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Murdered Model's Husband Brags About $$$

8/19/2009 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "person of interest" in the model murder case bragged to friends he won a boatload of money on a reality show he appeared on after his stint on VH1's "Megan Wants a Millionaire."

ryan alexander jasmine fiore

Ryan Alexander Jenkins appeared on "I Love Money" Season 3, just after marrying Jasmine Fiore last March. Ryan told several people who have spoken with us that he was the show's winner, pulling in $250,000, though we have not confirmed this with the show.

We're told Jenkins traveled to Mexico for the taping of the reality show, which wrapped around 4 weeks ago.

During the taping, we're told Jenkins constantly talked about Jasmine and how "she was the love of my life."

Producers of "I Love Money" did not return our calls.

jasmine fioreUPDATE: VH1 has issued the following statement:

"Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on 'Megan Wants A Millionaire', an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds, that is licensed to VH1. The show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim's family."


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Well - some of you need to stop getting all your info from the biased gossip blogs. No wonder ppl are so misinformed on everything in this country.

1. Just because one nut made it through does not mean that Vh1 doesn't check these ppl out. I havent' met too many precogs in my life who can predict who will and won't commit future murders...

2. We don't know that he killed her. Technically, he has not been accused. At this moment, this guy is a 'person of interest'. That is all.

Anyway, so sad that the lady had to be killed. Seems to have been some sort of a 'rage killing'. IMO, they could have just shot her, right?
Yet the person(s) strangled her. Stuffed her naked body in a suitcase...and literally threw her away. Was she raped as well, I wonder?
My god...

So -- I wonder, would a *stranger* commit a crime like that? I'd think this was the act of someone who knew her in some fashion.

Like someone else said -- it could have been someone from her job. Stripping is a dangerous industry. In addition to drug-dealers...some of the guys who frequent the clubs are perverts and sexual deviants. One of her 'groupies' could have led her off and killed her.

1857 days ago

Carrys F.    

Maliah, you must be one of the tools that are on these reality shows. This guy has a HISTORY of domestic violence and was arrested for hitting his wife in June. There are predictors for murderers. So, until you get a PHD. in psychology why don't you just shut the heck up you moron!

1857 days ago

Carrys F.    

If a stranger committed this crime, as you seem to think, Maliah, why is this guy on the run? Why didn't he report his wife missing? Why are you defending a potential murderer?

1857 days ago


God Bless her and her family. Its horrible losing a loved one, and losing someone you love in the manner that this young woman died is even more painful.

1857 days ago


just read on a site their suspeding running the show.Thank God!Lame
show.Men competing for a person they know is a golddigger.i pretty sure these guys aren't all millionaires either.Vh1 stop the madness Megan ruined the reunion shows.She needs to off tv.

1857 days ago


We are dealing with a dead woman here, not your missed opportunities at wasting countless hours watching these asinine television shows. In case you have not though about it(something tells me this a practice some of you rarely exercise), there is no chance in hell any network is going to be allowed to air episodes of a show featuring a man who is suspect for murder, nor would they find it in their immediate interest to do so. Some of you exhibit such selfishness that it amazes me.

1857 days ago


This guy is a total fraud. Check that page (, his "assistant" Paulina Chmielecka is a model.

1857 days ago


Hopefully, everyone will take the time to read this comment. Today I sit in disgust as I read some of the comments made about my friend, my love, my heart and soul.

Jasmine was an amazing person who I loved very much and to hear you people talk about her death in such a despicable way it disgust me of the human race.

Jasmine was a beautiful woman. She was a nationally paid model in both print & television. She was not a stripper which was hearsay rumors from Megan telling her story on how they met.

Jasmine met Ryan at a Hawaiian Tropics function and did fall in love with him and truly was under the belief he was an awesome guy. They did go through a ceremonial wedding however, it was merely ceremonial and not official.

You know you should take the time to think some times when you judge someone by there looks or by the actions and understand that everyone has a story, a family, a friend and loved one. Jasmine was loved by many including myself and I will cherish the good times and her memories forever...

I love you Jazz....

Feb. 1981 - August. 2009

1856 days ago


I saw a clip of this reality show on TV last night. This guy is creepy.

1856 days ago



1856 days ago


Now, now. Nobody knows how screwed up these reality show-ACTORS get when they do their job. I actually believe they LOSE TOUCH WITH REALITY!!! Not so improbable, is it? Get everything in the new reality, lose every bit of sense in the other. Peace to the victim and her family. No-one deserves to be murdered!

1856 days ago


The guy is a frickin lunatic. Let's remember while all the immature nasty shock value comments pour in that this girl was someones child.
Did she really deserve to die? get her teeth cut out and her fingers hacked off? I hope this a hole gets caught quick and brought to justice. RIP Jasmine we will get him

1855 days ago


Hey FERNIE: She was a brunette when not modling.

I seen them together at the PALMS in VEGAS.
{you dumb ass POSSER]

1855 days ago


I personally do not like reality shows-however I do watch CNN-and this is on 24/7- The girl had to marry for money since she spent most of it on surgeries, a bad surgeon at that-what else was she bringing to the table but her looks? Yet no one deserves to be killed! What happened to divorce? My daughters are twins and are very pretty. Not the hottie types. My husband and I paid for their educations-Looks, do not last, brains do. I hope, if he did it, he gets caught and they pull his teeth out-one by one

1855 days ago
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