Lady Gaga Music Video Star Found Dead

10/21/2009 2:00 AM PDT
There is an investigation under way into the mysterious death of an actor who starred in multiple Lady Gaga music videos -- a 5-year-old Great Dane named Rumpus.

 Lady Gaga Music Video Star Found Dead

Rumpus, who was featured in the videos for Poker Face, Love Game and Paparazzi, was found dead earlier this month after a hike in Los Angeles. But Rumpus' owner, Suzzane Kelleher-Duckett, tells TMZ the champion show dog had no signs of injury and appeared to be in perfect health.

An autopsy was performed a few days ago -- results are expected soon.

Rumpus was supposed to appear in Gaga's upcoming video for "Bad Romance" -- but we're told only Rumpus' mother Lava (pictured left) will now do the gig.

R.I.P. Rumpus.