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Fallen 'Idol'

Offered Cop Fellatio

12/3/2007 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SierraJessica Sierra was to the point when she was busted last week. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Sierra told the arresting officer, "I'll suck your d*** if you don't take me to jail." Tempting offer!

Sierra also went on to use the N word several times, saying, "F*** you N*****!" According to the report, her friend tried calming Jessica down as she tried shoving a cop, and then Jessica and her pal ended up fighting in the street.

The broken "Idol" hurled a flurry of racial slurs and profanity during her arrest. She's been charged with disorderly intoxication, violation of probation -- and obstruction of justice.

This weekend, a judge denied her bond, advising that Jessica needs to find another form of entertainment.


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You are baked    

This is the Democrat's fault? Sheesh, dude, you have a really distorted sense of reality.

2485 days ago


this makes me sad. i still think she's an awesome singer and she deserves a second chance BUT she MUST go to a real rehab not just this retarded TV show rehab.
i love jessica but i think she needs help and yes it was wrong what she did. her behavior confuses me.... that is really her? i mean usually girls in the TV show "COPS" act this way...but jessica? uuuhmm...oooh....

2485 days ago


Another 'no-talent' little whore!...literally!..uuugg.

2484 days ago


Hey #31 - her parents are Republican. And we can see by your vulgar display of words what party is the true disgrace ... you sound like a dirty Republican! Clean up your mouth - sounds like you've just emerged from the no-class "general gene pool" that you're talking about! Loser.

2484 days ago


This is the awesomest thing I've heard in a while. From potentially becoming a superstar singer to blowing cops for leniency in a 700 day period. This is so sweet

2484 days ago


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Hilary wears my jockey shorts ever since I put that damn cigar into Monica...I wish I could be a Republican, but Hilary won't let me.

2484 days ago


#38 - you talk like an uneducated freak who generalizes way too much. Sorry to hear about your close-minded beliefs. Not all Republicans are like this kids - don't judge your parties by one idiot's words. #38 - "in my own world" is the key phrase here. I guess your Republican mother never taught you manners - you should stop calling people names, and you should have learned in school that one person does not usually represent an entire population. "President Clinton"...President Clinton is not every single Democrat and your low-life friends do not represent every Democratic. #38 Some of the most corrupt people I know are Republican. You should get out of your little world for a minute. Then you might not generalize so much just to make your world simple enough for you to understand.

2484 days ago

ms wonderland    

republicans live with blinders on....they are adulterers, drug addicts, alcoholics, sexual deviants...i.e. whores, tricks, gays, etc.....they're ALL of these things but theyre always the ones saying how everyone else is evil and amoral. Maybe if republicans werent so oblivious to their own problems they could have a SMALL grasp on fixing society. Why do Republicans have to pretend to be on such high horses?? You guys arent holier than anyone and you let religion run your politics...which is more ironic than anything because at the end of the day you guys sin just as much if not MORE than all of us "lowly democrats, independents and others".

2484 days ago


What a sad, pathetic person for calling an officer of the Law (or anyone) the "N" word.

2484 days ago


Wow. Another reason to add to my list of why I don't watch reality T.V. Trash all the way around. Eh.

2484 days ago

enough already    

Why are you people fighting over party politics? We live in a country which has a one party system with two factions. You both believe the same garbage. Stop repeating party lines, detach yourself from beliefs and analyze the spin. You will find it's all remarkably similar. But either way this isn't about you guys arguing over who's kettle is blacker (because in truth you are both genocidal maniacs. )- This article is about a classy ho'

2481 days ago


If you ever knew jessica you would know that before her drug addiction took control and when not under the influence of the terrible demon of drug and alcohol, she is the most kind-hearted, goofy, sincere, and loving person you could ever imagine. She has been through extremely difficult hardships in her life and her mother recently died of a heroine addiction. Leave the poor girl alone, if you knew her you would understand that she doesn't deserve this harrassment!

2480 days ago


And i hate to say this, but you CANNOT always believe what you hear. This has been exaggerated to the highest extreme, and I am sure that if Jessica said any of the things that the cops are claiming she said, she never wouldve thought that the entire world would hear that she said those things. There are a lot of people out there that will lie about something in order to receive money.

2480 days ago


keep that dumbass in jail she cant get high right do her thing with the man right who end up to be a cop looser.the N-WORD fix her to the tee

2475 days ago


People like this woman/girl whatever, don't change. She was trash before AI, almost surely during AI and after AI she's still trash. There are way too many of her type. She's a throw away. So. let's be done with her.

2467 days ago
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