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LaLa -- Racist Mavericks Fans Attacked Me First

5/12/2009 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LalaCarmelo Anthony's fiance LaLa Vazquez has released a statement claiming racial taunts and violent threats from Dallas Mavericks fans incited her at last night's NBA playoff game:

"Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physical attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable. The fans were totally out of control.

What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn't show the abuse that was taking place."

Footage shot at last night's game showed LaLa cursing and getting hostile as security tried to escort her out of the stands.

The Mavs and the Nugs are set to face off again tomorrow night.

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there are racist people everywhere. everytime I check out a blog no matter what the subject, someone has to say some thing about race, with crude comments.

1959 days ago


La La, if the fans attacked you first, that is a sign to get out. . . you are in foreign territory. . . its you against them. No need to get upset and mad ugly about it. Keep it high class and move on down the line (to safer ground for you and your son). Take the high road next time. Keep it high class! Carmelo will appreciate you for that. He's trying to win a game. He can't be looking up in the stands every 5 minutes trying to make sure you and the baby are safe. Think of your man. He doesn't need this uncessary stress. He is trying to win a game! Think about it.

1959 days ago


Yes, very true. Racism is everywhere, and anyone can be racist. No one is immune, no matter what their background, that of their family, or the background of who they marry/procreate with. A person can even be racist towards someone of their own Race/similar Race category. They may realize it; they may not.

Like someone mentioned (I will give them the benefit of the doubt) that Lala may have thrown something (a drinke?) into a crowd of other African-Americans (people of African descent). If this was the case, and it was only one person that targeted her, what would have made her NOT consider that she would have hit the other people? I'm speaking HYPOTHETICALLY, but what if she held racist/elitist sentiments towards others of African descent and this resulted in her lack of regard in throwing the cup in the crows. Not saying this was the case, but things of this nature can happen.

1959 days ago


@ Teri (#121)

Thank you for your posting Terri! It's good to know that there's someone here that has some common sense!! It's a shame that people wait for these types of postings on TMZ to pounce on with their prejudiced attacks! It's very, very sad. Many of you need prayer.

1959 days ago


LA-LA is NOT BLACK!!! She is Puerto Rican!!!!

1959 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

Where is the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton? You would think that they would be there with her to be up these people's asses. When are people going to learn that when a black man becomes President Of The United States, the race card no longer works. Tracy Morgan played the race card on 30 Rock.

1959 days ago


Lala, while you don't look good in the video with how you acted, I'm not surprised by any misbehavior from the fans. But when your supporting the away team the home fans are gonna defend their team. If they don't do that then they are not fans. Granted I feel anyone personally connected to a player on a personal level should not be taunted. Too many family members have been picked on when being with their significant other on the road. Let's just say Dallas fans are far from the worse offenders but they are high in smuck sports fans. With Philly, Boston, and New York(which I am one) being ahead of Dallas. I think honestly Lala and any player's family/friends should be in a secure area or in a suite that way this type of thing doesn't happen.

1959 days ago


Posted at 7:56PM on May 12th 2009 by SHARON

Sooooo... white people dont need to wake up?
white people dont need to stop fighting and killing?


1959 days ago


130. Where is the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton? You would think that they would be there with her to be up these people's asses. When are people going to learn that when a black man becomes President Of The United States, the race card no longer works. Tracy Morgan played the race card on 30 Rock.

Posted at 8:00PM on May 12th 2009 by Ben from Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton = Intra-racial elitism and sabotage.

1959 days ago

i'd be proud too    

non WHITE people can say racial slurs too and if this day and age people dont kno that its used to just hurt feeling then they need to go learn that.
for serious

*gives derek zoolander look*

1959 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

She should call LaRaza I'm sure they'll love it.

1959 days ago


Wow. some people are ignorant. Lala is not black. Shes puerto Rican. Look her up.

1959 days ago


La La is not lying when she said racist remarks were hurled at her and her son. The word THUG has an underlying tone of racism. It is rare that you hear white men being called thugs. This term is generally directed towards black males. I have never heard of The NHL being labeled thugs when they use brute force regularly. A thug is not a black man. A thug is a repeat felon or a person who uses violence at every occurrence. The mavericks owners behavior was quite thuggish. Directing insults towards an older woman is distasteful. I don't blame La La for becoming incensed. The racism on this site is deplorable. Calling a woman a hoe because she lost her composure is not right. I am not excusing her behavior, but having your mate disparaged repeatedly with your son in tow is a horrible experience. Using stereotypes to define someone is an act of hate. Some of you should take a long look at yourselves before you try to label someone whom you are not acquainted with just because of race or the color of her skin.

1959 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

She was cussing people out in Spanish so no one called her the N word or the S word they just called her dumb and ignorant and she is.

1959 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

Spanish Harlem's finest! She is a maid with money and nothing else.

1959 days ago
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