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Battle Brewing Over McNair Estate

7/19/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve McNair EstateSlain QB Steve McNair may have left a mess behind, because a legal fight over his estate seems to be taking shape.

McNair did not leave a will. His widow, Mechelle, has been named administrator of his estate. She's named her two sons, Tyler and Trenton, as heirs.

But here's the problem. McNair has two older sons from a prior relationship -- Steven McNair Jr. and Steven O'Brian Koran McNair. Mechelle did not list either child as an heir.

Under Tennessee law, Mechelle gets 1/3 of the estate and the remaining 2/3 is split evenly among the heirs.

We don't know why Mechelle failed to mention the other two kids. There are reports she's not convinced McNair fathered the two older kids, even though one of them was getting $500 a month in child support from the NFL'er.

And the plot thickens ... McNair's agent is being coy about the possibility a will really does exist.

Stay tuned...

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Thank you for the Joy Mr. J    

Another dead beat Dad. What a hero !
The two thirds has to be divided by four for his kids. Even if he had a will, the other two poor $$ kids $$ are entitled to an equal share. McNair was a sickening SOB. And his current wife must have been a real winner to leave the other two out.
Too bad this didn't come to light when Steve was alive, No values, no morals and he was worshipped by his fans.

1866 days ago


#32 You're wrong. Just because the kids had his name does not mean he signed the birth certificate or that they are his kids. There was a girl I am acquainted with who swore up and down that another mutual acquaintance was the father of her son. She named her son after him (first and last name), they went to court, and the paternity test proved he WAS NOT the father. He then said he wanted the kid's name changed since he wasn't the father, and court officials told him they couldn't do that. He had not signed the birth certificates--denied the kid was his from the beginning...to no avail.

1866 days ago


This kind of stuff makes me sick. Why is it that adults are never mature enough? Kids think they can depend on us to do what's right, but just look at women like this, who in their anger at a man, hurt children to make themselves feel better. It has nothing to do with karma (as someone said in the earlier comments). Karma doesn't come back to bite innocent children. I'm sure there was plenty of dough to go around. Do the right thing Mechelle!

1866 days ago


She sounds like she and Steve were well suited for each other....both selfish pigs. He was a liar & cheat in life & leaves a mess in death...a real "hero"......barf!

1866 days ago


I am assuming (and ya all know what assuming means) since he was paying child support, there had been paternity established. Dont tell me he was just throwing around money, if he was paying child support, he didnt question the fact that he slept with the kids mother.
It really does sound like McNair's wife is greedy,Come on, if he excepted the kids as his, the kids should be getting their portion. what comes around goes around. If he cheated once he will do it again, and what I dont get why in the hell did she stay with the dog..I thought black women were suppose to be strong and dont let their men stray, obviously she wasnt doing something right. He walked all over her, she must of stayed for the fame and fortune. But thats what MCnair gets, playing with a young women,and she was from Iraq or Iran. come one we will know there wasnt a future there, he was 16 years older, what do they have in common, oh ya know I remember. What I would like to know who is going to get her Cadillac Escalade. It was in both their names.

1866 days ago


I realy hope this is not true. I feel really bad for this woman, and ALL of these kids. How pathtic would it be for her to leave out his other 2 kids, not by her. Jeez, this just is wrong. I mean, surely there is enough money for them all, considering the obscene ammount of money athletes are paid nowdays.

1866 days ago



1866 days ago

Glad I don't have to do it!!!    

The wife is following the legal system. She can't do anything about the two oldest children. She can only prove paternity for her two children with McNair. The other mother will have to prove paternity. She is NOT tying to do anything to the other children.. I know for a fact the children in MIssissippi were well taken care of. Don't believe everything you read. The oldest son has lived with McNairs mother since birth. He moved with his biological mother last year so that he could play football at another high school. Do you really think the 500 dollars was for child support??? More likely spending money.

