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Kate: 'Profoundly Disturbed' by Allegations

10/15/2009 5:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate GosselinKate Gosselin tells TMZ she is "disturbed" by reports that Jon has hacked into her emails and other personal accounts.

Kate's rep says "Kate Gosselin has heard the allegations made by Stephanie Santoro that Jon Gosselin 'hacked' into her emails, phone, and online accounts, and she is profoundly disturbed by them."

The rep continues, "Under the circumstances, Ms. Gosselin is carefully considering all of her legal options regarding this matter, and she will pursue them if and when the time is right."


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M Murphy    

Both of these people are deeply distrubed! It makes you wonder if they are BOTH doing this just for the publicity until they can sign their big deal contracts?

1805 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

OMG the Douchebag rides again!

Some one get JOn a cape with a big letter D on it, and it is not for Daddy of the year, Douchebag of the Decade~

1805 days ago


ban bman. that is sick.

Jon is a slimeball times a zillion. I hope he goes to jail!

1805 days ago



1805 days ago


People! Get a grip! The media is constantly in both Jon and Kate's faces right now - cameras rolling and filming their every move, all the while asking questions, making comments, more questions, etc. Every now and again they answer a question, it gets posted and everyone starts criticizing Jon and Kate for being publicity seekers. I would bet money they'd rather everyone just go away. They're not getting paid for talking to the paparazzi so there's no real benefit to either of them. Remember, these are two everyday people that did a television show, probably not quite understanding the long term ramifications ... and now going through a very messy and public divorce. How would you or I cope with it? Probably not very well either.

1805 days ago


TMZ you need to monitor your comments when someone wants to gullet Kate they are disturbed. bandman your comment is sick.

1805 days ago


TMZ is clearly one sided in their reporting. While Jon is an idiot, so is Kate..and you fail to report most of anti-Kate antics. You owe it to your readers to report, if you must report at all on these doucebags, both sides. Man up.

1805 days ago


Jon says he has the emails but doesn't want to embarrass Kate. Whether he has them or not he is in trouble. Just stating it suggests he hacked her system, throw in the fact he may be in contempt of court if he doesn't pay back 180,000 and Jon has big legal troubles. One or both of these could land him in jail. Slept with the sitter in another building while the kids slept in the house alone, may have left the state when he had custody to do interviews could help Kate get full custody. Jons need for attention and shooting off his mouth is putting him one step closer to a jail cell.

1805 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon has some major psychological issues he is displaying lately. I think he fears the loss and separation from Kate. He is doing all he can to seek out revenge and sabotage and take from her (in doing so he takes from the kids, they get the short end to his self destructive and selfishness.)

He is a loose cannon losing control, he can no longer make Kate react the way he wants to, she is no longer playing into his immature mind f*ck games.

1805 days ago

sweet sue    

Now she's looking to sue somebody? Let's review: making money off her kid's, making money from her seperation, making money from her television pity party, and now sueing. Well, a girl's gotta make money somehow.

1805 days ago


Hailey posting on these sites is why body guards have to be paid. Men who post their hate for Kate are telling on their own relationships. Why do you even know who Kate is?

1805 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Kate, get a RESTRAINING ORDER, ASAP, if proven!

1805 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Hailey feeds all of this, she probably encourages it, I know she encourages the Kate Hate.

She does not care about his kids at all. She is a selfish bitch and Jon is a failure in all he does, it pisses him off that Kate can do all of this on her own and does not need his lazy ass. She kicked him to the curb and I can see why, who would want a man child to care for.

Jon needs a baby bottle and a diaper and a rubber room, he is unstable!

1805 days ago


Do you really think that anyone believes anything that that "hoe" says...Kate, keep your stupid mouth shut.

1805 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Maybe the Law and Order episode to air tomorrow night, the 16th, has merit. It is to be after the Gosselin's and the husband kills the wife.

Next Jon will be attempting to kill Kate. He is so hostile toward her in his interviews, his hate has consumed him into an ugly ugly man.

Sort of like the GWOP Kate Haters. They don't feel alive unless they are trying to hurt Kate Gosselin, and Jon is doing the same, it is like he won't stop until he hurts her, emotionally and psychically to get his taste of revenge. He is a mean spirited, vindictive, vile nutjob.

No longer the sweet Jon, he is a Jekyll and Hyde.

I think he was soooooooo jealous of Steve. Steve was a threat to Jon, reminded him of everything Jon was not. Jon is not a protector, he does not work, he is not a cute hot looking man, and Steve looked better next to Kate and the kids adored Steve. So Jon made up the lies about Kate cheating to cover up his own dirty cheating scandal and all along this is about Jon's jealousy of Steve protecting his family, because Jon was to irresponsible to step up and be that hero.

1805 days ago
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