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Jon Gosselin -- Contemptible?

10/4/2009 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin, Jon GosselinKate Gosselin is drawing the big gun -- we've learned she's hired legal pit bull Marty Singer to go after Jon Gosselin ... asking a judge to hold him in contempt of court for raiding their joint bank account to the tune of more than $200,000.

We've learned there is an existing court order prohibiting Jon or Kate from withdrawing any money from the account without the consent of both parties.

We've learned lawyers for Kate will go to Pennsylvania court tomorrow and argue that Jon has flagrantly violated that order, that he should be forced to return the money to the account and held in contempt.

Ironically, Jon suggested on "Larry King" he wanted to save the marriage -- at the same time he emptied the account.


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He has lost his complete mind!!!!!!

1844 days ago

WTF is wrong with this country?    

You know, I used to feel sorry for this guy. Kate seemed to ride him verbally all the time and I thought she was a bit of a shrew. But with his recent behavior which I assume is his "real" self, he is making a case for why Kate may have acted towards him the way she did.

He has done nothing but made a fool of himself since separating from his wife. Having sex with the baby sitter, multiple hookups with 20 somethings, going on air and declaring how much he despise's the mother of his 8 children while declaring his true love to be his current 22 year old. Getting kicked off the show he claimed his kids loved, then the next day saying his kids are being harmed by the show.

Seems like his face is plastered everywhere, he's always whining about how bad others are treating him, see a pattern here? Maybe it's not the rest of the world, it's YOU Jon.

Grow up, quit whining, get a "real" job if you just want a normal life out of the public eye. But no, what do you do? You parade in front of any any every talk show that will have you, place yourself where you know paps will be and continue to spout off stupid comments every chance you get. I believe you are in serious need of mental health counseling, do it for the kids you are so concerned about. A mentally fit Father is one the best things you could be for your children. PLEASE just go away already... your 15 minutes have been up for a very long time.

1844 days ago


they are both disgusting, why do we continue to make celebrities out of dumb trailer trash? those poor kids don't stand a chance at a normal childhood.

1844 days ago


To Scott who posted earlier about taking the name off the the article. There is a court order in place prohibiting them from certain action. Inclusive of that would be an order that they not remove someone from the account.

Just another example of this guy showing his true colors. What an embarrassment he is to himself and his kids. If America cannot open their eyes and realize he was the passive aggressive one all along, you are now seeing what a jerk he is.

1844 days ago


They're both trash.

1844 days ago


Wow! What a great scoop TMZ! Jon's in a heck of a lot of trouble!

1844 days ago


Everyone keeps talking about what a shrew Kate is. On the show Jon said several times that she needed to be a control freak and he liked it that way because he tended to be too easy going and lazy. Now he has the audacity to complain about her and clean out the bank account leaving her with only $1,000 to look after THEIR children. He probably needs the $200k to flatter and "boink" the next twenty something. He needs a couple days in jail or cleaning the side of the freeway as community service. That would be a great photo op for the paps.

1844 days ago



1844 days ago


I was wrong about Kate. I didn't like her when they were married, but since the separation she has handled herself with class and dignity while Jon has been nothing but a tool.

1844 days ago

The Seer    

Now, now. The reason Jon raided the bank account is to prevent Kate from continuing to afford going to the hairdresser to get that horrible muskrat cut. He meant it in the most loving of ways, people. Can't you see? Jon really loves Kate and the kid$. Really.

..and they all lived happily ever after.

1844 days ago


Jon is clearly mentally challenged. The courts need to get control of this jerk before he destroys his kids.

1844 days ago


Go Kate Go. I want you to have my children.Now that would be some family. Kick that bum to the curb. Than to the street. Than down the street.Than jump on him a few times .Ill be waiting for you at the house.

1844 days ago


So very sick of these lowlifes.

1844 days ago


Everytime I say, I don't think Jon can do anything worse he does. Cleaning out their joint bank account and just leaving Kate with $1,000.00 is as slimey as you can get. Gee, maybe Jon needs another new car, or a motorcycle or another girlfriend or maybe a 2 hour lunch for the rest of his life. He sure doesn't need to stuff his mouth with food. Has Jon looked at himself in the mirror lately??? Where is this man's brain cells??? I think we are seeing the true Jon (a whiney little baby). This certainly explains Kate's attitude toward Jon. I think Jon needs a brain transplant or some time in jail for disobeying a court order. Maybe that would help him wake up!!!!!

I wish Kate and the children the best. Team Kate all the way!!!

1844 days ago


They both need counseling!

1844 days ago
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