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If Convicted,

Nicole Richie is Screwed

7/6/2007 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_richie_3-1Will a sympathetic judge delay Nicole Richie's mandatory jail sentence if she's convicted? Don't get your hopes up, honey.

TMZ did some checking on the guy in the robe who will preside over her case and sentence her if she's convicted. The guy is Los Angeles County Commissioner Steven Lubell. The legal eagles who have appeared in his courtroom say he's tough and very much by the book. He will not give Richie any special treatment, and our sources say her pregnancy won't amount to squat when it comes to serving time.

Richie's trial is scheduled to begin next Wednesday. If convicted, it will be her second DUI and she'll face a minimum of five days in jail.

Lynnwood ladies -- let's get ready to rumble!


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I'll be curious to see if they take her straight to jail, or give her a month to show up, like they did Paris.

2634 days ago


momo_rbd - DUI means Driving Under Influence. Which includes both alcohol and narcotics.

She could have killed someone, she deserves a few days of lock up.

2634 days ago


How sick! She got pregnant on purpose to avoid jail time. that poor child!! This just shows how selfish she really is. Has she stopped partying? or is she taking all those drugs while she's pregnant? What a spoiled selfish brat! She is the last person on earth that should be having a baby. She shouldn't even have a pet.

2634 days ago


If the stress emotionally put on Nicole while in prison is too much that it endangers the baby. Then she shouldn't be going. You can't endanger the child just because the mother is trash.

2634 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

TMZers need to do something to protest if this judge dares to impose an unfair penalty on Nicole..
1. what thet heck did she do that was so bad?
2. everyone makes driving errors
3. everyone I know takes drugs for fun in moderation


Behind you nicole 420%!!!!!!

2634 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

She won't be the first pregnant woman in jail. It'll do her good. Look what jail did for Paris. OOPs not a damn thing

2634 days ago


50. TMZ, you advocated for Paris and were clearly biased in her favor. Harvey Levin marched all over town and did CNN, of all things, to help cast her in a better light.

That's because contrary to what the East Coast media reported, Paris was NOT given special treatment. She was released after serving 10% of her sentence, which is what happens to EVERY non-violent offender with no prior record who gets a sentence of 90 days or less. The judge knew this would happen. He only ordered her back to jail because of the media outcry.

Nicole's situation is different in that she already has a DUI, so she already has a criminal record. Plus she was on drugs and driving the wrong way on the freeway!

If she gets lucky, the judge will sentence her to rehab because she needs it.

2633 days ago


She could use the excuse, I thought I was in Britain.

2633 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Good. I'm glad she's going to be judged by another straight shooter who isn't influenced by "celebrity". After hearing how she was high & driving the wrong way on the freeway, he's going to park her dumbass in jail for a spell. Or, better yet, maybe he should force her to GET A JOB & WORK FOR A LIVING. To a pampered poodle like her, having to work would probably be the worst punishment her party princess ass could receive.

I still cannot believe that this stupid dumbass actually thought that, if she got pregnant, she would be able to get out of serving time. Morons like her should be involuntarily sterilized, so no more clones of her can be shoved onto society. I guess she didn't know that women have babies in jail all the time. It must have been the shock of her worthless, pampered life when she found this out. I have pity for the child of this creature; her life will define abuse & neglect (this dumbass is too self centered to care about anyone but herself). What a manipulative, witless, moronic, brain dead dumbass...

2633 days ago


No special treatment for Nicole. There are lots of women who are with child serving time in many of our finer pokeys. I hope she likes lesbian sex and Wendy o. Williams prison flicks.

2633 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

If She were a rubber band and you stretch that rubber band , the push and movement created would theoritically create gravitational waves . The lack of movement of the waves would explain dark holes . Then again , she is skinny as a rubber band . Someone order a pizza for the poor girl . Jail ? Can't she just slip throught the bars ? didn't take a genius to figure that out .

2633 days ago


Pleeaasse, get this little yellow girl some help! Go to school, go to college, get a job! OMG yes I said a job. Buy a house, actually pay for it with your own money, not daddy's. Go to jail first, then have the baby, then grow up and eat a sandwich for God's sake.

2633 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Someone needs to push her down the stairs or kick her in the stomach

2633 days ago

Cowgal Cutie    

Who really gives a rip....another bimbo gets thrown into the glamour slammer...and this is breaking news???????????? NOT

2633 days ago


I like nicole, Paris deserved the jail time i was happy to see that skank Paris get sent to jail i laughed and i laughed then i went out to celebrate! But not sweet little Nicole, she's prego and she doesn't deserve to be there, can't she just pay a fine and send Paris back to jail to do her time? LOL

2633 days ago
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