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Sharon Osbourne

Sued for Hair Attack

3/2/2009 9:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Osbourne has been sued by the woman she attacked on her VH1 reality show, "Rock of Love: Charm School."

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Megan Hauserman claims Sharon went ballistic during a taping, punching and grabbing her by the hair and refusing to let go, and scratching her to boot. Osbourne opened the can of whoop ass after Megan told Sharon she was famous only because she managed a brain dead rock star.

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Hauserman is suing Osbourne for battery, negligence and infliction of emotional distress.


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Machelle, I totally agree with you. No one has heard of Sharon before she married Ozzie, and let's face it, she has a reality show? WOW...such D lister. This Megan girl shouldn't have said it, not like I watch this retarted show but atleast someone had the GUTS to say it in the beginning.

2023 days ago


WTG Sharon...Megan sarted it and Sharon finished it.

2023 days ago


White Culture

2023 days ago


This TRASHY CHICK ..........What is it called MEGAN really is sold on herself. I have seen so much better on Hollywood and Vine. There really is nothing to this person. Nothing! Empty headed no heart,no manners....nothing. Iam ashamed they put folks like her up against classy people as Sharron O. Now Sharron had to lower herself. This is the shows fault and for letting it get this out of hand.

2023 days ago

you just don't get it    

Deserved it. Money well spent. It's simple...

If you are rich, then it's justifiable to break the law and assault someone.

If you are unpopular, then you lose support to be defended from bullies.

This elitist self important mentality I expect from the Osbournes so it follows that their zombie supporters would be no different.

2023 days ago


I hate all of this nonsence. It is pitiful. For all who made fun of OZZIE ..LISTEN! OZZIE has a type of PARKINSON,S DISEASE. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. This is why he cant walk well or speaks with difficulty. If you cared this is why he is shakey and his walk has a stagger. As for miss WIG HEAD MEGAN OH WELL. If it was me she wouldnt have gotten up off the floor until soeone carried her up and away. Megan is a smart ass hateful stinkin person through and through and prides herself on this type of behavior.

2023 days ago


She deserved it!

And I laughed when Megan did an appearance at the club I work at. Noone talked to her and she was a total biatch! She didn't even get dressed up for it, wearing uggs and a t-shirt..very disappointing since the only reason anyone knows who she is is because of her body. GET SOME CLASS!

2023 days ago


Megan is nasty, I would love to get a chance to beat her ass and you can bet she would not walk away. I say Cheers to Sharon.

2023 days ago


PIG...MEGAN......MEGAN......PIG??? There bothe equal. What an uncaring bum. She,ll have some money now at Sharon,s mistake. Maybe to Sharon it is worth it all. Keep Megan off of the television sets please. Send her to Iran and make her a number 8 wife to some rich Iranian dued or prince or whatever you call them. Send her there. NO MORE MEGAN ON TELEVISION. This Rock of Love flunky needs out of here. Bret M is a loser also ...look what he brings in YUK!

2023 days ago


That Bitch needed her ass whipped along time ago. way to go Sharon

2022 days ago


way to go Sharon...That girl is nothing but trash... She needed to be handled...

2022 days ago


I could see how Sharon would flip out. This freaking world is so rude, 24-7. "Rude" to me = not caring a damn about a person's feelings.

2022 days ago


It's time for Megan the whore to go away. Her 15 minutes are up!

2022 days ago


Megan plotted this she is sneakey smart. NOT GOOD. She is possesed by the devil. This person is evil. Ozzie may be messed up some BUT ..................Megan prides her self on this type of behavior. Brett Michaels come and get your trash.

2022 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Megan is a useless and annoying idiot. I'm glad Sharon kicked her skank ass!

2022 days ago
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