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Legal Woes

For Anna Nicole's Mom

3/24/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother Virgie Arthur is in hot water over alleged unpaid legal bills. She's been summoned to the Bahamas once more because her former attorney Jamal Davis claims she hasn't coughed up the money she owes him.

Davis, who says he helped Arthur obtain an order to keep Dannielynn in the Bahamas while paternity is being determined, told Entertainment Tonight, "We represented her to the best of our abilities. We managed to avoid the child being removed from the Bahamas up until the point of time that we stopped representing her and we haven't received payment for our time and devotion spent on this matter."

"We're just exercising our right as any creditor would do to recover our fees. It's unfortunate we have to take this route," he said.

In other Anna news, on Monday the results of her autopsy will be released.

Troubled Tara's Reign Ends

After a tumultuous reign, former boozer beauty queen Tara Conner passed her Miss USA crown on to Miss Tennessee, Rachel Smith, last night. Conner was almost prematurely dethroned in December, after allegations of wild partying and heavy drinking emerged. It was only after a heartfelt plea to pageant boss Donald Trump and a stint in rehab that Conner was allowed to keep her crown.

Now that it's all over, she told People magazine that, "the reign of Tara was miraculous. Literally, because I got sober during it, and that's the most important thing."

The Donald, too, seems satisfied. "We're very happy with Tara, very proud, and hopefully she will have set the example for many people that have problems with drugs and alcohol."

Conner offered her successor some advice. "Be yourself and put your own flavor on the title" -- just as long as that flavor isn't whiskey, vodka or beer.

Winehouse Whines About Lohan

Brit singer and new tabloid princess Amy Winehouse is making frenemies with Lindsay Lohan. Lohan was recently seen purchasing a Winehouse CD, and Winehouse, whose star is rising thanks to a song called "Rehab," recently told Giant magazine that she's worried about Lohan. "I want to coddle that girl. I really want to hug her," she said. She then goes on to poke a little fun at Lohan, adding that "I saw pictures of her coming out of the doctor's [office], and she's crying. She's holding papers in her hand, like, 'Oh, it's a note from my liver saying, "Dear Lindsay, I've gone to Vegas!" Winehouse is no teetotaler herself -- she has quite a rep for putting in booze-fueled performances, and in recent weeks she's canceled several concerts, allegedly for alcohol-related reasons. Maybe Winehouse should stick to singing, and leave the stand-up schtick to the pros.

Party Favors...Eva Offers Support to Jesse...DiCaprio and Winslet to Reunite

Elfin Eva Longoria threw support to her rehabbing "Desperate Housewives" castmate and on-screen boy toy Jesse Metcalfe. Longoria called Metcalfe, who is battling alcoholism, "the most put-together young actor you'll ever meet," adding that "he wants to be responsible and do the right thing. That's a brave thing and I support him 100 percent." ... Titanic stars Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will reunite on the big screen in a film adaptation of the Richard Yates novel "Revolutionary Road." Winslet's hubby Sam Mendes will direct.


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Juli--we do have some of the facts but what we do know about Stern seems to not add up--

2583 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Dear # 91 -

My apologies. I was wrong about what I thought you had said. Whoops. :(

2583 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

#94 - I am so sorry for your loss.

2583 days ago

show me the $$    

#94 -
He should feel bad. The woman was burning up and dying in front of him, and he played God and did nothing. I hope he feels like #hit.

2583 days ago

ms. anonymous    

7. This is to Post # 5 If the money is owed then the money is owed. (PERIOD). I am sure Vergie knew what the price of the attorney was before she hired him. I am also sure she knew that she did not have the money yet she is so desperate to get the money oops I mean the baby that she hired him anyway knowing full well that she did not have the funds to pay for his work. It is his law firm he can charge wants ever he wants she did not have to accept his offer.....

Posted at 10:14AM on Mar 24th 2007 by On no ones side

Well said!!!

2583 days ago


Why does everyone think that Anna Nichole's estate will receive a dime from the Marshall money? His surviving family is also involved, and no promises were made when Anna and Howard went to the Supreme Court.

2583 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

I've heard a contradiction about whether Anna ever came out of her room or not. I was told she was at a boxing event (???) and had been drinking heavily the night before she died into the wee hours of the morning. Has anyone else heard this? I'm wondering if the autopsy will show she had sepsis (meaning she would have needed an ICU and possibly help breathing with a ventilator or at least oxygen) and if so..........I was thinking she would have been too sick to have been out. Any thoughts on why survelliance cameras were being looked at?


2583 days ago


Juli...take a look at some of the videos and emails that have come out..I'm all for giving the benefit of the doubt, yet, one cannot be naive to the reality of what's been shown and siad from the horse's mouth himself..

2583 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Dear Sasha:

You are right that there are some issues with Howard K. Stern. I don't think anyone is going to come out smelling like roses in this scenario sadly.

I just like giving people the benefit of the doubt and feel for him as far as how much he must be hurting right now (if innocent).

If he was the one who injected her with a dirty needle and caused the abcess that is being reported to be the cause of a blood infection (not the official report, as it's not due out until Monday) ........... image how he must be feeling.

If he's innocent and everyone is calling him a killer .... image how he must be feeling.

If he's guilty............. I personally can't image how he's feeling, as my brain can't itself around something so horrible.

I hope the facts bring a conclusion so that little baby can get on with her life before she's old enough to be hurt more by this.

2583 days ago


#96..... You are right. Daniel's death was due to the residency issues and the fact that non residents can not bury in the Bahamas.

Yes, ANS should have waited to have a commitment ceremony until after the burial, but she was a hormonal mess and was greiving the loss of THE most important person in her life. ANS said that she had the ceremony only because she needed someone to be with her no matter what and needed a support system of love to help her through the loss. Who are we to judge someone that was experiencing a loss unlike any that most of the immature mud slingers here have ever experienced.

2583 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Dear Olivia -

I agree that Stern has made some mistakes & shown a lack of judgement in several cases. There is much proof to that.

I just want to give him the benefit of the doubt where the words murder or killer are concerned.

For an intelligent man............he's made some gross errors. He could be my best friend and I couldn't stand up for some of what he's done. I just want to wait for the facts where homicide is concerned.

2583 days ago


i took herion for less than 2 years and i thought my friends were the ones selling it 24 hrs a day..some days I think i would do anything say anything to get with Anna Nichole Smith we have to be carefull of what she ever said

2583 days ago

get it right    

Well Well, Guess this just goes to show that all these mouthy Sternies who accused Virgie of having news outlets pay for everything were W-R-O-N-G! Lets not forget that lousy ol Howie will not be in this kind of toruble since her has the millions ET paid him for the funeral rights! Sternies, on THIS fact you weere wrongo. Now cant wait to see what else you guys are wrong about. What a bum Stern is living off of his so called ead "love of his life"'s funeral money. He is purely disgusting.

2583 days ago


Virgie: Why would you expect her to pay her bills. Anna didn't. Maybe she was just a chip off the old block.

Virgie has no money and has been getting a free ride (free to her) from Splash and who knows where else.

I don't feel sorry for Vergie and I don't feel sorry for the attorneys who represented her. May they all get just what they deserve.

It wasn't bad enough that Anna's son died. She had to hear her mother on international TV telling anyone who would listen that Anna and Howard murdered Daniel. Even if she believed that she should never have aired her thoughts on TV. And I seriously doubt that she believed it - she was approached by networks and had to have something sensational to talk about.

My family was terribly disfunctional but Anna's family makes mine look like wonderful people.

2583 days ago


Juli--Stern won't be charged with murder but i think most people want to charge him for helpng anna getting pain pills

2583 days ago
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