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Michael Vick

Out of Prison

5/20/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0520_michael_vick_bn-1Lock up your puppies -- Michael Vick is out of prison. 

Vick left prison early this morning and is on his way to his home in Hampton, Va. where he will serve the final two months of his federal sentence on house arrest.

His release was shrouded in secrecy over concerns for his safety.

Vick served the past 19 months at Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas after pleading guilty to bankrolling a dogfighting ring.

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he is stupid should be locked up longer... since he's already out i can settle for him to never play football anymore... sounds fair...

1982 days ago


I cannot believe he is out and out so soon! How very unfair and wrong, this just shows that his "celebrity" status is working for him. Some may say, " he served his time" or "he's been punished enough (that's a joke!) and let him go on w/ his life". For those of you who believe that, why don't you try the "rape stand" he is so proud of, or maybe a little electrocution, or go and let some brutal person rip some of your skin off? I would only hope this "man" and I use the term loosely, could have realized the real meaning of what he did and how the countless animals suffered, BUT, we all know he could care less and probably just thinks "well, I won't be caught next time, or we won't do this at my house next time". He participated for YEARS and watched and created "rape stands" and did awful things to these animals by his own hand, this is who this "man" is, he is not worth the air he breaths and it's too bad he is breathing. There are far more people who deserve to be healthy and walking this earth who appreciate life and ANIMALS. I could go on and on, I am discusted that Michael Vick will ressume his life and have everything so easy, and there are the people who idolize him , which are literally insane.
I can't imagine the horrific life and deaths of each animal that crossed his path. And let's all remember, thousands or millions of animals are still going thru hell at the hands of trash like Michael Vick. And Michael Vick is nothing but TRASH. I hope the saying is true, "what goes around , comes around". I only wish he will suffer just like what he caused and ENJOYED so many helpless animals to do. We have pets, and love them, God did not put them on this Earth to fight and destroy and suffer. I also have a pit bull, when we take him walking, people often want to buy him when they see his size and beauty, but we all know what they want him for. He is one of the few lucky ones, there is no amount of $ that we would take.
People, please be active in helping animals and their well being. And do not support Michael Vick, he is a devil walking this earth.

1982 days ago


Aww, poor Cali. You loyally attempt to destroy all Vick’s enemies with your vitriolic ad hominem diatribe while secretly fantasying about sucking his di.ck but, in reality, he wouldn’t piss in your mouth. By-the-by, #46 Heather was commenting on #6. Who's the moron now?

1982 days ago


TMZ AND THE REST OF YOU NEGATIVE A HOLES, Michael Vick did his time so the rest of you "White" folks leave the man alone, stupid asses.

the 49ers need you Michael Vick, wish he would go to the Raiders.....................


1982 days ago


Of course..... Black people always have to throw in the race card. IGNORANT.

1982 days ago


Michael Vick will NEVER be allowed back in the NFL. He through his dreams away because of the choice HE made... those dogs had NO CHOICE or say so... Pit Bulls are NOT killers you idiots. They were once called "Nanny Dogs" because they looked after children and infants... that is until HUMANS messed them up. Do some research before you start having diarrhea of the mouth... You can also learn something by researching Brandon Bond, the man who got a couple of Michael Vick victims and rehabilitated them and they are as sweet as can be. Get your facts correct.

1982 days ago


A. He didn't serve his dues!!! He served a laughably small amount of time for what he did, everyone knows he got off easy.
B. I agree that people who commit violent crimes against humans should be punished more harshly than they are, so stop using that as an excuse for why this monster should be let off easier.
C. Any football team that would pick up this piece of crap, no matter how bargain bin his contract would be is crazy, football fans love our dogs and don't want this schmuck being the face of any of our teams!
D. A persons upbringing should be no excuse for violence when they have the capacity to know better. People grow up with horrible situations everywhere and don't all become torturing and killers. Sorry, not an excuse.

1982 days ago


I'm amazed but not at all surprised that there was a concern for his safety. It's appalling that people get more worked up over cruelty to animals than they do over human beings. Murderers, rapists and child molesters should have to worry about their safety and yet no one seems to be as passionate about those crimes as they are about ones committed against animals. People need to get their priorities straight!

1982 days ago


Hey#14..............Take a chill pill!!!!..........................Sounds like you like your dogs more then your children.

1982 days ago


His release was "shrouded in secrecy"? You are kidding me right? ESPN did an hour long special on him yesterday. Unless you were hiding under a rock, everybody knew he was being released to his $800m home in Virginia today. You can even visit him at his new job, working for a construction company. The name of the company is listed everywhere. Give me a break.

1982 days ago


He made a terrible mistake and he's paid for it. For those who are saying he should be killed due to his actions are dead wrong. He tried to play God by taking an amimals life so what makes you any better by wanting the same fate? Think about that.

1982 days ago


To #66- Melissa, you are so right on it. We have child molesters walking the street everyday with a simple slap on the hand and very little probation. Its sicken what causes some people chose to put all their energy into.

1982 days ago

I Remove Heads From Asses    

HE HAS STILL NOT BEEN REINSTATED...its still in the air but by the looks of people like Donte Stallworth and Ray Lewis he might get in. However i dont think the NFL has had the fury of an organization like PETA of the SPCA come down on them so whoever picks him up has to have a strong organization to deal with the constant protests. Give it about a season and a half if he does get reinstated for the protests to start to fade off

1982 days ago

I Remove Heads From Asses    


Human society head visits with Michael Vick. read the story on ESPN. The head of the largest Animal Welfare group has reached out his hand to Vick to help him.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society, says the group plans to partner with Vick in developing programs aimed at eliminating dogfighting. i applaude him for turning the other cheek and decideding to help him rather than string him up as another case for their cause.

1982 days ago

MilTicket7700 - San Francisco, CA.    

This world is full of HATERS. Let Michael Vick do what he does best, PLAY FOOTBALL. Any other average person, in the hood, would have been slapped on the hand. We have murderers and rapist whom are not criticized like this. This should not have gone so far...he should not have lost his job. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL...KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

1982 days ago
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