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Motley Crue Sues

Our Managers F'ed Us!

6/18/2007 8:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Legendary hard rockers Motley Crue have filed a $20 million lawsuit against one of their managers, claiming "greed," "extortionist tactics" and terrible career advice caused the band to lose millions of dollars in profits and tarnished the band's stellar reputation.

In the lawsuit, filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the four founding members of the band (Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee) through Motley Crue Inc., claim manager Carl Stubner and Sanctuary Management Group gave them bad business advice and attempted to "divert revenue from [the band] and redirect it to themselves.

Furthermore, the suit claims, Stubner forced Tommy Lee to "to become engaged in 'reality' projects that were bad career moves for Lee, harming [Sixx, Mars, Neil and Lee], the Motley Crue brand and Lee's own image." The suit calls the low-rated NBC show "Tommy Lee Goes to College" a "critical disappointment and a ratings disaster," adding it painted Lee as "incoherent, lazy and incompetent" and made him "look like a laughing stock who could not carry a drum beat." The suit also claims Lee's participation on "Rock Star: Supernova" "diminished the public's interest in Lee and their overall perception of his musical talents."

Because Lee was so busy doing reality TV, the band says he was unavailable to tour with the Crue, thus causing the cancellation of several key concert dates. The band claims that they lost $8 million in ticket and merchandise revenue because of Lee's scheduling conflicts. These conflicts, the band says, were "both real and concocted" by Stubner to "leverage his control over Lee to his financial advantage and to Motley Crue and Lee's detriment."

A call to Sanctuary was not immediately returned.

UPDATE: Tommy Lee's lawyer Barbara Berkowitz tells TMZ that her client isn't involved in the case. In an email, Berkowitz writes, " Mr. Lee was neither consulted regarding this matter nor authorized the lawsuit. Mr. Lee has not made any allegations against his current personal manager. Mr. Lee feels fortunate to have been part of the Motley Reunion tour, as well as other opportunities outside of Motley Crue over the past several years. It is unfortunate that others believe that they all could have made more money had Mr. Lee exclusively participated in the band that he co-founded in 1980. "


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Maybe Vince can do another "I'm a drunken idiot" reality show for MTV..............

2653 days ago


For me, it was the show, "PUNKED" that Tommy Lee was featured in that started my lack of interest. As far as the reality shows, I agree, bad move.

2653 days ago

Get a grip    


2653 days ago

Get a grip    

As Assman would say "motley crue. now there's a fine piece of meat"

2653 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Tommy Lee has expressed great remorse for those past events, and with heartfelt sincerity. Only gracious to let that go. You can't undo; you can only learn and make amends.

These guys are not 'over', lawsuit aside...they have a core following of boomer fans who will always choose a Crue concert over, say, the latest (ble-echhhh) manufactured pop group/artist of the week. When you go to a Crue concert, they still deliver. As do most of those older acts. The demographic still supports them, too. The Stones still fill arenas, and their music is not better. They're like the Dead; they've been around so long they're back in style. Plus there's a lack of substantial artists in this genre, so it's still anyone's game, and still money to be had touring with competent marketing. These guys just need to keep believing, more like need to keep being productive, and it'll keep happening.

2653 days ago


Hey #58 boo hoo... Get your damn facts straight. ....

2653 days ago


You said it girl, girl, girl musician....
You said it perfectly. I have taken my kids to concerts now a days and am in shock.. half the time there is just a stage with really nothing else.. Very dull and boring.. I loved concerts when I was younger and feel sorry for the kids now a days.. the ones who attend concerts, they pay all that money to either see some body bobbing back and forth with a mic or see the lip syncs.. At least the 80's hair band where all real!!

As far as TL people should read his book, it is a really good read. I could barely put the thing down... Many of you would learn alot!!!

2653 days ago


those dudes look like thay just crawled out of their graves.

2653 days ago


I agree with "That Girl". I thought the same thing. What about Vince Neal on the Surreal Life?? That was way worst then Tommy Goes to College. I actually thought Tommy came off as sweet and not at all big on himself which is nice to see.

2653 days ago

Crue Blows    

Crue and Lee are old and lame. Marginally talented, a ridiculous 80s hair band that wasted whatever income they legitimately earned long ago.
I feel sorry for their managers. How to drum up any interest in a burnout like TL? He was lucky to get any interest from reality shows, and even that was just to laugh at him openly for being the caricature that he is.
Shut up and go away, Crue, your 15 minutes were up in like 1987. Your dedication to music is evident - YOU HAVEN"T MADE AN ALBUM IN 10 YEARS.

2653 days ago


Tommy a no talent that cant carry a drumstick uh yea he sucks as well as the rest of the idiots in that band he got his 15 min and some Karma is a great thing.

2653 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Why would TMZ want to censor my posts ?? They won't even allow my posts to get to the viewers ! HArv and the Group are lame for this !! TMZ SUCKS !!

2653 days ago


I saw these guys in concert last year. They put on a rocking show but Vince Neil is to burned out. He can't remember any of the words to the songs anymore. He sings the chorus but then just hums along to the music

2653 days ago


I have no patience or sympathy for individuals who blame others when things don't turn out the way they thought they would. Managers do have the responsibility for giving good advice, however the individual who hired them still has to use their head and make good decisions. THEY work for YOU! If the manager isn't giving good advice and direction, have the good sense to fire them and hire someone who's better at their job.

Imo the RSSN tv show actually helped Tommy's reputation with the public. A lot of people in the mainstream hadn't given him a thought for a very long time and didn't think much of him when they did. The show actually portrayed him as a sweet and charming guy. The way things were handled post show with the band, cd and tour was a different matter, but not relevent to this discussion.

These guys need to stop riding on what they did in the past. They did some great stuff "back in the day" but that was then and this is now. Their age doesn't matter if they still have the goods. You call yourselves musicians. Get off your asses, get to work and write/record some new stuff guys! If you aren't able to do that and turn out a quality product, you don't deserve to have the crowds for your shows. Any self respecting musician should be embarrassed to tour with no new material. Everyone has favorites and enjoys hearing the stuff they remember and love, but you have to bring something new and original also.

2653 days ago


Motley Crue was never regarded as a serious rock band. They were always just fluff. No real talent. Same category as Poison. The 1980's were not a good time for music. Except maybe college radio.

2653 days ago
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