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Slain 'A.I.' Contestant Drunk, Suspect Says

7/29/2009 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The drunk driver charged with killing "American Idol" contestant Alexis Cohen in a hit-and-run last weekend says he's prepared to defend the case in part by questioning Cohen's sobriety at the time she was struck.

 Slain 'American Idol.' Contestant Drunk, Suspect Says

David Glassman -- attorney for 24-year-old Daniel Bark -- tells TMZ, "We're going to put a blanket not guilty plea on all counts."

Bark -- who's on suicide watch in a New Jersey jail -- is charged with aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide... as well as eluding police and leaving the scene of a crime. Cops say Bark struck Cohen while fleeing police after hitting a parked car -- just minutes before.

But Glassman says there's a huge gap with respect to when Bark allegedly struck the victim.

Bark is alleged to have killed Cohen with his 2005 Mitsubishi Galant.


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If the only defense he can come up with is blame the victim, then they have NO defense,

1909 days ago



1909 days ago


This low life punk and his douchebag lawyer must have gotten some advice from Hulk and Nick Hogan......just blame the victim.

1909 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

You people are a bunch of morons - that's a 1927 Bentley.

1909 days ago


Lawyers ... haha Gotta love them

1909 days ago


She was possibly drunk? WELL, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING! Ram your car into her, watch her stagger to the ground mortally wounded, and take off --yup, makes so much sense now. You're forgiven.

1909 days ago


Even if she was drunk that does not change the fact that he fled the scene and did not bother calling for help.

Him and his lawyer can come up with all the BS they want but the fact is no matter what he will in end serving time in jail for leaving the scene

1909 days ago


She was probably so intoxicated she wandered in front of the car. cut the guy some slack. he got scared. i don't blame him. i almost hit some tweeker walking in the road at night wearing dark clothes.

1909 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

All you need to do it stop. If I hit a dog I would stop and try to help it. Why to people drive on! That is where the crime is and the pain for the family. How could anyone leave their family member to die in the street without trying to get them help!

1909 days ago

kev the realist    

When is someone going to realize the lunacy in our judicial system. This blame the victim stuff is why lawyers get a bad rap ( deservedly). So his client is drunk, hit a car, then hit and killed a pedestrian and then eludes police and his counsel is going to blame the victim. Its time our judicial system adds afew new rules to criminal law, like deal with facts that actually have some bearing on the case. Whats next the car was uncontrolable..... Of course it was, your moron client was driving drunk. OK, now let's hope this is not in California, where they wil propbably find him not guilty, ( remember OJ).

Common sense Joe

1908 days ago


There is so much more to this story than what was printed here on TMZ. I live within 3 minutes of where this all went down and if you really want to read this story from the perspective of our local newspaper, if your at all interested go to the APP.COM website where there is full and complete information. The kid left a bar, had a fender bender in the parking lot of that bar, cops on bicycles approached him in the parking lot, but he didn't stop, he took off. They radioed in the call about the minor accident and knew exactly where he was headed. He wound up going Northbound on a Southbound road, and was stopped trying to go over a bridge leading out (only way out) of Seaside Heights where the bar was. So if he hit her it was within 3-4 minutes after he left the bar parking lot. She was probably at the bar herself, but they don't think there was any connection to each other......

1908 days ago


After he was stopped before crossing the bridge, he was arrested and taken to the police station. He was released to a friend who came and picked him up. Unbeknownst to the police at the time was that he was further involved in a woman who was found lying in the road, dead from her injuries. He isn't going to be walking away from these charges. There isn't going to be probation, he will serve hard time, this is his second DWI and this one involved a death. So rest easier now, this guy is going to be doing some serious time in prison. The only way out of Seaside is to cross over a bridge, you can be sure that the police are always sitting there when the bars close down just waiting for the morons to get in their cars after a night on the town. It's like a killing field, fish in a barrel DWI arrests. I bet he wishes he had stopped when he was initially being pulled over in the parking lot of the bar he was in.

1908 days ago

doc murry    

okay all you hammerheads ,,noone said that was the car that hit her ..geezzzzzz,,and my sources have informed me that they are going to charge the mitsubishi with manslaughter and let him off with a warning because after he hit her he should have backed up over her to make she she was dead,

1908 days ago


Is he black or just a wanna be? Because iof he is black & she was white he is NOT guilty! She probably hated black people & just jumped in front of his car to get him arrested.

1908 days ago


He killed someone u MORONS and all you care about is what kind of car he was driving??? Who the f*ck CARES what kind of car it was? HE KILLED SOMEONE! And rumor has it, he was arrested that same night in Seaside (before he ran the poor girl over) and released. Is that true, TMZ?

1908 days ago
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