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Stephanie Pratt -- Kinda Barely a Little Bit Drunk

10/19/2009 1:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephanie PrattDrunk driving is drunk driving -- but as far as DUIs go, Stephanie Pratt is no Gary Collins.

We've learned the "Hills" star took two breathalyzer tests after she was pulled over in Hollywood early Sunday morning. The first was .08, the second was a .09.

The legal limit in California is .08.

She was not stopped because she was driving erratically, but because of an equipment violation.

As we first reported, Pratt felt the cops were lying in wait for her as she left a club in Hollywood.

Pratt was held on $5,000 bail and released Sunday afternoon.


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doc murry    

drunk drivers need to die..its a shame she didnt wreck her car and go through the windshield face first and needed 500 stiches to sew her back ugly face back togather,,

1828 days ago

o rly    

Am I the only one thinking it was partially for the fame and publicity she's getting right now?

1828 days ago

o rly    

oh, and LAST!!!!!!!

1828 days ago

doc murry    

SIMONE I LOVE YOU... will you marry me and I promise CHEF KOOKY will cook for our wedding and we will stay with the ballon boys family for our honeymoon..MR BIG will be my best man

1828 days ago


who cares if the police were waiting for her, she deserved to get caught if she was drinking. Perhaps they pick out celebrities so that they can make a bigger statement that drinking and driving is stupid and then it becomes national news. young hollywood really is an embarrassment. Good for them! Young celebrities parents should be put on trial for raising such brats who feel they are so privileged to carry on with this behaviour (Dina Lohan???). I feel bad for all the teenagers who hold these famous morons as role models.

1828 days ago


Considering how corrupt and perverted the courts are in Los Angeles (Paris and Lindsey treatment) I would not be suprised if there were a few cops out to make a name for themselves. If the cops stopped her for an "equipment" problem why diden't they stop her from starting this "equipment problem car" before she got behind the wheel? The radio traffic between cop cars and their controller might give some clue as to what really happened. It is recorded and might even be available.

I always wanted to know how mant times Mrs. Delgadillo was accessed on the computer system and who knew the warrant was out for her. My bet is some cops got favors for looking the other way for Delgadillo because he was the city attorney.

1828 days ago


madmax, I think you should die. Most people that drink regularly are perfectly fine to drive at 0.08, but the legal limit was lowered from 0.12 simply to make more money.

1828 days ago


I just don't give a f$$k.

1828 days ago

doc murry    

tell that to all the dead people that have been killed by drunk drivers u maggott..most drunks at .08 cannot drive so maybe the next time u get on the road some .08 drunk will smash into you head first and we see your brains(what little there is) splatter on the road,
smoke pot,,its better for you and when i am high i drive great har har har snicker snicker

1828 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Point oh eight? She's a light weight! "Drunk" is Mel Gibson drunk! Wake me up when she gets drunk enough to call the cop "sugar balls".

1828 days ago


With such a small difference, I wonder if her attorney might argue that since there is a margin of error in the test, she could technically be at or under the limit?

1828 days ago


So what if they were waiting for her??? You get behind the wheel with alchohol in you and you are a disaster waiting to happen. You hit me and sure I can sue you for a lot of money and make my doctors and lawyers rich, but you could just not hit me and I could live without the trauma and physical devistation of a accident caused by an over-privilaged ex-junkie drunk driver who would rather cry "I'm a victim of the cops" than take responsibility for her own recklessness. PS. Hey, rich Hollywood douche-bags, hire a f-ing driver!!!!!

1828 days ago


She is annoying!!! but i love the show!! i always watch it while im drinking my chrome soda!! oh and does anyone know whats wrong with her face now!!???

1828 days ago


I know I'm going to get hate responses for this, but .08 is not drunk when you are 100 lbs. Seriously, you'll blow a .08 after two light beers. I know nobody should drink and drive, but I don't think she was blitzed.

1827 days ago


Why is she even arrested for this? For the possiblity of an accident? Ok stats have shown that talking on phone at all or to children in backseat increases risk of accident to nearly intoxicated levels. Should we start throwing people in jail for talking to their children? This is like movie Minority Report. When will all this nonsense end? When we are unable to do anything stupid? No big mac, no cigarette, no drink, no milky way, no car other than one decided for me as its best for society? Mandatory excercising? mandatory volunteer work? oh wait these are coming soon many new shows will have volunteer work message..prepare to be brainwashed.

1827 days ago

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