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Jimmy Smith -- Hall of Shame Mug Shot

4/23/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy SmithThis is the mug shot of Jacksonville Jaguars legend Jimmy Smith, who couldn't look happier after his arrest yesterday on multiple drug charges.

Smith was booked into a J-Ville facility yesterday on five charges, including felony possession of cocaine, possession of 20 grams or less of marijuana and "felony possession/sell of a controlled substance."

Smith was released after posting bond.

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No Avatar


artie help    

jimmy is a tremendous talent who wil certainly land on his feet.

2018 days ago


oh how the mighty have fallen. shame, shame.

2018 days ago


what a stupid idiot! JUST SAY NO.........!

2018 days ago


Jacksonville local news reported that Smith was arrested for driving on a suspended license. Who's right???

2018 days ago


The suspended license charge was in addition to all of the drug related charges.

2018 days ago

arte help    

I feel bad for him, we used to train at the same gym. He would spot me when I would bench 500lbs. I hope the fella gets the help he needs right now.

2017 days ago


The NFL seriously needs to get a grip on it's players, current and retired. They just happen to be the most dysfunctional league in the nation if not the world. I speak from experience. I was married to an NFL OL man for many years until I just could not take it any more. the fame and glory while he was playing then the total collapse of his life after his career of 10 yrs was over. Crack-cocaine drug habit took away everything he'd ever worked for he squaddered it all and when I called the NFL player association for help, (Mind you I continued to pay his dues yearly) the a**holes turned their backs on him. These guys get banged up, concussions out the wahoo and walk away with brain damage....The drugs are a final resort...self medications because after 2 or so years after retirement, the NFL drops their health insurance and offers no more help until they are at least 45!!! The NFL needs to be banned!!!

2017 days ago

Free Sports Betting    

This off season must be rough on Smith.

2017 days ago

Bob Mill Valley    

If he was pulled over for driving with a suspended license, and then the police searched his car and found the drugs, the drug charges probably will not stick, based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision this past week. But it all depends on the specific facts, which the media usually do not provide accurately. This takes nothing away from the comments made by others about the stupidity of anyone using drugs.

2017 days ago


6. I feel bad for him, we used to train at the same gym. He would spot me when I would bench 500lbs. I hope the fella gets the help he needs right now...................Yeah, right.

2017 days ago


Just goes to show ya that drugs DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. It don;t make a difference if you're young, old, black white, male, female , rich or poor. If you're crazy enough to try it once, it can ruin your life FOREVER!

2017 days ago


He was initially pulled over for having tint that was too dark on his car. He then got out of the car immediately and walked over to the passenger side of the car and waited for the officer. He told the officer that his license was suspended. That's when the officer noticed marijuana on the seat and launched a search of the vehicle.

2017 days ago


Hey "artie help", Nobody gives a F**K about you and your 500 pound bench press. If you had to mention that, I'm sure it isn't true. You probably don't lift weights at all. Does it make you feel more important now that you made up a story about personally knowing a pro athlete?

This story is about the trouble that JIMMY SMITH is in!

..........get a life, Mr. Olympia!

2016 days ago

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