few and far between ! My parents were married 60 yrs. before my dad past --but if you look at the ones that stay married for ever are the ones that learned what marriage is suppose to be , a 50/50 unity---Bless those people !

2904 days ago

Thomas Walker    

I can't believe some of the thing's I have read that you people have posted. Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes) is way too good for that dumb slut spawn of Goldie Hawn. Her & that idiot Owen Wilson make a perfect couple. They're both dumber than a bag of hammer's.

2903 days ago


Owen was just an orchestrated diversion.... my prediction?? The chemistry is palpable between Kate and Matthew one likes to see a marriage breakup.......but everyone's rooting for true love in the end....and after a while.....the world will see just that with Kate and Matthew!!

2903 days ago

Kari Legault    

I agree with the spell check comment. If you are impaired please don't post or have the decency to use spell check. Do you have any idea how stupid your posts read?

2903 days ago


Kimberly Jones...learn to spell and mind your own business. Best of luck to Chris and Kate and their adorable son. Divorce is sad enough without idiot comments from morons.

2903 days ago


Kate just wants to party and play around. Maybe she was too young at 21 to handle total committment and being F A I T H F U L.

2903 days ago


Just like everyone has said, "Hollywood" marriages DON'T last. I kind of feel sorry for Chris. Kate gets a couple of good roles then runs out on him. Has she foregotten who stood by her side when she gained 60 lbs during her pregnancy? It's like when a guy dates a girl who isn't 21 yrs. old yet. Everyone knows that when she does, she sees the party life and the relationship ends. Good luck to Chris. Kate, I'd love to do your brother!!!!!

2903 days ago


I thought that Kate Hudson would have learned the lesson of marriage, or should I say non-marriage from her parents Goldie Hawn and step father Kurt Russell. They have been one of the most successful Hollywood couple to date whom have never been married, but rather have lived together without the "piece of paper" that changes everything. I believe Kurt and Goldie have been cohabitating for close to 20 years, give or take a few years. Also, seeing the beauty in Kate, I am so surprised that she chose grubby and unkempt Chris Robinson to be her mate, and the father of her child. What were you thinking Kate? I know that what's inside is what matters, but she had to go to bed with him every night! Ewww. Now Kate is rumored to be dating Owen Wilson -- not much of an improvement in men, if you ask me! The perfect man, in my eyes, for Kate Hudson? Matthew McConaghey (sp?)!! They have done two movies together, and I thought Kate was going to pull a "Julia Roberts" or "Angelina Jolie" and fall for her co-star. No.. She couldn't get that lucky lol. I hope that Kate finally sees the beauty in herself and realizes soon that she can get any man she desires!!! Go for the gold, Kate!

2903 days ago
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