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Nickelback Singer

Sued over Busted Face

5/4/2009 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad KroegerThe lead singer of Nickelback is accused of beating the crap out of a furniture sales representative -- but the alleged victim claims it's Chad Kroeger's lack of remorse that hurts the most.

In the lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Noah Morse claims Kroeger "punched [him] forcefully in the mouth" while outside of a Vancouver bar back in 2007.

Morse says the devastating hit to the kisser made him lose consciousness, suffer a concussion and caused extensive damage to his grill -- including "one deadened front tooth... dislodged upper front teeth and permanent discoloration of more front teeth."

Morse -- who says Kroeger "expressed no remorse" over the fight -- is suing for a fistful of reasons, including loss of income and medical expenses.


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2000 days ago


Please why the HELL did it take this guy 2 years to file a suit and why was Chad not arrested and charged with assult back them. The cops would have loved to have busted his ass. It freaking greed. Seriously. Also like he's not the first "rockstar" to get into a fight!!! I don't have time to write all the stars who have.

2000 days ago


"I've been wrong, I've been down to the bottom of every bottle..." says it all. Civil court has become the "court of last resort" for people who can't try criminal cases.

2000 days ago


I ABSOLUTELY HATE, HATE, HATE NICKLEBACK! I hate the sound of Kroeger's voice, or should I say, non-voice. He is also the ugliest man on the face of the planet! AGAIN, I HATE NICKLEBACK!!!!

2000 days ago


He probably waited two years to see the full extent of damage and to determine how much his dental bills are. I had Kroger has to pay big to this man. That man has to live with permanent damage for the rest of his life, and celebrities are not above us and act like they are. Make him pay!!

2000 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Hard to believe that dude has that much hitting power.

2000 days ago


Hmm, well I too wondered why would he wait 2 years to sue, but that theory of waiting to see how extensive his damage and work has been to his teeth, mouth etc. seems rather logical to me. Also, why weren't the police called, a report made, and he arrested? That part doesn't make sense.

2000 days ago


i find it annoying how YEARS later people will suddenly sue for emotional and physical damages. Nickelback star is innocent, and the idiot simply wants false money. Thanks TMZ!

2000 days ago


Nickelback sucks. Stop listening to these guys so they'll disappear.

2000 days ago


Ok, first and foremost, does anyone at TMZ know how to spell, use proper english or at the very least, PROOF any of their articles? For example, among others, 'allegedly being a unremorseful, ass-kicking, street brawling super bully...' A E I O U are vowels folks! (A) or (AN)...hmmmm, Jesus I guess it only takes a couple brain cells and a blackened heart to work for TMZ. Secondly, as a student working toward a legal career, people tend to wait months and sometimes years to file suit for the above mentioned reason by other posters. Not every health, medical or injury is resolved within months, if ever. Who are we to assume why this plaintiff didn't file suit until now? It could be for a long list of reasons. Ultimately, the bottom line is if the incident did in fact occur as the plaintiff claims, damages are indeed in order, regardless of the time of filing (with the exception of statue of limitations and they do range for different claims)....Bottom line, everyone has to pay the piper sometime and if this claim is true, I hope the plaintiff is awarded for a large sum.

2000 days ago


As much as I can't stand Nickelback and their scary looking Jesus Christ look alike singer... This dude deserved that punch. He was making fun of Chad "I sing like Cher" Kroeger, all night being a complete obnoxious fool the entire night. Yelling obsenities all night. This happened at the famous Vancouver night club "The Roxy".

2000 days ago


What medical expenses ? We live in Canada. The fight occured in Canada. Every medical cost is covered INCLUDING PLASTIC SURGERY if it was done during the course of a crime. Is this guy totally stupid? Oh just money hungery? The sad thing is,,this moron will get paid just to shut up and go away. I'd like to go find him so I could beat the crap out of him.

2000 days ago


Hey! I'm a Nickelback die hard fan!!! BUT this is no way an excuse for his actions!! Yeah, it took ONLY 2 years for the plantiff to sue but just like everyone else if someone famous hit him, he would be suing them for a great deal amount of money!!!

P.S. Why did it take so long!!?

2000 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Yeah why isn't TMZ telling the whole story here...c'mon. Chad wouldn't bust someone in the chops for nothing.

2000 days ago


sex,drugs and rockin roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2000 days ago
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