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Jon Fires Back at Kate -- You Took $$$ Too!

10/11/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In football, if both teams commit a penalty on the same play, they just do the play over. Does the same thing apply when Jon and Kate Gosselin both allegedly violate a court order?

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

A few days after Kate claimed Jon raided their joint bank account (a legal no-no), Jon filed papers of his own claiming she did the same. According to the papers filed last week, Jon claims Kate withdrew over $60,000 from their joint account between July and September 2009.

He also claims she took out over $1 million from February 2008 to June 2009 that have not been properly accounted for.

Sources connected to Kate contend her withdrawals were legal and note that Jon withdrew $230,000 without the necessary permission required by the arbitrator. Both sides are due back in court on Tuesday.


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whats up Doctors    

Wow 8 kids, Her stuff must be really stretched out now, It would be THROWING A HOTDOG,DOWN A HALLWAY.whew rotflmao.And Jon, Can you still handle it? If you say yes your a liar....

1840 days ago



1840 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Doesn't Jon know by now there are two sets of rules one for him and one for Kate he has to do what she says and she can do what ever she wants because she is the mother and I use the term mother loosely everyone is to believe she is the victim blah blah blah she is a conniving bitch and a control freak if she can't get what she wants she will lie to turn it around to make everyone send her more money what a farce she makes me sick !!!

1840 days ago


Unlike Jon, Kate is not stupid. And unlike his attorneys, her attorneys are not bottom feeders. She would absolutely not go public with this if she had any skeletons in her closet. Jon is SOL, but he's too stupid to realize it. I read the People mag article and it makes me sick what that dirtbag is doing to her and those kids. I believe he is doing what he's accused of - just look at how he's been living his life and his trash talk. He is out to destroy her and it matters not who else he takes down in the process, even if that's his 8 children. He said he'd kill himself if the media stopped paying him attention. It'd be great if every tabloid collectively agreed to a Jon black-out. He would lose his mind. I can't wait for him to get exactly what he has coming. Bye kids, bye house, bye cars, bye income, bye-bye.

1840 days ago


down with Kate:

Yes, I see how Kate COMPLETELY spun Jon's disinterest in his kids except while paparazzi is present and made him look bad. Poor guy.

1840 days ago


Give 'em each a gun and 10 paces.

1840 days ago


In his court filing, he admits to taking the $ 236

In Item 19 in his counterclaim (pp. 5-6 of the total pleading he says) "Husband avers that Wife has not been forthright with this Honorable Court, in that she complains in her Emergency Petition that Husband removed $231,346.61, yet the account statements show that $290,525.80 was removed from the account between July 17, 2009 and September 29, 2009, meaning Wife ALSO has removed funds from the KJIG account in violation of the Arbitrator's award." (Emphasis added). In the first place, it doesn't seem out of line that Kate, the designated bill payer, allegedly withdrew about
$ 29,000.00 a month in that period given the fact that the regular and anticipated extraordinary expenses include things like mortgages on two houses, real estate taxes, utility bills, security, home repairs, children's school fees, insurance (homeowners and auto), food and clothing bills for the children, individual taxes incurred pre-separation for each parent, etc. He never gives any accounting of how he spent the money he withdrew. Even if he paid in $7500.00 a month into the account as the interim award required of each house and he is given credit of that (I'm not sure why he would but let's give him the benefit of the doubt), that still means he took out over $200,000.00. He keeps harping publicly on the allegedly missing $2,000,000.00. It does not seem coincidental that he took out almost precisely 10% of that amount. Considering that they had next to nothing when they signed up for the specials and then the series, by his own accounting, if he doesn't or can't pay the money back, he should not be entitled to another penny in equitable distribution, the two cars he got should be charged against his share, and he should still be obligated to go out an get a job that pays a regular wage because none of this discharges the obligation that each parent will have to support the children until they reach adulthood. Maybe that Milkshake place in LA is looking for employees.

1840 days ago


Atleast Kate is not trying to make money all the time by going to
Hollywood or Vegas every weekend with men or women around her. Jon
is a dirt bag and needs to grow up. Loooossser with a big "L".
Jon thinks he stood his ground with Nancy Grace, uhh Jon, I don't think so. She shut you and your lawyer up!

1840 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Lilarose- You are really out-of-line inserting yourself into this divorce by contacting the Pennsylvania authorities as if you actually know the truth about the situation. You are seriously mistaken if you actually believe these kids would be better off in a foster home. What planet do you live on, anyway?

This kind of back and forth goes on all the time. The fact that these two are in a divorce is bad enough. It is up to the court to sort out the facts and it is very possible the public will never know the truth. I wouldn't be surprised to see the court put a gag order on the whole thing.

1840 days ago

marc jay    

Theres one place who could take care of this whole situation.They call it the F.B.I.................The FBI could find out if John stole that money and was hacking into kates e-mail account and bank account.Are they the ones investigating? Will John regret he ever did this once he's sent off to jail?

1840 days ago

Pat of Moscow    

That is a beautiful picture of father and daughter love. It's too bad it's only temporary because when Hannah gets a little older and fines out the truth of her fathers (bad behavior) she will lose all respect for him. Jon took from them a better life. The children were filmed three times a week for a couple of hours a day and all they had to do was be themselves. They went to the beach, learn to ride a horse at the dude ranch, skiing, feed chickens, pick apples, went all over and saw many different things and enjoyed playing in parks, picnics, making cakes, etc. What a great way to earn money. These things could not be taught in a class room. I'm with Kate because she said her family comes first and she has proved that over and over. It's jerk head Jon who has done everything he could to destroy Kate and try to make her look worst then him and in the process because of self pride he took away from his children a better way of life. I hope he has a lot of money because he is going to have to support them for the rest of his life.

1840 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Regarding the person who contacted the PA authorities - I would think that they are already watching what is going on with the parents being in the news 24/7, but i could be wrong.

1840 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Jon has been yelling about the million dollars he BELIEVES is missing for months now. As for the money Kate allegedly illegally withdrew, I bet she can acct for it. I'm sure that at some point in the past six months that school tuition had to be paid on eight kids and that's a big house to maintain. Regardless, most likely Jon's share wouldn't be a million at this point and I doubt Kate is going to let Jon blow through money meant to ensure the kids can remain in THEIR home (as he has often referred to the home).

I'd also like to see them plant full grown evergreens to block the view of the garage area. There is no reason the paps should continue to be able to spy on the family when there is an easy way to prevent it.

1840 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to ME !!! .. I'm the greatest star, I am by far but no one knows it... arm arm arm *turn .. Flip .. How's that? ..

1840 days ago


PEOPLE!! This two pathetic people are here because of US! If we cease to watch them they will go away. They have gotten all of this money because of US, how many of US these days are fighting with our spouse over who took 230,000 or 60,000 or over a million dollars from a joint account? This is ridiculous and only WE can put an end to these to greedy pathetic people.
Lets do it!!!!

1840 days ago
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