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Drop the Chalupa -- Dog's Going Nowhere!

11/5/2007 10:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A federal judge in Hawaii has ruled that bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman will not face extradition to Mexico on charges of "unlawful deprivation of liberty." The Dog is finally free!

The judge found that there was no evidence that Dog, son Leland and brother Tim were actually charged with an extraditable offense or that a "valid warrant for their arrest exists."

As TMZ first reported
, a Mexican trial judge threw out all charges against Dog and his associates last August, but a federal judge said he needed more time to look at the case -- and went on a 3-month vacation! That judge finally ruled today, ending the Chapman's Mexican legal nightmare.

The group had been charged for their role in the 2003 capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, who disappeared while awaiting trial on rape charges in California -- he was convicted in absentia. Bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico. Luster currently sits in the slammer serving a 124-year prison sentence.


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debbie simon    

The way I see it is: If we ALL voiced to the world the personal things we say on the each other...Boy this world would be in a mess! Dog's son was so wrong to do this to his Father...How can you bring down your own parents.

2418 days ago

Elizabeth Gillespie    

first things first #1 get your show back on the air#2 you've said your sorry for using the n word you are a great guy with a heart you have caught so many bad people and i am sure there are lots of them out there still but because you have been set free from all charges now comes the hard part getting back on tv may god have mercy on your soul and god bless the Chapmans forever

2423 days ago


You know what? This is all vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery sad. Some of you set here and dog on DOG about the mistakes in his life. You call us hillbillies and what not....makes one wonder? Isn't that calling the kettle black. To some people calling us HILLIBIES is just as bad as using the N word. Yes, Dog was wrong for what he said but what every happend to freedom of speech or the privacy act? There are shows out there like "SOUTH PARK" who use the N word REGIOUSLY!!! I don't see there show being cancelled. Do you? HELL NO!!! Dog has NEVER claimed to be perfect. He is after all HUMAN and we as HUMANS do make mistakes! What is wrong with this world? What are we teaching out children? That if someone makes a mistake we should write the out of our lives or in this cas take the mans means of providing for his family away from him! I love DOG! We love u DOG and family and I pray every day that your show will come back to A&E and if not please heck take ur bussiness else where! A&E are being just as bad u were when u used the N word. They are teaching everyone that if u make a mistake that you are a bad person and to take u off the air. Not something I for one preach to my kids. I teach forgive and forgiveness. A black man uses the N word and it is ok. A news reporter calls a team of african american basket ball girls nappy headed hoes on THE AIR, he gets fired and gets his job back within a week. You use the N word ina private convo. to ur son and ur show is off the air. That's what's wrong with this world. We punish the wrong people and the one's that do the REAL bad get off scott free. Let's worry about the child abusers and rapists and murders out there and quit sweating The Chapman's. They ROCK and we know it! IN DOG WE TRUST!!

2422 days ago


i have quit watching a&e because they took dog off the air he is a verry good person and also his family is too if the truth was known 1/2 of the public has at one time or other said the "n " word i have some ot the best black friends love them to death one i call him son and he calls me mom out in public

2422 days ago


i have quit watching a &e because they took dog the bounty hunter off the air if the truth was known 1/2 of the public has said things we regreat after all god forgives us for our mastakes we have made if you are christains all of us would forgive .i have a bunch of black friends that are great and i have some whites i thought were friends and they turned out not to be friends i have a friend of my son's friend i call him son and he calls me mom. out in publicbestperson you would want to meet please get " dog back on the air and i will start back watching a&e patty

2422 days ago


While I disagree with his "affectionate" or non harmful (so he says) use of the word N&664R I do think it was an excellent choice of the Mexican judge to go on vacation and leave Dog alone for jailing Andrew Luster. I'm sorry, but Dog just looks like the kind of person who uses the N word all the time....look at him! He's got to remember that people are stereotyping him when they see him as well...and it's not like we're thinkin he's all that!

2508 days ago





2508 days ago


Negro means black in Mexican.

2508 days ago


While the heat has been turned down for Dog, it's still cooking his goose. Hopefully he can get things right.

2508 days ago


I very much appreciate Duane Chapman for capturing Andrew Luster. I hope Luster receives the same treatment in prison that he showed to his victims -- not a pretty sight.

2508 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Why would Dog say any of this to a son who had already sold a story to the Enquirer????? That son needs to have his a** kicked.

2508 days ago

just wondering THAT is a fair judgement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

2508 days ago


From previous comments regarding Dog you would think he is Satan himself. At least he had the balls to go get this piece of garbage. Hopefully they'll put him in with a big bubba that needs a little love. He looks like a person that uses the N word all the time??? What kind of dumbass comment is that. You sound like the type of person that unfortunately has the use of a computer and should be gagged.

2508 days ago


would it be appropriate for mike vick to let dog fight?


2508 days ago

Jane Doe    

I am so glad they at least have this off their shoulders.

2508 days ago
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