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Barkley: All I Really Wanted Was Oral Sex

1/1/2009 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This may be the very best police report of 2008. When Charles Barkley was busted in Arizona early NYE morning for DUI, he told cops he ran a stop sign because he was in a hurry to get some oral sex.

According to the officer who wrote the report, "He told me that he ran the stop sign because he was in a hurry to pick up the girl I saw get in the passenger seat."

The officer continues: "He asked me to admit that she was 'hot.' He asked me, 'You want the truth?' When I told him I did he said, 'I was gonna drive around the corner and get a b**w job. He then explained that she had given him a 'b**w job' one week earlier and said it was the best one he had ever had in his life."

The report says when Barkley was taken to the station, he told one of the employees, "I'll tattoo my name on your ass" if he helped "get him out of the DUI." According to the report, "He laughed and then quickly corrected himself and said, 'I'll tattoo your name on my ass' and then laughed again."

The report also says officers "found a handgun in the vehicle" which was immediately impounded. The report doesn't say if the handgun was legal or not, and the only thing that we know for sure was loaded...


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He gives the NBA a bad name, or worse name.

2087 days ago


To all the racist a@%h)^&% posting, F*$^ Y@&#. You are all jealous 'cause you can't afford a blow job, your gay or you little krakka penis is too embarrasing for you to whip out in public.
LOSERS! hahah

2087 days ago

DMX hater    

stusoto.....hmmmm. so you and Mark Walberg like to whip it out in public!! one and the same....IDIOTS!! As far as paying for a blow.job ....nata, I don't ever pay for it, like you have too you krakkahead!! The hos are priviledged to suck my member for free!!

2087 days ago

DMX hater    

So as Eve tempted Adam into sin....and made them feel shall the woman tempt ALL men...and corrupt this world into hell and damnation!! Go for another BJ... for you stare in the face of satan!! ANd God turned Noahs son Ham black for his wickedness!!...and said you will be a servant of servants!!

2087 days ago

Bruce Wayne 44    

What in the world was Charles Barkley thinking about? Then again he wasn"t thinking with the right head anyway. I know that he realizes that may have cost himself his position @ TNT. It's terrible that it had to end this way. Charles should've known better he is a Hall of famer. Charles is quick to comment on how current players are to carry themselves. Charles needs to follow his own advice he's in no position to speak on players any longer.

2086 days ago


hes great that is so funny . see ladies we will do almost anything for oral sex lol

2085 days ago



BTW, # 7. Are you saying that you think CB's 'Body is a Wonderland or was the chick dressed like John Mayer or something?

2085 days ago


Thats GanGsTer!!!!!

2085 days ago


I used to like this guy too, and still do. Just remember, everyone has their secrets and fetishes, and drunken celebrities are the first to have theirs aired out for the public to see.

I hope that BJ was good, CB!!!

2084 days ago


Met him in Vegas in July. Was a nice guy, but if he quit gambling what the Hell was he doing in Vegas?

2082 days ago


And he was giving Lebron advice about being appropriate just a few weeks ago.

2081 days ago


Jimmy the Greek, Buzzi Bavasi, even Fuzzy Zeller, ruined over remarks about blk race ...... even if in vest. Yet somehow Barkley can say and get away with it. Sorry SIR CHARLES but ur more predjudice than most whites. But it seems u to think ur entitled,
U taught Tiger well, and anyone who thinks he will change or wants to ...well at least u speak ur mind but i'm tired of the bs, the entitled think they deserve blk or white

1626 days ago
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