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TLC to Jon -- Pants on Fire!

10/16/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the lawsuit TLC just filed against Jon Gosselin, and the network is essentially saying Jon is a liar by now claiming he stopped production because he's concerned about the welfare of his kids -- TLC says Jon is concerned about the welfare of Jon.

Jon Gosselin -- Launch docs

According to the suit, filed by Paul Gaffney of the law firm of Williams & Connolly in DC, the day TLC recast the show as "Kate Plus 8," Jon's lawyer contacted TLC and demanded that they release him from the "exclusivity" provision of the contract, even though Jon was still drawing a full salary. The suit claims Jon's laywer gave an ultimatum -- either release him from the exclusivity clause within one hour, or Jon would block the filming of the TLC show on grounds it was "detrimental to his children."

TLC notes Jon never uttered a peep about how bad the show was for his kids, until it affected his pocketbook.

And, TLC claims Jon is pulling in some serious bucks from "Entertainment Tonight" -- aka "Entertainment Something."


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Karyn Russell    

It's pure revenge on TLC's part. They just don't want Jon telling their dirty little secrets. Can't be about Jon making money on other shows because we all know greedy Kate would never go on Larry King, The View, Today Show without getting paid. Why not sue her too? Because she is their puppet. TLC is not making any fans with their actions past and present.

1835 days ago

kate is a strong woman and a great mother..she did the show to give her children the opportunites in life they otherwise wouldnt have had, its beytter than welfare...jon, on the other hand needs to grow up, as do most men....

1835 days ago


Interesting that while TMZ has this posted the Insider & ET pretty much have nothing on their site. Think they finally realized that Jon Gosselin is a piriaha?

1835 days ago

sensible grandma    

I'm glad TLC is slapping Jon with a lawsuit. He is only concerned about himself. Couldn't handle Kate having a way to continue to support the kids. Every day there is more drama from him. He's losing it. You are a fool, jon, who never grew up. Kat may be a loudmouth, but she is a good business woman. Sorry, Jon, but you proved to be a nobody, who blames everyone else for your problems. When all the chicks leave you, will you blame them for leading you down your destructive path? You don't own up to anything. It's always someone elses fault. LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!

1835 days ago


Well Well Well, the Chickens have come home to roost, and he danced to the Band, and time to pay The Man. He is such a poor excuse for a man and a father, so I guess you all know WHY kate was such a bitch to him, HE IS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

But there is still a chance for redemption Jon, Beg for forgiveness from your family, apologize to your family, get some heavy duty counseling, and count the blessings you have thrown to the wind endangering your family's livelihood.

In other words "Man Up"

PS Mr Lohan has NOTHING to offer you. He is a tool too. You guys cannot have a show, the name "Tool Time" is already taken. And who would watch these Twin Douchebags?????????????

1835 days ago


Jon's lawyer is a complete douche. I can tell just by looking at him. That was a bad move on his part. If Jon wants this to get off the ground, he needs a better lawyer. How badly does this moron need to screw up before Jon drops him? You don't give a multi-million dollar corporation an ultimatum unless you have equal fire power. Who does this guy think he is? its 4 against 1 plus 1 media-whore.

Not that I like Jon. I don't like Kate that much either. I just think that Jon needs someone better than a snaggle-tooth neanderthal hybrid to represent him.

1835 days ago


exactley what i thought to! wonder why it took tlc so long to file though. jon is out for the money only. he never thought about how it would effect his kids till he wasnt in the picture and not gonna be making the money then he decided what he did. jon is such a joke.

1835 days ago


I find it very interesting that Entertainment Something has yet to even put the news of the TLC lawsuit against Jon on their website.... Imagine, are they worried about being called to testify?? lol..

1835 days ago


I stopped watching entertainment something when the put Jon on their show.

1835 days ago


"Nice to see The Learning Channel exploiting kids for ratings..and filing lawsuits when their grown camera men can't follow kids around anymore. Both parents are strange and damaaged..but TLC isn't taking enough heat for exploiting the children. They have loved every minute of this be damned. Society is f*cking screwed. "

You got that right. I will be glad when this show is no longer on the air. So sick of this mess. Sick of the family. Sick of TLC altogether.

1835 days ago


I think that TLC needs to pull the show and make sure that these children are protected. Could Jon and Kate just keep their personal problems to themselves and not air it all over National Television. Kate crying and complaining she can't pay her bills....Please.. I did not feel sorry for her one bit...Most of us in the real world are living pay check to pay check. She lives in a lavish home and she has gone from looking blah to beautiful. She treated Jon Horrible and all of us saw this with are own eyes that did watch this show. This is a horrible situation for the children and they don't deserve any of this and Jon and Kate need to stay off the television and airing all their complaints about each other. Jon and Kate are both acting horrible and TLC needs to cancel whatever contract they have with them and step out of this mess. "IS ANYONE THINKING OF THE CHILDREN AT ALL" Do they have Grandparents who can step in and help out???? Even Kate's Brother and sister in law sold both of them out and threw them under the bus.....CAN CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES STEP IN AND DO SOMETHING???
Thanks, Kathleen C. from Vista, California

1835 days ago


Yes Mary you think Kate is a strong woman and a great mother who did the show to give her children a better life. Well that better life has taken away any privacy that the children are entitled to. Kate can choose to have her face on TV; if she so chooses; but, the children did not get that choice. The children have been forced to give up their normal childhood to support the family. To me it is not a child's job to have to work to provide fame and fortune for a greedy mother, father or TLC. If Kate had any concern for her children she would do everything in her power to avoid putting them in the position of having to be the money bags for TLC's profit. If Kate is so great; why can't she get work that does not involve her children. Why. Because Kate is a sorry excuse for being a mother. Money first, TLC second, and at the bottom of the list the children.

1835 days ago


Jon is the biggest douche alive, but isn't it TLC that got rid of Paige Davis of "Trading Spaces" because she had said or done something the felt inappropriate?

1835 days ago


Anyone who's watched this guy these last six months knows he changes his story (lies) about every two days. Whether it was a good idea or not to start the show, precipitously pulling the rug out from under it because TLC wouldn't keep paying him while letting him out of the contract, will hurt his kids more than either of the parents. But it's all about poor, emotionally and mentally 12 year old Jon. His mother must be proud. And all this because he intended "to continue on television", a reality-challenged delusion to begin with. Sad.

1835 days ago


TLC means The Learning Channel. And what do we learn from it? How to exploit your children, use your children as cash cows, and how to become a media whore...

1835 days ago
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