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Babwa on Trump: "That Poor, Pathetic Man"

1/10/2007 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie and Babwa stuck it to The Donald again today, with Babwa calling him a "poor, pathetic man." They showed solidarity with each other and their "View" companions, and Rosie then couldn't resist a little knife-turning of her own.

Rosie opened the show, sneering,"He's at it again," referring to Trump's open letter to Rosie yesterday, in which he recounted a conversation with Walters wherein she supposedly called Rosie a "pig" and essentially gave Rosie her walking papers.

Just after Barbara took her shots at Trump, whom they couldn't bring themselves to call by his name, Ro and Babs reaffirmed (at least on-air) their professional relationship ("We're both OK?" "We're OK"). Then, they engaged in a deeply galvanizing, team-building high five with Joy and Elisabeth, whereupon Ro took one final parting shot at Trump, exclaiming, "His show tanked!" (referring to "The Apprentice's" tepid Sunday debut) and quickly changed the topic.

No word on whether Trump will preempt President Bush's address to the nation this evening to present his response. The Donald did, however, release a statement early this afternoon slamming both of them, yet again.


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People...errr women tend to forget that its Rosie who started this whole thing and the only reason Barbwa is defending her is cause she sh*t herself backstage earlyer this week...I think she did tell him she hated Rosie and wanted her off the show and is now takeing the lame way out of it.

In the end who is the billionare and who is the fat old ugly lesbian?

2850 days ago


I agree, # 8!! donald is nothing but a spoiled loser who has always had his Daddy dearest's $$ to fix everything. He didn't do anything on his own, unlike the powerful SELF MADE women he is trying to bully.

2850 days ago


I stopped watching the apprentice some time ago. It's just a big infomercial to me.
Do you guys get that too?

2850 days ago


#1: LMAO

Please...that's "extremely wealthy pathetic man with bad hair, wife who can't hold a conversation with him, daughter just like him and a baby who will be the laughingstock of first grade because his name is BARRON."

2850 days ago

Thinking in Type    

I would love it if Trump sued Rosie and Barbara for defamation.

2850 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Keep bitch slapping the Comb over PIG !!

It's about time someone out there smacked the Obnoxious Prick > DonaldTrump <


2850 days ago


Thankfully, Barbara said little today, but her words were very clear. She is not going to allow Trump to intimidate her. Trump will sink himself with his tirades against women. For those of you supporting him, do you think he cares about the great, unwashed masses?? He is THE DONALD and you mean less than nothing to him.

d-man Wow! You are certainly threatened by strong women. My guess is you wear a very small shoe size.

2850 days ago


Do you even know how to spell? And it is probably the reason some lesbians are lesbians so they don't have to sleep with people like Donald Trump (or you for that matter D-Man).

I am so glad that Barbara is standing up for herself. She used to feel the need to not ripple the waves as I felt she was the mother of the group and trying to play fair and nice, but with Trump publically calling her a liar and saying that she said certain things it was time for her to fight back. Remember "drump", Barbara has been in the public eye alot longer then you will ever be. She has been around for years. You, on the other hand squack like a spoiled hen.


2850 days ago


Stephanie, I too felt like it was all advertising for someone on every task. That and the fact that it seems every women on the show had a nice body. It's not who's right or wrong here, it's the horrible things he said. You don't go around saying someone is a slob. Rosie seems to have a tough skin but it's got to hurt.

2850 days ago

Socialism has no place in this country    

I really thought all of the publicity regarding this completely childish name calling back and forth between Rosie and Donald was tioom much... Now it's obvious that it's you stupid people keeping it going!
Go Rosie... Go Donald... Team who the f*** cares?????

Are you kidding me? Grow up!

2850 days ago


Rosie has a crush on the Donald, thats why she talks about him so much.

2850 days ago


#19-- DEE CEE
Why does she have to apologize? WHY is she not allowed to use her freedom of speech to say that she feels that he is not allowed to be the voice of 20 year olds. How is that "starting" it? She never said anything about HIM as a person. She made the hair -do, yes but who doesn't make fun of it. HE EVEN HAS MADE FUN OF IT. But other then that she voiced her VIEW.
He, on the other hand was hateful, homophobic, and rude to fat people everywhere.


2850 days ago


Thank You Barbra for suporting Rosie.That Trump should really stop thinking He own the World,and othet people can be right to.So shut up Donald

2850 days ago

R. U. Seriou    

Frankly, all 3 of them are pathetic.

2850 days ago

South Florida    

BARBARA CLEARLY LIED, and on the view today she looked like the cat that ate the canary.

Yes, she and rosie have to stick together save face.

Rosie, would you rather be called fat, by donald?
OR, be called a PIG by barbara? Barbara is clearing regreting the decision she made to hire rosie. Barbara is the one thats looking like the LIAR, she also lied in the horrible decision to fire Star Jones.

Rosie IS NOT can bet she knows who the LIAR IS.
AS a matter of fact....she called Barbara a LIAR yesterday.


HEY TMZ, Barbara would be the perfect person for your loser of the week.

2850 days ago
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