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Roethlisberger Accuser Emerges, Cracks a Smile

7/22/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman suing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for sexual assault put on her smiley face outside her home near Lake Tahoe today.

Andrea McNulty: Click to watch
Andrea McNulty didn't say a word when we asked her about the case, but it's the first time we've seen her out since the lawsuit was filed last week.

McNulty is scheduled to return to her job tomorrow at the Harrah's hotel in Lake Tahoe -- where the alleged incident occurred in 2008.

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to little    

Impressive video of someone driving a car.... How do they do that??? Stupid update just like all the others where people are seen getting in car and driving away..

On TMZ when a nobody says nothing it news for Harvey to print. Worthless just like AOL

1928 days ago



1928 days ago


She is an alleged victim and should not be harrassed by the paps or called names by the dumb asses posting here. TMZ should be ashamed for posting her picture.

1928 days ago


@ #11 and 12........................I agree!!!

1928 days ago


Notice all the people defending this bitch are women. Listen up you idiots, if she was filing a CRIMINAL lawsuit she would have to prove rape and her picture would not be shown. Since she is only filing a CIVIL suit it means she just wants a check. She's trying to get paid for having sex with an athlete who has money. She's nothing but a whore who's trying to get paid for having sex. Guys, look into a Fleshlight...greatest invention ever and it doesn't have hormones. As for this chick, take your a$$ down to the Blvd and sell it like the whore you are.

1928 days ago


yeah convict a blk man before he has his day but old white boy didn't do any thing if this was a black quarterback or politican movie star tmz and others would have been out there getting all the dirt they could on his friends family and any body willing to say what ever michael jackson died he wasn't convicted of a damned thing and all of you on this site crucify him and his family even in death but this white boy let's give him the benefit of doubt

1928 days ago


For everybody who says she's a victim and TMZ shouldn't show her picture. Remember, this is a CIVIL case, not criminal. If it was criminal, her picture wouldn't be shown. She filed a civil case not a criminal.

1928 days ago


She's smiling because someone is paying attention to her. Oooo wee, look at me.

Harrah's will dump her like used toilet paper after all of this is done, the same way Big Ben dumped her after he spilled his load. She was surprised because he didn't call and there were no worldwind vacations, no mansions, no romance and no diamonds coming her way.

If she decides to stay in America, I'm sure the fans will harrass her until she goes back to Canada.

She's 31, so her golddigger opportunities are waning. Gotta load up with lawyers and get that big payload while she still can.

1928 days ago


I'm sorry, but she's lying. I've worked in hotels before, and for one, she should have not been up there, and by chance she was, she should have had a walkie talkie with her in the room so she could radio for help. Not only that, why did it take her a year to come out? Not only that why didn't she go after him in criminal court? There's too many inconsistencies. I do sympathize with rape victims, but this girl is not one.

1928 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Thank God she didn't open her mouth - the sun reflecting off those chompers could've blinded your guy.

1928 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Most rape claims are false. Women want attention.

1928 days ago

Black Power    

All of you people comenting on how this girl is a whore and a liar act like you were there the night the alleged rape occured. These big shot athletes all go out banging girls, yet when one cries foul, it's their fault. I know there is a line of sluts just waiting for some rich athlete to recognize them, but it's these men that put themselves in these situations. Go home to your wives and girlfriends and you won't be trapped into a web of trouble. Most men will do any woman with two legs who are wet and willing. Sometimes you have to pay to play.

1928 days ago


The real victim here is Big Ben, not her. She's lying and wants money. She probably has gambling debts.

It took her a year to get over her make believe Iraq soldier boyfriend and then she started focusing on Ben.

She's obssessed with make believe relationships. His lawyers will have a field day in court raking her nutty azz over the hot coals.

1928 days ago

Tony from Chicago    

If this "rape" happened last July, why didn't she go to the hospital and have a Doctor check her out? Why is she finally getting around to suing him now??? Smells a little fishy - no pun intended!

1928 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Once a woman cries, "Rape," the man she points to is seen as guilty-- and the courts make it easy to condemn.

1928 days ago
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