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Matt Leinart --

'Acting' Like a Good Dad Should?

7/26/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL stud Matt Leinart has scored himself another high profile job -- but TMZ has learned the pretty boy QB is busting his ass to make sure his new Hollywood gig doesn't interfere with his daddy duties.

A spy on the L.A. set of a new Adam Sandler project has confirmed that Leinart landed an acting role in the untitled flick, featuring "Scary Movie" star Anna Faris. While sources claim Leinart is serious about the part, we're told that he's only shooting on days he's not scheduled to visit his 9-month-old son with baby mama Brynn Cameron, and when he's free from any football obligations with the Arizona Cardinals. But according to Brynn, Leinart's "Hollywood stuff" is taking his focus away from being a good parent, as she complained to the Ventura County Star, "It's kind of hard for me as the mom ... he comes and goes whenever he wants."

When contacted by TMZ, Leinart's rep wouldn't talk about the movie, but assured the Cardinal faithful that "Matt is focused right now on his way to training camp. He has a job to do with the Arizona Cardinals. That's all we have to say about that."

As TMZ first reported, Leinart is embroiled in a nasty legal battle with his Cameron, who is asking for more than $30K a month in child support from the $50 million-contract jock.

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Gary Kriner    

With all due respect to Miss Cameron, I thought she was brought up in a strict Mormon family. What the hell was she doing sleeping with Matt Leinart in the first place, I wonder what the Mormon Church has to say about her $30K a month out of wedlock baby. Oh the hypocrisy... Give her $1500.00 am month and get her Dad to bake her bread...Oh I forgot their bakery business failed as well....

2643 days ago


From the LA Times:

The California Department of Child Support Services website has a handy-dandy
calculator where you can input your income and other financial and personal details and receive an estimate of how much child support might be ordered by a judge.

Our initial guess: The more than $30,000 a month celebrity gossip site TMZ.com reported USC basketball player Brynn Cameron is seeking from former Trojans quarterback Matt Leinart for their son is not as outrageous as it might seem, based on Leinart's contract with the Arizona Cardinals potentially being worth close to $51 million over six years, plus endorsement income.

2643 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Football hero will be the ultimate loser. Fame and money come and go; a beautiful child is a gift. He chooses to play the field, when he has a beautiful woman and child struggling on their own. She was University A-calibre; if she was Mormon, then perhaps old slick-jock talked her into intimacy in the heat of his moment. Two people can wear protection. She probably wrongly trusted him to do the right thing, and thought he was a stand-up guy insofar as their long relationship went. If she was good enough to date for 2 years, and good enough to do the deed, and to have his child, she and the baby should have been good enough to be his family. He claimed her and then walked away after deciding he needed more greedy play time. I mean, seriously, Paris Hilton?! When he's old and grey, he'll realize that he missed all the GENUINE good stuff, and that it was all his choice. When he's sitting alone in the rest home and people are no longer applauding him, it's this same child or Brynn that he'll call and beg to come visit him, and could you please bring a bar of soap and some socks?

2643 days ago


I agree - receipts are the answer. Anything not used for the baby should go into a trust for THE BABY. And buy the kid a house in his name, but let his mom live in it for 17 years. Matt & this chick were never married, so he isn't obligated to support her. Just like he isn't obligated to live the life she thinks he should. And FUNK that noise about a percentage of his salary. Matt's salary is for HIM and HIS family, not his babymama.

I'm tired of these women making a living off their kids. Her a$$ can get a job like the rest of us!

2643 days ago

Georgia Peach    

He would be a prime candidate for a girl to try and trap by getting pregnant. Lots of money for years to come, a hot guy, etc. He apparently didn't love her enough to marry her, if he loved her at all. As for stepping up to the plate, he's been paying voluntary support and has even given gifts to her. What does he really owe her? His debt is to the child. She apparently thought she would be on easy street, and maybe she needs to realize that mothers usually have a far disproportionate amount of the child-rearing responsibilities whether the fathers are super-rich or not. Sounds like she needs to stop sniveling and grow up.

2643 days ago


This guy is a walking trainwreck. He's got a baby with an ex-girfriend, and he's got another ex-girlfriend pregnant & expecting. I guess he's never heard of prophalactics, which surprises me because he's a LOSER USC TROJAN...

2643 days ago


can't wait to see how this kid turns out when he's 18 or so....off to such a good start.
with the money the mother receives she should get the hell outta LA--unless, of course, she wants to raise the child in the circus.

2643 days ago


Yea but he's very good looking - bet he gets his grooming advice from "Grooming Secrets For Men" it sure helped me! I found it in a google search - i think it's at thestylishman,com - it was great - why not look your best at all times?

2643 days ago

newbury park chick    

The girls isnt stupid. She got a guy who she knew would be going pro and make millions to knock her up and now she will have a major payday. That is one smart chick.

2643 days ago


He has a job to be a good and present father to his child! THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT!

He nmade a choice which resulted in a child and he needs to realize this is his #1 responsibility not the Cardinals not Hollywood etc!

2642 days ago

Lady Z    

What an immature little crybaby this girl is. This kid is her meal ticket for the next 20 years or so. What kid uses $30,000 a month in diapers, baby food and clothes??? This greedy bitch lives at home with her parents for crap's sake! She's just pissed that this guy had the balls not to fall for her trap and would not marry her. Maybe he wants to marry someone when he is good and ready, not when some greedy, lazy little skank decides she wants to trap him with a kid before he is ready.

Guess what girl?? This guy comes and goes as he pleases because he does not owe YOU a thing. He should pay child support, but no way should he pay this amount of money! If I were him, I would demand receipts for everthing this money grubber claims to have spent on the kid. This girl now must live with the choice she freely chose to make..to have a child out of wedlock with a man who does not want to be in a relationship with her. She is lucky he is involved at all...alot of men are not. And keep your mouth shut to the press girl. You are not getting sympathy from ANYBODY!

How about this...get a job and EARN some money instead of fleecing this idiot for as much as you can get??? What a joke. The child deserves to be supported, SHE does not deserve a dime for herself from this guy.

2642 days ago


No wonder these athletes continue this behavior. Some of you act like they are god because they throw a ball around on some grass. WAKE up people he should have kept it in his pants if HE did not want to be a father NOW that the child is here he needs to man up.

All you selfish people are looking at his hero worshipping instead of thinking what if this were you caught in this situation? What if you were the child? What if when Matt gets older he needs his kid for a kidney and the kid says, "I will get with you when I can" or "if mom would have kept her legs shut I would not be here...so let's act like it." All of you would then be telling him what then?

You all need to get a life and start to realize this child, the mother are part of Matt's life on and off the court, while he is playing and after his football days are gone. They are part of his life...when you all have gone on and vaguely remember him as the washed up athlete he is sure to be if he does not get his stuff together.

Also the money she is gets...it is not like he is going to be giving it to you, if she does not get it. It would probably go to some strip club or bettin' at the dogfights. GET A LIFE and Matt I use to be a fan. You have now boarded the Tom Brady bus to hell. Beep' Beep! Hit the pedal!!!!!

2639 days ago
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