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Joe Francis Suing

Jayde Threatened to Kill Me!

10/27/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis claims Brody Jenner's 115-pound girlfriend threatened to kill him during a bar fight back in August -- and now the Girls Gone Wild kingpin is suing, claiming he feared for his life.

Joe Francis Brody Jenner

According to the lawsuit, Francis claims he was innocently walking through a crowd of people at "Guys and Dolls" nightclub in Hollywood, when Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole suddenly struck him in the head, threw a drink on him and stated, "I'm going to kill you!"

Francis claims he was "startled and shocked" -- but then he saw Jayde reaching for a bottle. In the docs, Francis claims "in fear and apprehension of being struck a third time and that Nicole was going to carry out her threat to kill him," Joe grabbed Nicole's hair in "self-defense."

Joe claims Nicole fell to the ground -- but only because she "lost her balance on her high heels."

Later that night, Francis claims Jenner attacked him "in a jealous rage."

Francis is now suing both Brody and Jayde for battery, assault, negligence, slander, libel and false light -- because after the bar incident, Francis claims the two lied when they recounted the incident to a TMZ cameraman who was outside the club.


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why do all of the newly-beefed up guys have that effed up looking jaw? Vince McMahan, Joe Francis, well - sly stallone's jaw was always kinda wonky. Gross lazy losers can't get muscular w/o fakeness...

1822 days ago


What a bunch of crybabies... the whole bunch of them are pathetic lowlifes

1822 days ago


Is this guy for real? A bit of a douche, isn't he..

1822 days ago


Did he forget this was all caught on tape? He walked by and she threw her drink at him. The second she did that he grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. She never reached for anything, she didn't have a chance to.

As far as her falling her friends spent a few minutes picking her hair up off the floor. I think it's safe to say you pulled it pretty freaking hard Joe.

They are both losers that need to be dropped off in Iraq. Then they will really have something to cry and complain about.

1822 days ago


Joe Francis I would think would want to stay out of court rooms he has spent enough time in them. He will have law enforcement studying all his activity soon and this guy is not clean. Stupid seems like an elementary way to describe him but that is what he is.

1822 days ago


Oh PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE! Joe, I had no idea you were such a pu**y! You're going to sue a girl for attacking you? What a piece of work!

1822 days ago


Why, oh why are you covering anything this moron says, does, is imprisoned for, cheats with, cheats on, screws, screws over or thinks? He has repeatedly proven his manhood is the size of a twig and he has no balls.

1822 days ago


Wow. Joe needs a conservator if he really believes anyone is jealous of him. A mind that deluded needs protection.

1822 days ago


Once a douche-bag always a douche-bag.

1822 days ago


To Lisa #9, well said!!!!

1822 days ago


Exactly, it was all caught on tape and everything Joe Francis says about what happened is true, if you'd only watch the tape with open eyes. I couldn't care less about him but the tape don't lie...
The dude is just walking by, not even looking at this b!tch, and she HITS HIM IN THE FACE with her hand, then pours her drink on him and quickly turns around. I don't know about all the "kill you" stuff but that's what happened and I guarantee if the same thing happened to you you would react to it too. She's extremely lucky all she had happen to her was some hair pulling...

And yes, her and the guy with her both lied their a$$es off to everybody outside after it happened. She initially said that Joe Francis punched her in the face, pulled her hair, threw her down to the ground and kicked her. Until she found out they had video evidence of the whole thing, then she changed her story. Fu*k this b!tch.....If she would have kept her hands to herself nothing would have ever happened to her.

1822 days ago


Why don't you all grow up and get a better hobby?

1822 days ago


Karma is a bitch Joe! It ALWAYS comes back to bite you!

1822 days ago


I can't decide who is the bigger douchebag....Joe Francic or Jayde/Brody.

1822 days ago
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