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Dr. Phil Trapped Me, Touched My Boob

10/7/2009 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr PhilDr. Phil is being sued by a woman who claims the TV shrink held her captive inside his production offices, forced her to stare at a naked man -- and then grabbed her left breast.

According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a woman named Shirley Dieu claims she went to Phil to seek therapy in 2007 -- but instead she claims the doc tried to "brainwash" her and force her to endure all sorts of physical and emotional abuse.

In the docs, Shirley claims Phil forced her to "be in the same room with a completely naked live man while he exposed his entire naked body, genitals and all."

Shirley alleges she tried to escape the building, but "was blocked by the staff to prevent her from leaving."

In the docs, Shirley also claims Phil "touched her left breast during her therapy session."

Shirley also claims Phil lied to her about being a "real" doctor -- alleging that the TV shrink "is not licensed to practice in the state of California."

Shirley doesn't specify how much money she wants from Phil -- but we're assuming it's an insane figure.


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Same thing happened to me...swear to god, except I'm a 55 year-old, overweight, middle aged man with a double chin. Where my reparations at?

1820 days ago


absolutly ridiculous.obviously a sham. i wouldnt be surprized if the main stream news stations didnt waste their time with this one. she is seeing dr. phil, he steps from behind his desk, she backs into a "corner" and a naked guy appears.(i hope he wasnt there when she steped into his office, then its her fault she decided to go on with the sesion) dr phil points at the nacked guy in his office and says "look" *she does*. he then copped a feel. then she escaped from the corner that she was "trapped" in and storms out of the office. she runs down the hall only to be chased by the hundreds of staff members that are aparently in on this, but she was never caught, oh no. she makes it home with out calling the police and waits a few weeks to take it straight to court (who knows, the cops might be in it to. better if she just went right to the judge herself.) Hmmm... wow! what a story. i dont believe it. lol LMFAO!

1820 days ago


i wouldnt doubt it this dude looks like a pediophile rapist what ever u call it hes a rapist looks like it

1820 days ago


WOW that's so weird I always go for the left boob too!

1820 days ago


It took her 2 plus years to sue him? This woman is lying pure and simple. People get real. It's all about the money and if he gives her 1 dime it's 1 dime too much.

1820 days ago


ohh come on give me a break now..this chick can share a jailcell with lettermens extortionist

1820 days ago


Sound like a liar? She Shirley Deiu!

1820 days ago


Dr. Phil looks like a deviant. He's a book-selling shill. His wife should be on

1820 days ago


Omgosh this had me laughing so hard!

1820 days ago

He makes me sick    

Come on, lady. Dr. Phil doesn't even do private therapy anymore. Hellooooo, hit TV show!!!!

1820 days ago


Unbelievable! First of all, Dr Phil himself has admitted hes not licenced in the state of California to practice (he admitted it on his show after the Brittany Spears incedent)which is why he refers people who appear on his show to other therapists. Second, are we really expected to believe that he and his staff prevented this woman from leaving a room with a naked man? And none of his staff have spoken out about it? Thats not something that people would keep secret for very long. Either there is a big portion of the story missing, or this lady is crazy!

1820 days ago


So why is she bringing this up now if it happen in 2007 and everybody in the free world knows Dr. Phil is not a "real" therapist.

1820 days ago


lies!!!dr phil is not that stupid! someone must need a handout

1820 days ago


40. Dr.Phill is one of Oprah's creations therefore I cannot stand him. Oprah is a big racist. I love that her bid for the Chicago olympics failed.

Posted at 11:40PM on Oct 7th 2009 by Johny brain

Uhu...? She gives a big middle-aged white guy a break, therefore she is a racist?

Since her own guy is black, you can't mean she is a racist preferring white people.

Maybe you should get your brain recharged...? :)

1820 days ago


Dr Phil is a big fat idiot to be sure..however, I simply do not believe this load of bull.

1820 days ago
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