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Phelps Pot Shot -- It Was a "Bad Mistake"

2/5/2009 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Phelps fired off a mea culpa for that damning bong photo -- telling paps on his way into a Baltimore training center that he used "bad judgment." But there's more....

Michael Phelps: Click to watch
When Phelps was asked if he had stopped all drugs, he cracked a smile and responded, "I don't take drugs ... and I get drug tested all the time ... you can look at the records and you can see."

Our records only contain one photo...

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happy stoner    

ok seriously. he's 23. he's going to make mistakes. especially with fame and glory at such a young age. give the kid a BREAK. it wasn't before or during his olympic achievements, it was three months after that event, at a party with his peers. he took a hit of weed. its harmless and he probably enjoyed it. he's only doing what 75% of other 23 year olds do EVERYDAY. unfortunately for him, when he hits a bong it hits the internet, as opposed to when i hit a bong, my peers don't take pictures of it to get money...

2057 days ago


Oh get your heads out of your asses.

Nobody no matter what his color, background, fame or financial situation can or will ever be punished for a picture involving him and drug paraphernalia. You can buy a bong at a mall and you can smoke tobacco on it if you wish, there is nothing in that pic that would or could lead a court to convict.

2057 days ago



2056 days ago


Hey Mike, So after doing such a great job in China. You come home and are human. I will always remember the 8 medals. You should be proud of what you have done in life. Continue to enjoy life. You are and always will be great!!! Nobody can ever take that away.

2056 days ago


So what if pot is illegal. It won't be for long. Before all of you decide to JUDGE this human, put down your CIGARETTES, put down your BEER, put down your RUM AND COKE, put down your "prescribed" PAIN PILLS and frickin relax. Everyone has a vice. Fortunately for all of you who are freaked out over this, ,the alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug companies run this country with their big bucks that they receive from all of YOU and the way YOU medicate yourself! He should not be stripped of medals, he tested clean for what he needed to test clean for. It's not like he was smoking pot to make him swim faster or grow muscle mass. Chill out and go smoke some pot and see for yourselves what this "evil" horrendous drug will do for you. Everything in Moderation People---Just calm down. Let's all be grownups!

2056 days ago

Im not racist my best friend is black.lol    

Drunk driving now this. I mean Im not against marijuan or anything but the law is the law. Stop makin excuse for him and giving him a pass, this double standard makes me throw up in my mouth. But of course its not about race, that would just be blasphemy.

2056 days ago

Mrs. O    

All I have to say is that Mark Spitz NEVER was videoed taking bong hits. I gave my respect to Phelps after he beat Spitzs record...I am terribly disappointed...Spitz is the king....

2056 days ago


time to let it go, people. This clip shows this is a nice guy, still a little out of his element with celebraty..
He's not calling a female officer 'sugar t--s' or screaming,' F-this, F -you, I am king and you must F---in' die to make me happy!
He's not molesting children or driving drunk. He did make a mistake but he readily admits it was stupid.
Take care Michael and be good now. Gosh have some respect for your lungs!!!!

2056 days ago


since harvey is a raging Homosexual, why can't we over look a national hero for pot smoking? And most hired out of prison poz are raging homos, we can forgive them for doing butt hummping fairies!

2056 days ago

Sunken Swimmer    

That French swimmer at the Beijing Olympics showed the world that Phelps can be beaten at his game--very easily. The win he got was without a good dose of luck that he was most certainly coached quietly never to admit, and he got an entire nation jumping on the band wagon to cheer on. It was good while it lasted. Never thought the guy would be beat this early. Plenty of people have gone through their early twenties, and their teen years, without making the conscious decisions--and the "mistakes"--this guy made--and is still making. Guess those millions bestowed while you're still young can get to your head, after all.

Do you know what municipals all over the country are writing into law, if they haven't done so already, to treat regular cigarette smokers--in their own proper home? And this is to those very people they're squeezing every last penny of tax they possibly can in order to finance some of the holes in the budgets of cities and states. It's no glory to have those "supporters," who must also be a bunch of dopeheads (worse, dealers) themselves, that proudly proclaim "it's harmless". The same way sεx must also be "harmless" to them, when their puny "forgetful" brains fail to consider STDs and AIDS.

Keep all your gold medals, and enjoy them in good health (if you can); I'm getting none of the joy you may be getting from them--and I most certainly was not proud to witness you simply squeaking by that other athlete by some thousandths-of-a-second in the pool last summer. So don't think you're doing anybody--least of all the country--a favor by grabbing all those coins, hence you're somehow above everything else, especially the law. Glad to see there are those around you who genuinely want you to turn out better.

You are done, dopehead!

Or you should be.

You are a shame! What a sham and a waste.

2056 days ago

I Agree...........    

He's young and just wanted to fit it. But believe me if it wasn't for all his gold medals these people would have nothing to do with him. Especially all those good looking girls. He's way below average in the looks dept. and would fall into the geek squad!! All people have to be very careful with who they associate with as everyone has a cell phone with a camera and are out for that almighty dollar!!! Don't trust anyone.

2056 days ago


I have never taken any drugs and I am proud of it. There are lots of people like me. The primary issue at hand is that marijuana is illegal. By smoking it, he broke the law. If he will break this law what others might he break!

2056 days ago


Forgive him? Did he do anything that the rest of us dont do? I think not! No apologies needed Michael! I mean seriously if the man wants to smoke and he can still preform the way is does whats it matter? Obviously its not hurting him or anyone else so everyone just needs to worry about themselves!

2056 days ago


I have been one of your critics, Phelps, because I was blinded by what I thought was an untainted athlete. Oh no, don’t quit the Olympics. It just that we thought we had a perfect boy and our children looked in you. But it has been our mistake as parents to discuss the incident with your little fans, and not conclude to them that mistakes occur but one has to get up and shine again. Please don’t go. Don’t go away. We need you for the Olmpics. In the meantime, work for a cause related to drugs. We have US Presidents who inhaled, and we let it pass. Maybe Clinton, Obama & W. Bush can give you some 101 talk on this.

2056 days ago


I'm sure the loss of his Kellogg's endorsements and the suspension for 3 months by the Olympic Committee has gotten his attention big time. It's too bad it happened because of so many young people looking up to him, but I think it is safe to say he has learned his lesson, at least until he has decided whether he wants to continue his swimming and/or does he want to make the money with endorsements.

2056 days ago
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