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Vince Young: Suicide, Guns and ... Wings

9/13/2008 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If his injury didn't make fantasy football fans drop Vince Young -- maybe talks of suicide will.

The Tennessee Titans QB apparently left his therapist on Monday after multiple mentions of suicide and drove off in possession of a gun. Alarmed, Young's therapist contacted Titans coach Jeff Fisher -- and the police were notified.

Police began searching for Young who was M.I.A for four hours. He was eventually found, and his agent claims he was just "eating chicken wings with a male friend" during the search.

According to the police report, an unloaded gun was found in Young's Mercedes. He was released after talking to his therapist.

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No Avatar


Yikes, happy mental health Vince!!

2230 days ago


What's wrong with you Vince? Black people don't commit suicide. Since being built there have been 902 people who have commited suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, and only one of them were black. And the police believe he was pushed!!

2230 days ago


In the name of gossip, you TMZ will stoop to the lowest level. If some has mental health issues, let them have some privacy.

2230 days ago

Big Bear    

Vince is not accurate throwing the football so why would you think he could hit himself with a bullet?? The boy could buy some rope and I am sure lots of folks would show him how to make a noose. Vince could put the noose on his rear view mirror to remind him how depressed he feels. Vince can chuck a spear but cannot throw a football!!!!

2230 days ago


This OLD NEWS..... You're several days late.

2230 days ago


Geez no.6. You are one sad puppy. You live in a country that has 316 million people, a world that has over 6 billion and from each and every one of them, you've gleamed nothing. You're sad because you have to put a black person down so that you can feel good about yourself. I know you're white.....your input reeks of it. By the way, that "boy" has made more money just today than you have your entire life. You know how I know? Because rich white people and intelligent white people don't have time to make others feel inferior. You are so sad. So very very sad.

2230 days ago

Democrats are evil    

The guy has a college education, a 1st round draft pick in the NFLl and a great life. I have no sympathy. If he has mental illness issues, then he should retire, get out of football and go live somewhere quiet and peaceful for the duration of his life. If he believes suicide is the answer, fine. Get on with it. Mental illness is such a burden on our society, it's best that in death, those shall find peace. Those with mental illness, tend to hurt innocent people along the way. Let God handle it. Go ahead Vince, "Make my day."

2230 days ago

Big Bear    

Yes #8 White and proud of it. Just do not care for colored folks. I enjoy watching them perform on the football firld or basketball court but beyond that I have little use for colored folks. Yes my family had large fields in the south and used lots of colored folks to work for the family.

2230 days ago


I am beginning to think he has something he is hiding, where is a GIRLfriend or a girl groupy hanger on.....is he Gay maybe? As an NFL QB would that make him so scared that he would not think straight. Maybe he cant except it.
Its getting weird...

2230 days ago


Is Vince gay but afraid to admit it/deal with it? Is this what this is all about?

2230 days ago


Gezz give the young man a break ! and how come so many people are hateing on blacks? is it Obama, if you dont like Obama then vote for McCain but quit hideing behind your blogs you sissy bigots

2230 days ago

Big Bear    

#11 We bigots do like black folks. We think every white family should own a black!!!

2230 days ago


Vince Young is my Hero Dont quit on us Vince See u on the mountain top F#$*k all these other losers you should see some of the ass stories these guys comment on

2230 days ago


#12 when you're at work fake talking to your black co-workers please spew some of this racist hate madness and see what your face will look like and that goes for earl's white man loving ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2230 days ago


people, please don't get mad at these hateful people, it's saturday and a full moon. and yes, i'm writing on a saturday night but that's b/c i saw my team this afternoon and they rocked.
to be so hateful means their daddies diddled w. their pee pees or maybe they didn't b/c they were too ugly, even for a dog to piss on them. have a great day! :)

2230 days ago
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