1866 days ago

Donna Reynolds    

This woman has been scorned in the most public way possible. Whatever she does at this point can only be viewed as coming from a place of deep pain and anguish. I can't imagine having my husband die in such a way. I would be insane with rage.

1866 days ago

sports fan    

Steve McNair Jr has just been selected as a member of the Dandy Dozen (top high school senior football players) in the State of Mississippi by the sport writers of The Clarion Ledger, a Mississippi Newspaper (clarionledger.com). He is a wide receiver at Oak Grove High School where last year he caught 58 passes for 962 yards. He turned 18 in April of this year. His father was sekected for this honor in 1990. He already has college offers from 4 colleges and many more are looking at him. His father was on the side lines for many of his games and was working out with this team (along with Brett Favre) before his death. This young man will probably be drafted by a top NFL team in the future and by then, his stepmother, Michelle, will probably have spent hers and her two legitimate childrens inheritance! She better be nice to him as she may want money from HIM in the future. McNair's other child - Steven - out of wedlock - is 15. There are two mothers involved and Michelle McNair KNEW this when she married Steve. I hope the TWO women who had these children will go to court and get their children's fair share of the inheritance from their father, NOT FOR THEIR BENEFIT but for the two children's educations, clothing, expenses in a trust fund for them. Michelle's two legitimate sons, Tyler and Trenton, may never even play football. Who knows? She would be wise to have had some DNA collected from Steve, Sr. as there maybe more sons out there that she doesn't even know about or that may not yet be born, He may have had some women pregnant at his death! THIS should be a lesson to all sports figures to keep your pants zipped! take care of all the children that you have spawned, have your affairs in order in case the same thing happens to them. Shame on Michelle McNair!!! I had thought she was a lady.

1866 days ago


First of all I kno for sure that the oldest son STEVE MCNAIR JR. is his. You can see the resemblence. Mechelle is wrong and those kids dont deserve that. but i did find it a bit strange how steve mcnair jr. was sittin on the second row at his fathers memorial service in hattiesburg.....WHY HE WASNT ON THE FRONT ROW?? ...thats all im sayin

1866 days ago


Greedy bitch.
Obviously Steve McNair didn't have a problem paying child support, he must of knew he slept with the women also. I have the problem of him only paying $ 500.00 for support. How dare her not to include the other children. McNair's wife must of been their for the fame and fortune. McNair's wife must of been alright with the cheating dog!
If you lay with dogs your are gonna get fleas.
Com'on women smarten up, dont have babies with dead beats.All these babies running around deserve support and know who their fathers are.Seems like they all have baby mommas...Women are disrespecting themselves if they keep having babies by several different men. Actually you are labeled in society.

1866 days ago


This McNair situation is becoming interesting. Do not worry about mcnair's children they will all get what is legally owed to them. I think it is interesting he had no will. Time will tell but his wife needs to be checked out. She may have had him killed so she could have it all. She should be ashamed that her husband was paying $500.00 a month. The more I think about it I am thinking maybe Steve was divorcing his wife. I know she kne he was running around. Time will tell.

1866 days ago


Mechelle McNair should be ashamed of herself. Those two older boys were not asked to be brought into this world. Steve McNair must of been convinced these were his children. He was involved in their lives. Mechelle is just bitter because she looks so stupid with all of her husband's dirty laundry being aired. She obviously aloud her husband to run around on her. I hope she makes a will because god only know what VD she might have. I would dig a hole and never come out. How embarassing but she should not take her anger out on the two older McNair boys. Shame on Mechelle.

1866 days ago


in the state of Tennessee only the guardian of the children can file a claim for his estate Mechelle is not the other childrens mother it is their mothers job to hire a lawyer and file a claim against the estate.Mechelle can only get her 1/3 and her children and the other 2 children would split the other 2/3.She is following the TN law for a estate without a will.SO DONT PEOPLE AND THE MEDIA MAKE THIS OUT MOLEHILL INTO A MOUNTAIN!Their mothers need to do the right thing for their kids!!!!

1866 days ago
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