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Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

10/30/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah took a hard stand on Chris Brown, but just a few days ago the talk show host allowed another famous alleged woman-abuser on her show -- and now the victim says she feels betrayed.

Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

The man in question is gospel singer BeBe Winans -- who is accused of shoving his ex-wife Debra Winans to the ground in front of their kids back in February. BeBe was on "Oprah" on Friday to pimp out his new gospel CD -- his domestic violence charge is pending until another court hearing next year.

Debra tells TMZ she's "hurt by Oprah's decision to have Bebe on the show" -- especially after she refused to have Chris Brown on her show in the wake of the Rihanna beating.

Calls to Oprah's people were not returned.


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Chris Brown beat the living crap out of that girl so please don't compare him to some guy who was only ACCUSED of pushing somone.

1821 days ago


82. I think Oprah made the right decision. There's no proof this guy beat anyone. With Chris Brown he beat that girl black & blue. And Oprah never refused to have Chris Brown on. It was Chris Brown refusing to answer any tough questions forcing Oprah to scrap the interview.

Posted at 10:58AM on Oct 30th 2009 by Jaze


Jaze, how do you know Rhianna was black and blue, that photo on showed two knots upside her head which she got from the dash board
when Chris stopped the car abrubtly.

He refused questions in order to NOT throw any blame on Rhianna, which he should have.

1821 days ago

hate her    

@ Rihanna got what she gave:

You're exactly right. Rihanna started the whole fight and TMZ reported it. This very sight said that she struck Chris several times before he finally hit her back. And you're right about another thing. In no way did that picture show her black and blue. If that was the case, she would have been taken to the hospital from the scene, not taking herself hours later.

Oprah is wrong and she found joy jumping all over a little kid. It makes me sick.

1821 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

After what she did to Chris Brown I never watch her anymore.

Oprah as well as you TMZ are two of the reasons why CB gave in and pleaded guilty. Its the way of America, try everyone in the media by the time they get to trial they don't have a chance and think its easier to say guilty.

Same thing was done to Michael Jackson back in the day with that first false allegation. Poor guy listened to idiots who told him just pay off the liar so you can concentrate on your career. Now same with Chris, say guilty and move on.

I love how you all make CB the poster child for abuse when others are out there and its ignored.

But truth will prevail.

1821 days ago


Oprah makes me sick! She is becoming such a two-sided publicity whore. After Mike Tyson, I was done. Just hearing her voice annoys me. Oprah take your millions and just disappear. I think America has had enough of you........ At least this American has. Buh-Bye!

1821 days ago


Who cares if Oprah has a double standard or a triple standard or a quadrupel standard. Chris Brown is a hulking monster who punched a little girl in the face over & over. And he still refuses to take responsibility.

1821 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

She is an opportunists is all. she goes with the tide! When Michael Jackson was alive she treated him like crap, she never held back how much she loathed him, and when he died she never even sent condolences to his family. I mean no matter what she owed the respect cause he gave her her highest ratings ever. He made her show reach heights she never dreamed of.

Now that truth is coming out, and MJ fans are so strong she is now acting like she was there for him during the hard times, the media smear times. fake biiiitch is fake.

Dont forget her having Jayz on her show when she dissed rappers for years.

1821 days ago


All humans have double standards. So anyone attacking Oprah for her double standard is a hypocrite because no human can be 100% consistent. Oprah can't possibly keep all wife beaters off her show (and this guy only ALLEGEDLY pushed a girl), but Chris Brown is a genuinely depraved man who ripped a young girl half his size to pieces and left her looking like a zombie. And Oprah never refused him, he was too much of a coward to answer relevant questions. He is pure evil in my opinion & so is anyone who would defend him. And what kind of a man blames a girl half his size for supposedly starting it. What is our society coming to?

1821 days ago


Oprah has been a double standard gal for is sad to watch her go down hill. I use to love her, but now it seems like her show is just a big infomercial!

1821 days ago


does ANYONE really take her seriously these days?

1821 days ago


Chris Brown needs to go to jail & stay there for the rest of life for what he did to that girl. And how dare anyone compare a thug like Chris Brown to this guy who was only accused of pushing a woman. This guy did not beat anyone black & blue like Chris Brown did. You people defending Chris Brown make me want to puke. You are the lowest of the low.

1821 days ago


The MIKE TYSON comment is soooo true. She had Robin Givens on a few years ago and cried her eyes out with her about how Mike beat her senseless. Fast forward to this year and she has Mike Tyson sitting on her couch crying with him! I understand that he was talking about the passing of his daughter, but still if you're going to set a rule like this stick to if for EVERYONE!

1821 days ago


let's glowing reviews on books, medical "cures" and considers herself some kind of unbiased journalist. all have blown up in her face in one way or another. ANYTHING recommended by her should be taken with a GIANT PILLAR OF SALT.

1821 days ago


I love Oprah & watch her all the time. I don't think she has a double standard. I think Oprah & Tyra Banks focused on Rhianna's case because it was an excellent opportunity to get a powerful message to young people that they need to leave a relationship if they are hit even once. Oprah has nothing against Chris Brown. She invited him to perform at her school, and she was willing to have him on her show but he refused to answer questions she wanted to ask.

1821 days ago


I will always be loyal to Oprah for convincing my mother & sister to support Obama. The most historic moment in U.S. history & Oprah was the visionary who believed from day one it could happen when everyone else in media was saying Obama didn't have a chance against Hillary. I really couldn't care less about Chris Brown. Oprah tried to reach out to him but he expected her to excuse his disgusting behavior.

1821 days ago
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