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Jon Vs. TLC -- Every Story has 8 Sides

10/1/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the production of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" "Kate Plus 8" tell TMZ all the hoo-hah has to do with $$$.

Sources on both sides tell us Jon Gosselin has been asking for his exit papers from the show for several months. Production sources say they were willing to continue giving Jon a full paycheck and not put him on the show, but there was one string attached -- that he couldn't do any other show without the permission of TLC. BTW, that's a standard condition in TV-land.

Production sources say Jon's lawyer was demanding that TLC let Jon do any show he wanted but TLC wouldn't budge. Production sources say Jon's lawyer then threatened to shut down production by claiming the show wasn't good for the kids, and that's just what happened.

But sources connected with Jon tell us Jon had been complaining for months about his kids being on the show and that the kids themselves were complaining. These sources say Jon was blindsided when TLC released a statement that the show would be called "Kate Plus 8" and that the result would be that the kids would have to be on camera a lot more.

Production sources say no way would the kids be on the camera more because it's just "Kate Plus 8."


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Brenda, it's obvious that you are an uneducated loser. If you are going to be racist, guess what? Everyone else can play that card. If you are a Mexican, I can say that at least we won't have to worry about immigration becoming apart of the show. If you are black, I can say that now, at least we won't have to worry about slangs and ghettos on the show, or AIDS. If you are white, I can say at least we won't have to worry about child molestation. There are plenty of racist and stereotypes. You can keep them to yourself.

1787 days ago

Kathleen Rivkind    

Does anyone really care for that ugly Jon - to me that's non-news. Plus why do people get paid for raising their kids on TV? These poor kids are already traumatized by the divorce. Jon and Kate need to get regular jobs get the cameras out of the kid's faces and take care of business like everyone else!

1787 days ago


Although a lot of people don't want to admit it, the show has always been about Kate and being a mother. Women watch because they want to talk and hear about what other mothers are doing and how their kids are doing. Kate has no problem doing this, and that's why the show existed, and why people watched. Give Kate her own show, bring in others to talk and it will take off just like the other show did.

1787 days ago


This is the BEST THING that could EVER HAPPEN to those children who have been exploited long enough!!!


Maybe now there'll still remain a sliver of hope that at least a few of the children will not grow up to be utterly and devastatingly damaged people.

1787 days ago


Why would Jon leaving mean that the children would be filming more? They were filming with Jon and with Kate. Now they will just film with Kate. They shouldn't be filming any more than before Jon's departure and maybe they will be filmed less. TLC can film Kate doing her own thing but Jon's own thing was never appropriate for family viewing.

1787 days ago


Good for Jon. Good for his kids. TLC is the loser channel.

1787 days ago


My question is - how can this man (Jon) say 'hault' to the t.v. show - when he himself was, not long ago, sitting with the Ed Hardy designer - talking smack about starting his own children's line AND using his kid's for the marketing?

Did he consult his ex-wife/kid's mom on this? Hell no!

Was he thinking about the "welfare of his children" at this time? Hell no!

Kate may be overbearing/etc./etc. - but at least she tell's it like it is - no sugar coating with her - AND is there for her children.

NOT going around trying to pump everything that moves. Go Kate!


1787 days ago

Alec Gonzales    

the show fell apart because kate cant keep her legs closed. she was doing the bodyguard. she was in violation of the morals clause way before john started spending money on strippers.

hey john buddy... get out... leave the kids with kate... pay child support if you need to... just run... and get your own reality show while people can still tolerate you

may you and tila tequila can figure something out

1787 days ago


I think Jon is creepy and he should stop blowing his money on expensive trips and cars. He needs to get a real job and start supporting his eight kids.

1787 days ago

no name    

If Jon was complaining for months about the kids being on the show, then why did he defend the kids being on the show a month ago and film with the kids a few days ago. He just cares about himself and his actions are opportunistic. Does he really think the world is so stupid to now believe he cares about his kids. Jon's born on April Fools day and that is what he is - a FOOL.

1787 days ago


Jon tried to play hard ball with the big boys and lost. If he screws Kate out of the show how is he going to support their kids? He has no real marketable skills.

1787 days ago


Actually, he and Tila would make a cute couple together.

1787 days ago

I think Jon is blackmailing TLC for money. He does have the power to pull the kids out.

I think they are all slimebags, Jon, Kate, TLC.

Poor kids. They were exploted, now a pawn over money.

1787 days ago

Linda Mott    

As a Christian man, Jon should have taken headship of his household and not whine to everyone that Kate was a control freak. He just cares about the money and is mad that the judge has Kate in control. Can you imagine if he had control? The kids would have nothing in the bank. I think TLC should just drop the show and be rid of him. He has the kids set to model clothes from the collection. I hope Kate blocks his ventures. He is to do a show as the divorced Hollywood dad. Every time we see him he has no kids with him or he is on his cell and they are running wild with the nanny chasing them. I think he is awful to badmouth the mother of his children. He is acting like a real child.
TMZ's Max was yapping about how he couldn't stand Kate. How would he like to have 8 kids dumped on him with no support system from the other parent?

1787 days ago


TMZ how much money do these people make for filming this show?

1787 days ago
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