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Is NOT Going to Be a Baby Daddy

6/15/2007 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PharrellA report burning up the net claims that superproducer Pharrell Williams is going to be a daddy with his "girlfriend of nearly 5 years," Vashtie Kola, who's pregnant with their kid.

But Pharrell tells TMZ that the news is "100% not true," and we're told by a source close to Williams that he hasn't even seen her in over a year. reported the "news," claiming that the couple are trying to keep the pregnancy "under wraps," but our source says that Kola actually has a new boyfriend, and that no one is even certain that she's pregnant. We're told that Pharrell is "not sure why this is coming out now."


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Aw fa real. Cuz Im always on media takeout and the said they was havn a bab BUT under that statement they wrote they that the statement was false.
Im so happy it aint tru, cuz i still gatta chance. NO, im not sad or I dnt feel 4 him cuz from wat i herd he said he not th baby daddy and he aint been i her in ova a yr. So if he aint hurtin Im not eiha.

2683 days ago


Yall lil n*ggas sayin who is PHARRELL. Ye aint kno. He done worked wit erbodii in da music industry.
And people can b too white. I'ont kno how to explain it cuz im black but wen i c a person dats too wite I kno dey too wite.
Ppl who sayin "who cares bout dis" I do. I'ont think its rite ppl startin rumors about him n being all on his click but i like knowin stuff about him. Jus not to da extent yall all up n his grill.
N fa all dem stupid dummies and crackhead hoes sayin ma babii GAY, yall gat dat n*gga twisted cuz he aint neva gay. Jus cuz he dnt let yall kno wat he doin, wen he doin it, or where he doin it dnt mean he gay. Cuz he dnt let yall kno who he wit. Yall mus b out yall mind. Wit yall goof*sses. Wit yall ignit self

2683 days ago


Pharrell has a stalker..her name is V A S H T I E....dont go away mad man hands...just go away bizatch!

2682 days ago


@ 15 & 28
and you know Vashtie is a gold digger because... you both belong to the same gold digger club? stop hating. they had a great relationship for almost 5 years and now it's over, can you not live with that? it's funny how any 'regular' person who dates a celebrity is automatically tagged GD even if the person doesn't do anything to deserve it. she could have appeared in some of PW's videos [or directed them], but she didn't. what does that tell you?

and good god Lyslicious, do the words 'grammar school' mean anything to you? anything at all?

2682 days ago


" she could have appeared in some of PW's video's or directed them, but she didn't what does that tell you?"

Dear Nive, She did direct one of his photo shoots for his clothing line "ice creams" and was actually one of the *ahem* models during the shoot.

What does it tell me? It tells me she is a gold digger who used sex to land her a bonafide job.


2681 days ago


well of course she directs some of the shoots for his clothing lines, she WAS the stylist of his two clothing lines! and thats how they met by the way. so first she got the job, and then they started dating, get your facts straight!

she's a great girl. she made P happy, and now they're over, end of story. don't call someone a gold digger when you don't have any hard proof. if all she wanted was fame and money, she would have tried to hook up with some other big shot by now. she didn't. so let her be, we both know that you're just jealous!

2681 days ago



1556 days ago
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