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Sharon Osbourne's

Alleged Hair-rassment

12/15/2008 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: Sharon Osbourne allegedly causes premature balding in "Charm School" contestants.

Sharon Osbourne
This is the damage done to Megan Hauserman, who claims Sharon Osbourne scratched her and pulled out chunks of her hair during the "Rock of Love: Charm School" reunion on Saturday. The irony of this situation does not escape us.

Megan went to the hospital on Sunday -- hence the photo -- and also filed a report with the LAPD.


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I LOVE THIS!!! I can't stand that skank Megan....she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever!
Sharon rocks and I hope she kicked that dirty whores bloody ass!

2101 days ago


Um she's balding because she keeps putting cheap extensions in her hair. Sweety lay off the fake hair and you'll keep some of your real hair. I can't stand that bia**h anyway so I'm glad she got her ass beat. Any woman that gives the rest of us independent, intelligent, professional, fun, and beautiful women a bad name deserves a beat down.

2101 days ago


Yeah Sharon !! The blonde dead head evidently has never listened to ozzy's music, or seen the interveiws where he showed his brilliance. Ozzy is probably more inteligent than 90% or our membes in congress. I dont blame sharon. People judge her and her family based on the show ' The Osbournes'. Duh, it was a show for the purpose of entertainment. Ozzy is in reality very inteligent. He is always so deep in his song lyric's. He is very misjudged. Sharon should recieve a metal. Rock on Sharon. And may god take a liken to ya.

2101 days ago


14. That looks more like root rot from waaaaaaay over processing her hair. Nasty looking head of hair, for sure

Posted at 12:31PM on Dec 15th 2008 by Ms_Tell_It_Like_It_Is

I completely agree with you!!!!

and besided you can see the extension already coming out --Megan there have a product they sell over the counter for premature baldness...and that is what you have...get over it, you fame WHORE!!! take your orange-lookin tan, uneven breast implants, retarded lookin face you have and get a job and stop coming on this so call reality show...YOU S*CK and you are has real as your hair extension!!! get a life and get a will never make anything of yourself becasue your so shallow

2101 days ago


I'm glad Megan got her arse kicked by Sharon. Too bad it wasn't Lacy as well. Actually, more people despise Lacy than Megan. From the comments I've read on Vh-1's website, they both had better watch themselves when they go out in public. Folks, we haven't seen the show yet. Maybe Megan says something really nasty during the reunion that provokes Sharon. Problem with Megan is she thinks anyone over 25 is an old hag. She doesn't realize the idol status of some of these folks that she considered 'shriveled up old prunes.' The way Megan is going, she'll look 50 by the time she's 30. Oh, and for the person that said her dog needs to be stomped on or whatever, Megan the idiot dropped her poor little dog on her head. That's why the dog is mentally challenged now and sits there with its little tongue hanging out. PETA should have slapped her with animal cruelty!

2101 days ago


Wait, What? She went to the hospital because some of her hair extensions ere yanked out? Is that considered an emergency?

2101 days ago

Ms Kris    

Well, Sharon should not have hit her

Has no kindness in her heart


Wonder how the reunion special will look?

2101 days ago


If you talk smack about someone's husband...regardless of who the husband's gonna be on, BITCH!!

She got exactly what she deserved!!! Go Sharon!!!

2101 days ago


Nice-----------you go sharon, it's obvious how shallow, cold, rude, and gold digging megan is.

2101 days ago


that looks like a mutt with the mange------------------------Yeah it is Megan lol
Nice Sharon!!!!!!!!!

2101 days ago


The bitch probably deserved it.

2101 days ago


gross!! im just curious...i live in indiana where hair extensions are not a beauty must there anybody in los angeles that has long beautiful hair that is real?????

2101 days ago


no respecting t.v. whore would ever let a nasty picture of her bald head ever get on tmz.......suck it up megan.......your days as a skanky, stupid, loser are over......your moving on up to filing police reports on real famous people over fake wounds......moron!!!!!!! and ozzy is a bat biting, pissin on you landmark rock legend........lets not mess with his wife!!!!!!

2101 days ago

dr. drrrrrinks    

she does have a bit of a butta face, but the bod is sick! her pal brandi c has some gross skin she needs to get proactive.

2101 days ago


Sharon Rocks, Megan is a skank who is trying to get some Publicity from this and tmz is giving it to her. Megan cant compare to Sharon. I hope she doesnt find anymore reality shows to get on. If shes on it i wont watch it.

2101 days ago
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